Mr speaker where on earth are you?

Go ahead, make my..

It’s hard to believe just how feckless Republican leadership genuinely is but there you have it. We the (90 million+) People are left to speculate (er fantasize), that maybe just maybe, McCarthy is shrewd enough to angle for his own temporary ascent to the WH by maneuvering “a deal” where (D’s) drop everything against Trump if the (R’s) drop everything against FJBiden, if FJBiden & Kneepad Harris resign offering up the prize. Then Kevin demands a VP slot from Donald for his good deed.….or not

True fact is that the GOP can’t explain the real strategy to the public because if they did, it would allow the corrupt media to frame it as pure politics and therefore, illegitimate. There has been a tremendous amount of hard, irrefutable evidence that has been brought out within the years since the House changed hands. The more exposed the more likely we can do the things necessary to take back the country and undo the damage done by the cabal to all our institutions.

Mr speaker where on earth are you? Republicon-demoMarxocrat cabal. The enemies at the gate…

The corrupt entrenched powers know this and would love to cap it off with just FJBiden or start a war with Russia in order to prevent the truths from being exposed.

I realize we all want justice and that seems best served by impeachment but it may not be. As soon as impeachment starts, the investigation and ear-ringing about the depth and breath of the corruption ends, and becomes focused on proving just a few charges against a single person. Is that really the best way to expose everything and damage the whole structure? I’m not so sure.

Like many more around me, I’m also not sure we want Kamala to be the nation’s first female president nor better liars running for President. Need to think more strategically about the best way to proceed to truly root out the corruption and put good people in place for at least 4 years. Remember OBO#44 has now had 16 years to destroy this country and that doesn’t get fixed by just replacing FJBiden for the next year, especially “a dead man walking“.

This is no surprise and quite frankly is what we expect from the GOPe. It would have been more surprising had congress stayed and <cough> started impeachment hearings <cough>. J6 tapes were “kinda” released and then not released, then washed away in the news-cycle. A mountain of evidence against FJBiden and McCarthy wants to go on vacation…again this is not a surprise, because “do nothing” is our expectation from the Uniparty.

Let’s not forget who Kevin McCarthy’s biggest cheerleader was…Marjorie Taylor Green (MTG).

I tap my glass loudly with a spoon from the back of the room….The House Oversight and Government Affairs Committee has a team of lawyers and staff.

Evidence in public shows the sitting president of the United States took payments from foreign business interests in a scheme to use the power of the U.S. government to influence foreign government policy and protect/enhance the business interests of the people who paid him.

To wit…. The Republicans in the House of Representatives have thousands of Joe and Hunter Biden bank records, hundreds of trace records for wire transfer statements and payments, hundreds of reported U.S. Treasury suspicious activity reports, thousands of emails and subpoenaed text messages, audio and video recordings, thousands of photographs, access to the laptop of Hunter Biden and all the content therein, documented witnesses to the activity, testimony under oath corroborating how the Bidens collected tens of millions from foreign nations as unregistered foreign agents which was subsequently laundered through 20 shell companies.

The House committee also has FBI witness reports (FD-1023) from verified and reliable Confidential Human Sources who documented the intent and purpose of the transactions, along with US government attorneys in Philadelphia who investigated and confirmed the substance of the confidential human source allegations therein. Additionally, the Republicans in Congress have sworn affidavits and testimony from two IRS whistleblowers who testified the US attorney in Delaware was working with the U.S. Dept of Justice in Washington DC to bury the results of the investigation.

Lastly, and most recently, the Republicans have a transparently corrupt federal plea agreement rejected as presented by U.S. District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika, because the intent of the construct was to protect the son of the President of the United States from legal exposure within the business that provided the material wealth for himself and the family of the President, providing immunity for their Foreign Agent Registration Act violations…

…. And the Republican Speaker of the House is letting the Republican controlled Congress go on vacation for the next two months.

All of this,…. ALL OF THIS…. while the former Republican president and current 2024 election front-runner is being railroaded by the same Dept of Justice the Speaker refuses to confront. [end]

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Mr speaker where on earth are you?

Beyond frustrating. Remember, our fearless President Trump went to bat for McCarthy, being that he’s speaker because of Trump. Yet (and this is no surprise), McCarthy refuses to put his big boy pants on, and get rid of the evil ones who are destroying America. McCarthy is a wimp. Full stop. Millions of us love Donald John Trump, yet something within him seems to make him trust people who can’t be trusted, as in Pence, McCarthy, Mattis, Kushner, etc, the list is long and undistinguished.

I usually stay away from hypotheticals, but what if… Establishment Republicans are ratcheting up the pressure in Congress on FJBiden with the purpose of pressuring Cornpop to bury PDJT in indictments. Republicans sure seem reluctant to impeach or even censure Garland, Wray and Majorkas, particularly in light of the fact that they have repeatedly lied under oath.

Mr speaker where on earth are you? In fairness, those who see things as they really are in politics are few and far between, so his pool of sound choices has never been very deep. To succeed, he needs the most ruthless “sons of b…..s he can find who hate these leftist monsters with a passion born of fires from hell. God speed, Mr. President and may He be with you. THAT!

And on that note time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!