Hanging chads behind a Bush ouch!

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Since the days of Ronald Wilson Reagan, the control of the Presidency has oscillated between the CIA and the Mafia. G.H.W. Bush was our first CIA President. Clinton came to office as the first Mafia President. Remember those 1000 raw FBI files his bosses took when he came into power. We never learned whose files they were, yet yours truly is of a mind they were the files on bureaucrats, not politicians. The mob after all, wanted control of the bureaucracy and got it. The CIA took back the Presidency with ‘Dubya’ but, after 8 years, it was too late to keep the mob from controlling the bureaucracy and the CIA didn’t even try. It was bad enough yet got worse rapidly. OBO#44 mean anything to anybody? Talk about a ‘cartel’!

The CIA has forever taken its graft from the Military Industrial Complex, which needs wars to make maximum profits. The Bushes were the ones who gave them the wars they needed. Then the mob took back the Presidency with OBO#44 who “came out of nowhere” and stopped the Clinton machine cold. During the ‘Bama years the CIA and the mob formed a working partnership to where the CIA got its endless wars, the mob got its drugs, prostitution, etc., plus protection for its thugs.

Hanging chads behind a Bush ouch! Overpowering stench of nepotism.

Mention of the ‘hanging chad’ days does remind one of how elections in former days would get stolen. The demoMarxocrats would swarm an allied county and simply keep counting ‘votes’ until whatever deficit was made up – in Minnesota, for instance they would ‘find’ hidden votes in the ‘back of the room’, which is exactly how Senator Franken was ‘elected.’ Come think of it, that’s how the ‘lady with blond braids ‘carried’ the state of Georgia for Biden. What else is new?!

Let’s be honest, both Bushes were disasters – the Elder, the man who called Reaganomics “Voodoo economics” ushered-in all those Bush cronies that have plagued us for so long. Heck, Mr. H.W. (God rest his soul) even admitted that he voted for Hillary Clinton – how’s that for ‘taking one for the team?’ Bush the Younger now pals around with his new best buddy, Michelle OBO#44, which wouldn’t surprise anybody if he’d be around to slap a vote in that direction.

Thankfully along came President Donald John Trump exposing all of it, every single jot and twitter, just by trying to help we average Americans. Karma! Hanging chads behind a Bush ouch!

Adam Mill, American Greatness: ‘How Bush Ruined Everything’ …

For all his faults, Al Gore couldn’t have been worse. It’s impossible to forget those anxious December days when cherry-picked Florida counties continued to find handfuls of new Gore votes as recount after recount marched the 2000 election result towards a reversal of the apparent Bush victory a month earlier. Eventually the Supreme Court put a stop to the selective process which counted hanging chads in Democratic counties differently than in Republican counties.

When Bush won, he brought with him a cabal of staffers broadly known as “neoconservatives” who distinguished themselves from traditional Republicans by ignoring deficit spending and strongly supporting interventionist foreign policy with a heavy emphasis on protecting and advancing America’s petro-allies in the Middle East. Months after September 11, 2001, the Bush Administration diverted America’s response to terrorism by seeking a revenge war in Iraq.

American taxpayers poured trillions of dollars into the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The wars represented a new golden age for the State Department, the CIA, and the Pentagon, as Americans developed a neo-colonial relationship with the client states in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush and his allies easily brushed aside the few complaints and warnings from traditional liberals about abuses of civil liberties and the prospect of a never-ending Vietnam-like war. I can still hear the sound of Vice President Dick Cheney chuckling dismissively on the Sunday morning talk shows as he scoffed at these fears. Sure, the wars would be expensive. But “deficits don’t matter” according to the then-vice president. [-]

[+] … Oh, what a bitter harvest we have reaped.

History acquitted those chicken-little voices that warned of never-ending wars, ballooning deficits, and the dangers of bloated and politicized intelligence agencies. I admit it. I was wrong about Bush. He was a disaster.

We’re reminded of this point as we watch the humiliating withdrawal of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Bush’s critics, who seemed so wrong at the time, have been proven right in the sweep of history. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars turned into the very quagmires that the liberals predicted. The Intelligence Agencies were allowed to pursue and harass Muslims in the United States—even setting some up in “Truman Show”-style prosecutions in which the FBI planned and financed almost every detail of terrorism plots to ensnare lonely, mentally disabled Muslim men. The civil liberties of these “terrorists” didn’t seem very important at the time. The liberals warned that these tactics set dangerous precedents that might later be applied to larger and larger swaths of the public.

So would any of this have been different had Al Gore been elected president? [-]

[+] … Rich Republicans across the country followed Bush into the arms of the Democrats as leftists and corporate America formed their unholy alliance that continues to oppress us today. Thanks to Bush, no party now advocates for fiscal restraint or true free-market principles. Yet another part of Bush’s awful legacy is a culture of debt tolerance that has led us to a catastrophic greater-than-GDP public debt one normally associates with a Third-World country.

What did nearly two decades in Afghanistan and Iraq buy us? Thousands of American dead and trillions more in debt, and Afghanistan is swiftly returning to its pre-invasion configuration. Lots of government contractors and retired generals grew very rich pouring American treasure into the land-locked and barren land. The Bushes themselves have become fabulously wealthy, worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Meanwhile it will take many more years for America to recover from their endless wars and crippling debt. That’s why I’m retroactively endorsing Al Gore for the 2000 presidential election. For all of his faults, he couldn’t have been worse. [end]

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Hanging chads behind a Bush ouch! OBO#44 “Tell Vladimir” I’ll have more flexibility with Russia collusion…

As big a disappointment and disaster as Bush and hanging chads turned out to be, let’s not forget that Crooked Bill and ‘hungry Hill’ sold weapons technology to China and both are easily implicated in creating an environment that allowed 9/11 to happen. And also let’s not forget her speciousness in attempting to get into bed with the Russians when her boss was whispering into the microphone “tell Vladimir” etc etc! The 9/11 commission was yet another DNC charade attempting to pass the blame off to someone or something else.

Our fearless President Trump has been the only person of the whole shebang of ’em willing to play the face up cards on the table and go ahead with putting America First on the international agenda. God only knows if there’s anyone else willing to get to the plate and play them out. Yours truly is of the opinion to put him back in office just as quickly as We the (90 million+) People can, and thereby effectively procuring and securing the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America for this current generation and the others to follow!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!