Mail-in ballot fraud an Achilles heel

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Mmmmm … There’s currently a lawsuit in Georgia over the specious Dominion ballot marking machines that print out who you voted for and have a QR code at the bottom. The machine counts the code but voters have no way of knowing if that code refers to the people they voted for. An expert report in the case by Computer Science Professor Haldeman of the University of Michigan (it’s online) examined the machines and was highly critical of them, noting that they can be connected to the internet and they can change votes.

After the report was finally unsealed by the federal judge, Amy Totenberg – sister of NPR’s Nina Totenberg – twenty scientists agreed with the report. Perhaps one can assume it’s just coincidence that the report was unsealed after Fox Corps. settled the lawsuit with Dominion.

Mail-in ballot fraud an Achilles heel

Consider if you will, that if any of us owned a rental residence our name would be logged in on the tax roll, but the address isn’t on the voter registration. Instead the renter’s name would be on the voter roll. If multiple people are registered to vote at the address – ie due to people not updating their registration after moving – all would be prevented from voting until the actual current resident is identified through voter contact efforts. Depending on which state one lives in, voter registration cards are sent out in every two year election cycle.

The cards require the USPS to not forward, but return the card with address correction if the person no longer resides at the address. When we go to the polls our address is checked before we vote (with picture ID required). I won’t say it is impossible for someone to vote at the wrong address, but it isn’t easy. We do not have mail-in ballots. We do have Absentee ballots which must be requested with the statutory reason for voting absentee stated in the request. THAT!

Unfortunately once the DemoMarxocrats decided they were going to win at any cost the democratic process became null and void as there are hundreds of ways to rig an election in bad faith; losers’ consent is crucial in any democracy … Election integrity has now become similar to border integrity – both are shams but the Leftists will lie through their teeth to deny it. THAT!

Jay Valentine, American Thinker: ‘The Achilles heel of mail-in ballot fraud’ …

The difference between the Republican ballot operation and that of the leftists is that the leftists manufacture ballots, whereas Republicans only collect them. Elections are for big stakes. Pretty much everything is political, and thus, who controls the Legislature gets the goodies.

If you are a government pro, you live or die according to whether your team is in power. You do what the pros do — you make sure you control your food source. The laughable RNC “out-ballot-harvest the left” plan is one any sentient adult knows cannot work. That of course leaves out Republican state operatives, for whom hope exceeds common sense.

Leftists learned early that running out of ballots to cast on election day is like running out of beer on July 4. They took that lesson and improvised in ingenious ways. Ballot-manufacturing appears pretty easy at first but has lots of little complexities. Mastering those complexities gives our leftist pals unlimited numbers of ballots to handle any surging MAGA candidate.

Manufacturing ballots requires two ingredients: an address and a person. [-]

[+] … When leftists say “show me the fraud,” one needs only to do one click — “voters who voted in 2022, who the government tax records note are ineligible.”

In 2024, the leftists are pulling out all the stops. Hundreds of thousands of American voters will wake up in the 90 days before the election with strangers living in their homes, apartment buildings, the local 7-11, or the vacant field. Those are the Trump anti-votes.

The difference between 2020 and 2024 is that they will become visible months before the election. They will be challenged the week they register. Press conferences will be held on that construction site lawn, next to the cement mixer, noting that this address houses “224 real voters.”

Dare the Justice Department to intervene — the real estate tax rolls are challenging an address, not a person. Meet the Undeliverable Ballot Database™.

Now that Fractal makes every address in any county visible, across every of those 120 or more columns, and compares them with voter rolls in seconds, from a phone, our 2024 pal Achilles may find us grabbing him by the heel — or maybe somewhere where it hurts even more! [end]

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Mail-in ballot fraud an Achilles heel

The head of the FBI and DOJ should both be tried, convicted and doing hard time for using their jobs and the power of the federal government to corrupt the political process and overcome the will of the people. Christopher Wray should be in jail either for life or awaiting execution. Until the entire country gets serious about maintaining real respect for the law, and for the Constitution, and serious about punishing those who abuse the federal power, we will lose our opportunity for a civil society and lives of individual liberty and peace.

As Lydia from the  comments thread puts it: How does this work with the many homes (single address) that are rented out? The real estate records would list the owner, not the renters.

I have no doubt Democrats run these scams. There is a website called “” where you can find who lives at a particular address. I used it to find the last name of a nearby neighbor I wanted to contact. It also showed other addresses, including my own. I was shocked to see the names of two random people, supposedly living at my address, that my husband and I have lived in for over 30 years since it was built. No one else has ever lived with us.

I have no idea where “” gets its information, but living in a rigged one-party state it wouldn’t surprise me if the randos listed at my address cancel my vote. Mail-in ballot fraud an Achilles heel.

To register to vote in MN on election day you need a photo ID (which can be expired), including a college or highschool ID, and a bill or statement showing your current address that can be shown on your electronic device. Do highschool/college IDs show home addresses? They didn’t when I grew up. Could you have a forged bill or statement on your electronic device? I could think of several ways to do that. Or you can have someone vouch for you. Also, you can register online prior to an election. You need only be a resident of MN for 20 days’ since MN allows an expired license to be considered a valid ID – THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!