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Here’s a question for you, a serious one too: Just thinking out loud, if Russia attacks DC, who’s side will we be on? There are more than a few of us actually hoping Putin releases the dirt on our corrupt money-laundering politicians who’ve used Ukraine for decades enriching themselves. Including the demented village idiot and his sex-starved idiot son. Yours truly would vouch most of We the (80 million+) People would take the Ruskies @ 7 1/2!

Remember after all, that OBO#44 and his spy-kick followed the antics of AP reporters when they were spying on James Rosen, who got kicked out of Fox. The only place Russian forces are moving or planning to move now, would likely be on the whiteboard in Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain’s office, with likely confirmation that the US is refusing to show the Ukrainians any of the actual intelligence product. Putin should sue for six years of slander and defamation. Hah!

On the other hand, just eight years ago speaks to the OBO#44-Biden regime, so we might well be seeing history repeating itself. The playbook appears still alive and well, so one must think we are stupid and forgetful. Not.

demoMarxocrat convolution in play

Anyone remember the Gulf of Tonkin? Tell me again to trust the government. So, 50,000 Americans dead; untold numbers destroyed by agent orange; ptsd and addiction; untold numbers of Vietnamese killed and maimed; the nation torn apart; and the ONLY justification for the horrific costs was – a “theory” long proven to be hogwash!

Fast-forward to today and put your mind around the current government make-up. People who really are so sick to the point that they would be attempting to ignite a war with Russia just in an effort to distract from their failures. Millions of lives at stake and these are the games they play. Sick, evil, evil people running our government.

demoMarxocrat convolution in play.

Anything to distract from the failures of the administration. If we are all busy looking at the shiny object (Look: Russia!) then we aren’t talking about how literally everything this administration does pushes this nation and our people closer to ruin. At this point, the puppet masters have broken darned near everything, and it’s certainly not all due to stupidity. No one does this much damage by accident.

Remember way back with Romney saying in debate with OBO#44 “just because you say it, doesn’t make it true”. Well, we’ve been living in this OBO#44-village idiot Matrix for years, yet our Intel sources have misled us very recently with Ukraine. So if Intel doesn’t deliver accurate info and host CPU is not crazed, why are we sending troops? Where’s the proof?

Andrea Widburg, American Thinker: ‘AP Reporter does some actual journalism at State Department’ …

The same media types who were horrified at the thought of the Gulf War even though it was ostensibly to increase America’s security, are all in for the Biden administration’s frantic effort to get America involved in a winter land war against Russia that will confer no benefit whatsoever on America. That’s why it was strange and wonderful to watch the Associated Press’s Matt Lee nail Ned Price, the State Department’s spokesman, as he insisted that the media must trust the State Department when it comes to claims about Putin’s sneaky doings.

The clip that’s making the rounds comes in the middle of a longer back and forth, so a little context is necessary. Ned Price announced that Putin was engaged in “false flag” operations so that he could justify Russia’s imminent invasion of Ukraine.

Here’s a little more context: Russia has been hungry for Ukraine forever. The Crimea offers a warm water port that opens into the Mediterranean. Also, as Anony Mee mentioned to me when we talked (she’s a personal friend), it’s very likely that Putin, who is not a brain-dead climatista, recognizes that the world is about to get very cold. Although Russia’s population is shrinking, even a shrinking population needs food and Putin may be thinking of Ukraine’s golden grain. [-]

[+] … Lee is very direct: Just because Ned Price says something, that is not evidence. And what’s amazing is how Price either cannot or will not understand the principle of actual evidence versus “Trust us, we’re the State Department.” What Lee is almost, although not quite, explicitly saying is “I don’t trust you.” And neither should anyone else. Even at the best of times, the State Department is unreliable but in a Biden administration, the unreliable factor has increased by so much it’s gone into the stratosphere.

As of this writing, Lee’s attack on the State Department’s probity has been viewed almost 3 million times. [end]

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Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘AP’s Matt Lee Questions State Dept on Russia Aggression Claims’ …

If you watch anything today, this is it.  AP Journalist Matt Lee has been around for a long time. He’s the consistent person in the State Department briefing room who understands the deep state institutional games, and he knows how to spot narrative engineering.

Earlier today State Department Spokesman Ned Price said, “The United States has information that Russia is planning to stage fabricated attacks by Ukrainian military or intelligence forces as a pretext for a further invasion of Ukraine.”

Journalist Matt Lee then asked Ned Price what the declassified evidence was that the state dept was referring to.  Price responded that he just gave it to the audience; meaning his word was the evidence.  Matt Lee calls bullshit on Price, and things got really interesting.

Folks, the intelligence state, the Fourth Branch of Government, is making it all up.  Everything about this Russian looming attack narrative has been manufactured out of whole cloth by the Intelligence Community and Biden administration.

The statements and position by Ned Price are transparently absurd.  Ridiculously so.  Matt Lee calling the bluff on the U.S. State Department, and comparing them to Alex Jones conspiracy theorists, is peak insanity.  No one trusts the U.S. government institutions any longer.  Everyone knows the “intelligence state” makes stuff up to steer and control events.  It’s a joke.

Russia is likely not doing anything, likely doesn’t even have a threatening posture, but yet, inside the DC bubble we are on the precipice of a thermonuclear war. We have passed through the looking glass, and now we are in bizarro world. [end]

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demoMarxocrat convolution in play. Biden Barry Soetoro endgame over…

Ever since the village idiot stole the WH the one thing his people never talk about is the Oil Price windfall going to the Boogeyman. John Kerry was also long on oil, as were so many of the donors of the demented idiot; what an easy money scam that loots the American workers and their families. Ouch!

demoMarxocrat convolution in play.

If Putin is really fully in on it, it wouldn’t surprise anyone. After all, he’s getting everything he wants from Brandon. Why embarrass him and risk having him removed. They’ll both play their part. Brandon brags when nothing happens, and Putin continues to roll over him, keeping the weakest, most corrupt and compromised president-in-name-only (yes small p) ever. Win/win for Putin.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-still our president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!