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The American Left attack on the Constitutional Republic began with the capitulation of Woodrow Wilson to the Globalists of 1913, which led immediately to the most egregious and insane of wars, WWI. Then came Coolidge and Hoover, both of whom actually turned the tide until FDR flipped the Country upside down and prolonged the Great Depression. Nevertheless, the world was saved by America a second time, WWII.

Truman and Eisenhower followed FDR and there was actually some good that came from these administrations. Then along came JFK and LBJ with a liberal Congress who raided the ‘lockbox’ to fund The Great Society and Viet Nam. Nixon was paranoid and forced to resign resulting in Gerald Ford as caretaker. Then came someone who was thought to hold the ‘worst president ever’ tag forever, but thankfully Ronald Wilson Reagan took over from Carter the peanut farmer, and America rose triumphantly again.

George H.W.Bush was a one-termer who failed because he lost [or never really had for that matter] Conservative values, plus he kept looking at his wrist watch during the debates. His loss to William Jefferson Clinton however, was definitely aided and abetted by donkey-eared Ross Perot who suspiciously drained a significant number of Republican voters away from Bush which ushered in the lower-lip-biting, sexual predator and his shrew of a wife for the next 8 long years. Had it not been for Newt Gingrich and a Republican congress, Billy Bob Clinton would have (should have) been convicted.

Next in line, figuratively and not surprisingly was G.W.Bush. Many had high hopes for him and he did lead us through 9/11/2001, yet failed to listen to his commanders on the ground on how to fight a war. Then comes the ‘invisible phantom’ without a proven identity who rightly earned and deserves the title ‘worst president ever’ which leads us to today’s President Trump.

The point of my illustrating this American Left history is that in every generation a real American comes along to stanch the flow of the liberal progressive agenda to a degree; the problem being that it continues to creep along and not all of it gets to be assigned to the trash heap of history. Vestiges continue to infest even the most conservative of administrations.

Philip K. Chapman and his piece in today’s American Thinker…

Almost a year ago, I published an article on American Thinker arguing that neither Hilary Clinton nor Donald Trump was acceptable as president and suggesting that the Electoral College could save us from them both. I was wrong in that judgment.

It is true that Trump is often uncouth and his behavior is not “presidential,” but the first 100 days of his administration have been a revelation. I am now more optimistic about restoring the last best hope of earth than I have been since Ronald Reagan was president. An actor and now a business tycoon seem much more effective than any professional politician.

It will take decades to reverse the ratchet to the Left that weak Republicans have permitted for so long. As one of the most important examples, the systematic brainwashing of students from kindergarten to college is a problem whose roots run all the way back to the Wilson administration, a century ago. A nationwide school voucher program would help but is insufficient because many if not most parents are themselves victims of the pervasive ideological indoctrination and therefore do not realize how the schools are injuring their children.

The Democrat Party has been taken over by the American left wing media and Alinsky operatives. It is an Opposition Party, with no ideas, except to oppose Trump, and destroy the nation. This is the goal of the Alinskyites. They talk moderate but have a very radical agenda.

Which brings me to the state of the current media bias, particularly following the WHCA shindig the other night. The erosion of trust in the media has been a process that’s been going on for decades, with the media having nobody but itself to blame. While some people don’t notice the biases or lies (because they agree with them) many of us have seen a media turning itself into a Ministry of Truth / propaganda arm of the DNC and it hasn’t been subtle. George Orwell and 1984 are front and center once again due to the ascent of the American Left.

As Philip K. Chapman closes out…

It appears that Congressional Republicans have now become a principal obstacle to progress. Both houses need major reforms so that the Congress can fulfill its dual role as a partner to Trump and a check on possible excesses by his administration.

It is outrageous that House Republicans are still debating how or even if to repeal and replace ObamaCare, since they have had six years to come up with a viable plan. In the Senate, Mitch McConnell must eliminate the “virtual filibuster,” which allows a simple announcement by a single senator, without an actual filibuster, to prevent passage of almost any bill unless there are 60 votes in favor.

Absent these and many other necessary changes, the obvious task for the mid-term elections will be to replace those timid Republicans who want to go along to get along with the destructive Democrats, so that we can indeed get started on making America great again.

The DemoMarxist party may be losing some clout, but Big Media, Big Academia and to a great extent Big Legal have all been marinated in the same toxic sludge of the American Left. The culture is largely corrupted, the GOP party establishment is indiscernible from the DemoMarxists, religion is not healthy, and voter fraud will keep national elections close until demographics from uncontrolled immigration and anchor babies takes over.

Unconditional surrender went out of fashion after WWII, but with respect to Marxism and Islam, that is exactly what it is going to take until the threat from the American Left is contained. Seems like the battle will continue to rage for quite some time, likely well into perpetuity.


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