Beware The Left Inauguration War

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From the brilliant and erudite David Horowitz, writing about the inauguration in his very own FrontPageMagazine: “This is the revolution that Trump represents. It will succeed or fail on whether the American people are ready to reject the racial, gender and ethnic divisiveness that has become the policy of the Democratic Party; whether they are ready to restore the American social contract that regards individuals on their merits, regardless of race, color or creed. In short it will succeed or fail on whether they are ready to make America great again.”[end]

This, and many more observations and insights coming up following my commentary, and let’s face it, the Left has been trying to destroy Trump and everything he stands for since day one, including their attacks on the successful Make America Great Again campaign. Have they ever succeeded with any of their endless schemes? No. Not even once. They haven’t been able to stop him as a private citizen so they sure aren’t going to be able to stop him after he officially becomes the most powerful man on the planet as President of the United States of America. Even during the inauguration.

Of the 3141 electoral counties in the United States, Trump achieved 3080, Clinton, 57

What the progressive liberal Left always forgets, is that most Americans back the Trumpit’s practical plans to make America great again. The majority of We the People are sick and tired of being tyrannized by the politically correct party line of the far left Democrats. This is a natural reaction and it will never change. Nobody likes being treated like second-class citizens while others get all the favors. Unfortunately for the Left, the people being treated unfairly are the majority, and frankly, We The People are ticked off about it. All anyone needs to remember is the 3080 counties out of 3141 which went to Trump, while only 57 went to Clinton – which is a landslide by any stretch of the imagination. Which is why the Left is out to disrupt the inauguration.

As I expressed it the other day, We the People are at an either/or fork in the road, that necessarily takes us in opposite directions. There are no second chances now. The Left is at red-line ruthlessness and will never make the same mistakes that gave us this opportunity. Trump’s honeymoon was over the minute he won. Big Media was more than happy to cover him 24/7 in the beginning, but only because they considered him easy to beat. Now they’re looking for revenge for their own stupid miscalculations and will do anything and everything to delegitimize his presidency. Which is why we must not let them to show their angst during the inauguration.

The Left hates it when their methods are employed by their enemies. They hate it that they have lost all of their advantages on the internet. They hate being lampooned. They hate seeing their enemies willing to go into the streets, but the thing they hate and fear the most is an enemy who has the ability to wield political power with skill and courage. This is why they hate Trump. They are in a paroxysm of fear and hate because Trump has “stolen” their god … political power.

America’s choice is either reject the left and embrace the return to America’s traditional values, or die in the left’s vortex of lies, hate, and nihilism. We will win if we stay engaged in the fight, act with courage, and conduct a special inauguration with purpose and dignity.

In the immortal words of Thomas Jefferson: I shall need, too, the favor of that Being in whose hands we are, who led our forefathers, as ISRAEL OF OLD from their native land, and planted them in a country flowing with all the necessaries and comforts of life; who has covered our infancy with his providence, and our riper years with his wisdom and power; and to whose goodness I ask you to join with me in supplications, that he will so enlighten the minds of your servants, guide their councils, and prosper their measures, that whatsoever they do, shall result in your good, and shall secure to you the peace, friendship, and approbation of all nations. ~ Second inaugural speech, March 4th, 1805


Now on to David Horowitz and The Inauguration War .. 

David Horowitz…

According to Gallup, the average presidential honeymoon lasts seven months. This is a window when the losing party declares a partisan peace, allows the incoming president to pick his cabinet and launch the agenda his victory mandates. Presidential honeymoons are not only a venerable American tradition they are one of democracy’s pillars. For generations they have been ceremonial supports for the peaceful transition of power, and the peaceful resolution of partisan conflicts.

Not this election year. There will be no honeymoon. This year even before Trump arrives in the Oval Office, the opposition cry has been Resist! Block! Reject! It is not just anti-American radicals like Michael Moore, who has indeed called for “100 days of resistance” to the Trump presidency, but by the leadership of the Democratic Party which has vowed to fight Trump’s appointments, has attacked the election result as an expression of popular racism, attempted to discredit the Electoral College by falsely calling it a legacy of slavery, and even accused Trump of being a Russian agent, a pawn in the chess game of its dictator Vladimir Putin. It is a sad day for America when the world’s oldest political party, whose name proclaims it a partisan of democracy, comes out in force as a saboteur of that same system.

Nor is all this simply a fit of Democratic absent-mindedness. Instead, it is the culmination of a long developing shift in Democratic Party politics, a shift symbolized by the current favorite to become its next leader. Keith Ellison is a Muslim radical who spent his formative adult years as a vocal supporter of the anti-Americananti-Semitic racist Louis Farrakhan. Ellison reflects the power of the Bernie Sanders radicals in the Democratic Party who according to recent Gallup polls now represent its majority, even though they lost a rigged primary election which would have made him the party’s presidential nominee.

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