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Other than the obvious, there are many more reasons that Donald Trump will be a very good and effective Republican president. For one thing, unlike his Republican GOP predecessors, he won’t take a ration of crappy nonsense lying down, either from an uncooperative media, or bombastic political opponents from either party. The Democrats and their willing accomplices in the Big Media Complex, have had it all their own way for years with weak, wimpy, ineffective and pussy-mouth candidates and incumbents, who made things go their way each and every time. But this time, the Republican Trumpit brings a different attitude into the political mix, and he simply won’t stand for juvenile antics like others before him.

He made that very clear last week in his first news conference, when he sent CNN dweeb Jim Acosta packing. Donald Trump owes the Big Media Complex nothing, so why pay homage to their snarky, sniveling, smart-alec and often times stupid questions and comments.

To his detriment, Republican leader GWB rarely stood up for himself during his presidency against the scurrilous lamestream attacks vented upon him and his administration. Same with “Mittens” Romney, who refused to go after Obama for instance, during the debates for fear of backlash from Big Media. He had a pretty decent platform but fighting against the Democrat Media Complex was not in his playbook. Mittens lost and We the People suffered another disastrous four years under Obama.

To the cultural Marxists, shaming their opponents by inducing a complex of guilt is a central theme of their ideology, and also their main strategic asset. Millions of people are fooled into accepting an erosion of their standard of living, and a destruction of their fundamental values, as atonement for something that happened two hundred years ago, which has nothing to do with them. They need to snap out of it or they will lose everything.

Trump rallies outnumbered Clinton by huge numbers during the election campaign as a measure of his popularity…

This is not just a Republican/Democrat political struggle. As I’ve opined in these pages many times, it is a fight for our survival as a nation and as a part of civilization. It all began escalating from a trivial Left-Right confrontation thirty years ago, when globalism became a coherent, powerful movement. The enemy is using trivial issues like minimum wage or health care only as a diversion. The real fight is for our soul and our identity.

Unfortunately, the Press in America is no longer willing or capable of performing the needed job of watching out for the little guy the voter, as they’ve morphed into a Democrat propaganda machine that would make Goebbels and Stalin proud, and they may well have met their match in the Republican Trumpit. He will be the ‘last man standing’ when the smoke clears and the CNNs and BuzzFeeds and ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, PBS, Jim Acosta and the rest of them are laid to rest once and for all.

Obama bragged in June of 2008, “if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun, because from what I understand folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.” And yes, the modern-day Democrat Party does not transcend racism, it wallows in it. With his John Lewis tweet, Trump is calling them out and simply doing what we Republican Conservatives have been screaming for the RINOs to do since Bush took the hand-off from Ronald Reagan; FIGHT BACK!

The fact has always been that the RINO Republicrats were just another wing of the DC Uniparty. They were always in league with their Marxocrat colleagues. We’re about to find out pretty quickly, methinks, if Republican President Trump, the DC outsider, can do anything to finally stop this governmental collusion and corruption.

Brian C. Joondeph in today’s American Thinker and “Finally, a Republican Leader Playing Offense..”

In politics, as in sports, there is an offense and defense. In some sports the same players assume both roles, as in basketball and hockey, where a team may shift roles back and forth quickly as the game proceeds. In other sports, such as football, there are separate teams for offense and defense, specialists in their specific roles.

Political games often have separate teams for offense and defense; sometimes the political leaders, often their surrogates. In the case of Democrats, the media takes a prominent team role playing both ends of the field. The media can ignore unfavorable stories. A recent example is the sudden lack of interest or coverage of the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting after the shooter’s Muslim conversion was identified. And the media can play offense, as they are with ongoing and relentless attempts to discredit the incoming Trump administration.

What’s new this political cycle is a sportsman who can play both ends of the field, and well. The pitcher who can hit home runs. The quarterback who can also play safety and intercept passes. The Michael Jordan who can not only score points, but also block shots and steal the ball.

Traditional Republicans specialize in defense, although poorly, and have little offensive skill. Normally Republicans are defending themselves against being racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-immigration, Islamophobic, starving children, pushing granny off the cliff, and wanting blacks back on plantations.

Republican offensive skills are on par with some of the more hapless NFL teams. First they needed control of the House to advance a conservative agenda, repeal Obamacare, seal the border, and so on. Done in 2010. Then they needed the Senate too. Done in 2014. Still the Republican offense was throwing incomplete passes and barely running past the line of scrimmage. Obama continued to score against the GOP.

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