Rupert Murdoch & cry me a river….

Go ahead, make my..

Mmmmm … Ron DeSantis is the Bud Light of candidates now. Having tossed aside his former high regard, there is no forthcoming mea culpa, the only possible redemption for him back into MAGA graces – and then only if he not only tasted but swallowed humble pie and bowed out of the race. Instead, like Bud Light, he is doubling down his RINO and swamp mega-donors (which he probably still believes will elude the awareness of enough primary voters) and bumbling forward. This former emperor truly has no clothes now, and everything he does, no matter how MAGA-like, will just be him looking for his robes in full view on the national stage. Hey, Ron, Charles Barkley has a beer for you.

The absolutely amazing thing is sometimes when you scratch the surface of anything political nowadays, how many cockroaches go scurrying. Everything’s a construct (Except our President). When Governor DeSantis was running roughshod over the establishment, and making Florida the best place to live in the United States, he seemed unbeatable. The heir apparent, no question, yet one question always stuck in the back of one’s mind. How is the Republican Party allowing this? He wasn’t getting any pushback at all. One theory was that Florida was being set up as sort of a tax haven within the United States. Bring your money here and live as you wish, while we beat up the rest of the country. So the governor had free reign to set that up. Mmmm…

And there might have been a little bit of truth to that once upon a time. Then came the influencer-reach around selfies. which bothered a lot. Why? Why why why? Something was up.

When Governor DeSantis hunkered down after the Mar-A-Lago raid, one didn’t even notice. But Sundance sure did. It didn’t seem possible. The theory at the time, was that he had sold out. But again, once you scratched the surface, it got uglier and uglier real quick. Skeptical at first, but not a big believer in politicians, most were willing to entertain the possibility. The question most interesting is, how far back does this go while willing to bet it’s a lot further than most of us think.

Rupert Murdoch & cry me a river. Monitoring Ron DeSantis inside threats a full job…

Just remember back in the Spring of 2015 “¡Jeb!” was the unstoppable $300M juggernaut – comical if you will, that the people behind DeSantis didn’t see this coming. A month or so ago someone dropped a link in here from 2015 diagnosing why Bush imploded, focusing on personality. It was partly true, but the author intentionally ignored policy.

Fox tries to make this about spending money and “burn-rates“. The issue is policy. The issue is that – BY DEFINITION – running against Trump means you don’t want to Make America Great Again. It means you 1000% support DOJ targeting enemies of the regime, while supporting expanding the war in Ukraine. You 1000% support “OFJBiden” allowing illegals in by the millions. You 1000% support the “de-industrialization and pillaging” of the US economy.

Hilariously, Murdoch is now in a very bad place. The only way they can stop Trump is to imprison him and attempt to disqualify him. That would require Fox, already in a ratings free fall, to go “full NeverTrump“; into which they simply wouldn’t survive. Rupert Murdoch & cry me a river…

Oh the sadness in Brett Baier’s eyes. The entire DeSantis first term was an operation, having been set up from the get-go. And one guy with a website toppled off the whole darned thing. Amazing times we live in. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!