RFK jr unmasks Hannity@townhall

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Certainly for the past umpteen years or so, Sean Hannity’s hubris has never, ever ceased to amaze yours truly, no matter whatever in his life has contributed to his confidence that people care at all what he thinks? How can he not see that his never-ending pontification of his own opinions while supposedly interviewing someone else, are not helpful, and frequently prevent the other person from expressing their views? Or maybe, perhaps being helpful is not the point? Is he just delivering his propaganda under the cloak of interviewing someone else?

Knowing precisely the full history of Ukraine, Kennedy absolutely wiped the floor with him but it was far too complicated for Hannity …all he knows for example being the talking points. What RFK said after all, went completely and totally over Hannity’s head.

RFK jr unmasks Hannity@ townhall .. A man is a man is a man is a man…

Like many others, yours truly has always taken to Hannity from a distance. Many, many moons ago for example (when he first became “national“) I’d listen to the last hour or so of his show on my drive back from my business. He’d take great pains for example to explain he was a “registered conservative,” but I simply took him for a professional Republican. The very sound of his voice still to this day rings through my head, and his constant interruptions of his guests and his long, winding, leading questions were always (still are) a complete no-go in my book.

Let’s not forget either, that he testified in a deposition more than once, that he didn’t believe for one second any of President Trump’s election claims after the 2020 election, and that told me everything I’ll EVER need to know about Sean Hannity. But I digress.

Cuts RFK Jr off and changes the subject when he’s making a good point is really absolutely unconscionable in people who do that, while this evil Putin business is ridiculous. For all his faults, it was Putin operating in good faith when promised that we wouldn’t advance to the east. The US has been like a large dog picking a fight with another large dog, pushing and shoving and daring the dog to react. We’ve been fomenting war for goodness’ sake, and Hannity is justifying it all because PUTIN EVIL!!! Malign stupidity.

Audience agrees with RFK from what most of us witnessed. Did not watch to the end. Can’t.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Sean Hannity unmasks as full-throated neocon during RFK Jr Townhall’ …

Tick-Tock Sean Hannity has been a member of the right-side media control group for a long time.  We all know this here, and almost no one can tolerate watching the pontificating nonsense – nor do they.  However, it is only with the assist from the 2024 Murdoch agenda to promote RFK Jr. as an alternative for MAGA Democrats, that Hannity’s mask simply drops.  So, this is a good thing.

These types of revelations are always good, and perhaps now the Trump family will quit entertaining Hannity as something other than the control officer for the financial group behind the corporate media intents. However, I won’t hold my breath on that outlook – at least not any longer than it will take the Trump orbit to realize Jason Miller is the Bill Barr of the Trump 2024 campaign. Whoops, was that my outside voice?  I digress. WATCH:


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RFK jr unmasks Hannity@townhall … Pres Trump stays firm. Red States to nullify Federal Law?

Hannity has obviously been drinking the Hillary “Hate Everything Russia” kool-aid! Repeated violations of the Minsk Accords were colossal blunders and we may see a like situation develop with Mexico becoming extremely hostile to America from foreign influences. Wonder how America will act? RFK jr unmasks Hannity@townhall.

In concluding, Hannity said to RFK Jr.: In one minute tell the audience what you will do as President. RFK Jr begins explaining he will bring us together and how. He gets about 20 seconds in and Hannity interrupts him AGAIN and asks him another question. I can’t stand Hannity when he does this, which is all the time. RFK jr unmasks Hannity@townhall. THAT!

And on that note time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!