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There’s a deliberate myopia — not to say selfishness — here that’s very alienating. One genuine sign of our greatness has been the willingness to sacrifice our wealth and blood on behalf of “the Other”. The Civil War was first. The liberation and reconstruction of Cuba were next. Reconstruction of Europe — but even more impressively, of Germany and Japan, who had tried to destroy us — was next. And most recently have been the liberation of 25 million Iraqis from a sadistic savage and the attempt to return Afghanistan — and its people — to the 20th century.

Even a permanent garrison of a few thousand troops to preserve peace and order in a center of chaos is a benefit to the nation, and the world more generally. We still have for instance, 30,000 troops in Korea 70 years on following the Korean conflict. The failure in Afghanistan is entirely Biden’s, tossed in with a shot from GWB. The 9/11 Commission, composed of Republicans and demoMarxocrats, identified Afghanistan as the center of Al Qaeda planning and operations. We had just lost 3000 people and a huge lot of expensive real estate to an Al Qaeda attack. Al Qaeda was also an ongoing threat to radicalize Pakistan. With the smallest number of people necessary, the US was attempting to change a situation potentially very dangerous to us and the rest of the world, in the hope that a by-product would be the restoration of Afghanistan to its pre-Al Qaeda, pre-Taliban condition.

Real enemy America’s ruling class. Insurrection as a tool of the leftists…

Last time I checked, we have (had?) the most powerful military on the planet, spent billions growing and improving it, while filling it full of the highest of high tech weaponry and sophisticated computer controlled weapon systems. Yet, we got kicked out of Kabul after 20 years of not winning.

Truth is we haven’t faced a first class foreign enemy since WWII and the German Army but thanks in large part to the Soviets we forced them into an unconditional surrender. Is our military as good today or is it wishful thinking?

Yet History begins to repeat itself yet again. OBO#44 / Biden’s cut and run from Afghanistan leaving equipment for the Taliban creates yet another Muslim invasion of refugees into Europe and elsewhere just like Oblowhole’s first cut and run Islamic invasion of Europe left equipment for ISIS to make it much easier. Make no mistake about it, Europe is on course to becoming an Islamic Continent by 2080. Don’t believe it?

Real enemy America’s ruling class. Do the math. As Mark Steyn put it, “Demographics is destiny.”

Kevin Portteus, American Greatness: ‘Afghanistan and America’s Ruling Class’ …

They govern in your name for their own sakes, and for the sake of a globalist vision that exists to serve themselves and their friends. The sudden collapse of American power in Afghanistan has triggered the usual partisan blamestorming in Washington. Representative Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) has blamed the Biden Administration. How clueless does a member of the Cheney family have to be to go around assigning blame for Afghanistan? Talking points from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) office show that their plan was to blame Donald Trump for everything. Biden went on TV and blamed Trump for the plan Biden abandoned, the Afghan people for being unwilling to fight, and the Good Humor Man for running out of chocolate chocolate chip ice cream. Burp!

There’s going to be a lot to sort out in the weeks and months to come regarding this catastrophe, and all the questions that have been asked are legitimate. Should we have been there in the first place? What was our mission? What does the outcome say about the competence of our military?

In one sense, this is very clearly a disaster of the Biden Administration’s making. We managed to bobble along in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years before the present administration arrived, with ideas about foreign policy that seem to be no deeper than lecturing America on its faults, flying rainbow flags, and pushing cringy Instagram videos. [-]

[+] … We were all part of it because we believed that there was a meaningful difference between the parties in Washington. There isn’t.

The same class of self-interested lying incompetents who brought about this debacle in Afghanistan have spent the last 18 months peddling COVID fear porn and musing about vaccine mandates. And they’re the same people who breathlessly tell us that a couple of grandmas who took a self-guided tour of the Capitol are a greater threat to Our Democracy™ than Antifa goons, the Chinese Communists, and millions of Third-World invaders. [-]

[+] … For all his faults, Trump was the exception, the only viable alternative to this policy of Progressive Imperialism. The uniparty knew it and went all-out to destroy him. They finally deposed him, and perhaps half the country cheered; because mean tweets.

If you were one of those who cheered Trump’s ouster and the restoration of the uniparty to power, you’re still part of it. If you’re running around squealing about how this is all the Republicans’ fault, or all the Democrats’ fault, you haven’t learned a damn thing. You’re still the stooge of a ruling class that couldn’t possibly care less about you, your community, or even the United States as a sovereign nation. They govern in your name for their own sakes, and for the sake of a globalist vision that exists to serve themselves and their friends. As far as they are concerned you are to be kept as postmodern serfs: a cheap, disposable, and easily exploited resource pool for their projects.[end]

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Real enemy America’s ruling class. Alphabets all over the place…

And the most powerful health care/medical professionals on the planet can’t contain, much less defeat a virus. We’re back to face masks and partial lockdowns. The vaccines really do work we’re told but we’re gonna need booster shots, maybe boosters for the rest of our lives. Are our medical professionals as good as we’re told or is that more wishful thinking?

Are the Commander in Chief and his boys protecting us from foreign terrorists? There are more Americans murdered in Chicago over a single summer than American civilians killed by the Taliban during the last 10 years. Confidence is good but it can lead to wishful thinking – perhaps it already has.

We the (90 million+) People know darned well that this is a uniparty disaster of disasters – throw in the Deep State for good measure and things begin to make more sense. The DOD lied to Trump multiple times to continue its wars, but now we’re supposed to believe that the demented village idiot houseplant is firmly in control? LOL.

Still the only upside to this complete humiliation – the depths of which are being covered up by the Pravda press – is that the current planted administration is permanently deep fried to hell.

Time to bring the real president back where he truly belongs – running the show and winning; winning; winning. Warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!