Rocky road Trudeau quisling Pence

En Garde in the bunker…

When a populace is comfortable, it resists change and tries to maintain the status quo. That’s the main reason why communists always work to disrupt the ‘system’ and inflict as much suffering as possible on the general public. Of course, this only works when the aggressors ‘control the narrative’. Otherwise, the whole plan can blow up in their faces, causing the populace to fight against them.

Watch carefully. This is an education on how to do it the right way, via the high road, and win. This protest obviously is being coordinated by seasoned professionals who have a deep understanding of what they’re doing, and likely have experienced doing it before. The undertones are that discarded (pureblood) spec-ops types versed in alt warfare, are running the show. Just watch in awe, and learn.

Rocky road Trudeau quisling Pence. Insurrection as a tool of the leftists…

The Canadians have put on an impressive display of courage, and yours truly for one, hope and prays this only strengthens their resolve. One must revisit the Gulag Archipelago to understand where this may be going, which explains full well and why the Progressives have clawed their way into positions of power within the media. The government can only rule with the consent of the governed. The real power still resides in We the People, but they’re often easily fooled.

Yours truly is old enough to remember Solidarity, (Polish Solidarność) and this definitely feels like that.

It came before the election of Ronald Wilson Reagan and the Reagan, Thatcher, Pope John Paul II, alliance. It preceded the fall of the USSR. It was after the riots in the streets of the Civil Rights era and the Vietnam protests. It was during the massive oil price manipulation and inflation of the Carter years. It is said that history may not repeat, but it definitely rhymes.

If I didn’t know any better, what this says to yours truly is that Trudeau et al, know they’ve lost the battle. This has become their dying attempt to show their power which is simply making them look weaker and weaker while strengthening the movement. The mayor of Ottawa has admitted the protestors are calling the shots; that government is DEAD. I agree with Sundance. Counter move – shut the entire country DOWN! Rocky road Trudeau quisling Pence.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Heavy Hand of Armed Police Confiscate Truckers Fuel’ …

Video from Ottawa shows heavily armed tactical police units move in to take fuel supplies from the Canadian Truckers during their Freedom Protest.

Let this serve as yet another example of how police units will respond to carry out the orders of government officials regardless of what laws, limits or duties ordinary citizens may project upon them.

When told to load YOU into the cattle cars, or fire upon any resistance effort, every single police officer will follow orders; and they will execute those orders with extreme prejudice, without distinction for constitutional limitations. In the era of COVID compliance, all police officers are jackboot security agents of the authoritarian state. Conduct your affairs accordingly.

The fuel supplies were confiscated by tactical police officers, loaded into government trucks and removed from the area.

We waited to post this update to see if any resistance voice would come from within the Canadian government. Do you see a single voice of political opposition? No. That should answer every question.

As we saw in Poland circa 1981, the only tyrannical resistance that is likely to be successful (in the long term) is a full worker strike in the same manner as the Solidarity movement. Until the governing elites, and their political supporters, feel the same level of pain as the ordinary working class felt during the lockdowns, do not expect anything to change.

Stop cooking, cleaning, serving, assisting, delivering, facilitating or supporting the lives of the people within the ruling class. Shut it down. All of it. Shun, isolate and ridicule those who are guards for the totalitarian state. Then, perhaps, things might change.

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Rocky road Trudeau quisling Pence. Enough from fed up We the People!

Remember just who is behind these last two years: Soros and Gates. These two sociopaths hide behind their (walled) mansions and/or front groups all while financially supporting anti-constitution groups. Soros got off on his financially supported law decision makers who regularly freed felons and lawlessness. Notably, last week he attacked China’s Xi, and there’s likely no doubt that China would like to get their hands on him. Maybe the best hope is now Xi will do something about the monster Soros since he has pretty much free run in and around DC.

Those of a totalitarian mindset neverever yield up power willingly. Given the Marxist mindset of the West’s leadership and global elite, no other remedy than force will suffice. Some of the police know they’re supporting tyranny, you can see it in their eyes. So far, they place their salary and pensions before liberty. When it gets kinetic and they’re ordered to use force to arrest and evict the truckers is when they’ll make their final choice.

From that point forward, they’ll be within their ‘Rubicon’, having become turncoats and traitors just following orders. The authority’s actions have de-legitimized themselves and when they order force to be used, they will have made themselves into criminals and enemies of civilization.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – warrior-president Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to keep America ticking along religiously – MAGA! KAG!