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Forget about all the “Fake News” being bantered around these days, and set your minds once again on the coverup of coverups in the protection of a fake president. Mark A. Hewitt in yesterday’s American Thinker: “These guys are a fifth column of liars and cheaters. While they are in power, they have been successful – very successful. And it is because of their nearly unfettered success in controlling a bogus narrative that “Putin and his merry band of Russians hacked the presidential election” that they think they can paint President-Elect Donald Trump as an illegitimate president. After all, when Democrats and the media were able to get an illegitimate presidential candidate elected, who’s to say they couldn’t succeed in getting a legitimate president-elect unelected?” (emphasis mine)

“With President Donald Trump and his Twitter machine, the Democrats and the media have lost their ability to fully control the narrative and wreak havoc on the American people.  They are losing their ability to control the power of fake news.”[end]

Was he or wasn’t he? Did he or didn’t he? Or is he simply a serial liar and Manchurian candidate plant? Who has been controlling him these past 20+ years?

As my emphasis above indicates, there has been nothing from the media over the past 12/13 years about the coverup regarding Obama’s forged birth certificate, forged Selective Service registration, and his use of a SSN issued to a man from Connecticut born in 1890.

Then there’s the coverup on the fact that Obama kept claiming for 16 years (at least) that he was born in Kenya. Or that he says his father is Barack Hussein Obama Sr. from Kenya, a citizen of Great Britain which makes Obama Jr. ineligible to be POTUS under Article 2 of the Constitution. Obama is absolutely not a Natural Born Citizen.

No hospital in Hawaii claims his birth and yet Obama has actually claimed two hospitals during the “birther” controversy. Bit confused Barry? The coverup getting to you? In fact investigator Mike Zullo (he of Sheriff Joe Arpaio fame) says there is absolutely NO PROOF that Obama Jr. was ever in Hawaii before the age of five.

Millions upon millions of us know that the “main stream media” is not to be trusted, especially on a coverup of their own making. They hate We the People with a vengeance and do everything in their power to keep a clamp on their propaganda machine. It is we who hand over our money and credence, and both need to dry up.

There is a new narrative and many new sources for information. Sites like those I often link to like FrontPageMagazine, Washington Free Beacon, PJ Media, American Thinker, American Digest, and Fellowship of the Minds, etal, provide us with validated information and views which need to become the new mainstream.

Share, share, and share some more with your friends and family. On Facebook alone my own website and blog are linked to dozens and dozens of “truth pages” reaching millions of people daily. We are slowly making progress, especially when coverup is in play, and certainly we have had success in these last few elections since 2010.

Our time has come and we must push those we elected to reverse anything and everything that has been done to destroy the nation and We the People during the disastrous years of the Obama administration.

The Trumpit and his advisers could do worse than to play the birther card in the not too distant future, and perhaps finally reveal the phony behind the curtain. Talk about a fake president coverup; Obama will be vulnerable to the truth in three days. If not Trump, who then, will be able to expose (in the words of Clint Eastwood) the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people?

Some investigative work has already been done, and here’s just one from a citizen watchdog. See the attached link down below which details a lawsuit filed by Susan Daniels in 2012 to keep Obama off the Ohio ballot because he was/is using a stolen social security number. Now that takes courage.


On now, to Mark A. Hewitt and “Electing a Fake President, Undoing a Real One: The Power of the Media”…

Early last year, I interviewed for a senior editor’s position with the Federal Aviation Administration.  The supervisor of the group had done some research on my writings and asked if I would be able to maintain the government’s narrative.  The office did press releases for government officials and the public on the next-generation air traffic control system, as the FAA transitioned from a radar-based ATC to a global positioning system-based program.  As senior editor, I would ensure our office’s prime directive that the new GPS-based ATC program was vitally necessary to combat global warming.  I write conservative novels and I wasn’t a good fit.

The latest official narrative trajectory is that Russia interfered with our presidential election and that President-Elect Donald Trump is an illegitimate president.  Americans are to ignore several facts – Hillary didn’t campaign in Wisconsin or Michigan, the Russians couldn’t have changed any vote tallies, Julian Assange said he didn’t get John Podesta’s emails from the Russians, etc. – and the list of excuses why Secretary Clinton lost grows every day.  National newspapers and networks have picked up the newest and obviously false narrative that “Trump is an illegitimate president” and have run with it.

When the media desire, they can function like a swarm of bees or a pack of jackals to bring down their prey.  Conservative radio stations and TV shows often create a compendium of sound bites from liberal sources to demonstrate to their audiences just how the media function like a swarm of drone bees and attack with “the word or phrase of the day.”  The goal of the demonstration is to convey that the media somehow receive some “approved” narrative or talking point, for it is widely and immediately dispatched and regurgitated on air, where it becomes de facto news.  In the last few weeks, “Russian hacking”; “influenced the election”; and, most recently, “illegitimate president” have been the narrative or buzz words that dominate the news cycle across our fruited plains.  This is media prestidigitation.

Continues in American Thinker…

Check: Susan Daniels – “Some investigative work has already been done. Feel free to read the attached. It is a lawsuit I filed in 2012 to keep Obama off the Ohio ballot because he is using a stolen social security number.”

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