Psycho-Analysis Of A Failed Ego-Maniacal Narcissist – Not Pretty

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

The following psycho-analysis of a failed ego (and that would be Obama’s) is interesting, but not half as needed as is an analysis of a people that twice elected this man-child to the highest office on the planet. As I have opined on many occasions (most recently just in the past few weeks following the DemoMarxist shellacking on November 4th) We The People must now demand much better from our elected reps and give continual voice to our outrage over Obama’s serial usurpations in his persistent urge to destroy this republic. Drive the b*****ds that enable him from office, and keep on replacing them until honest, decent, pro-American Constitutional Republican people are found, who conduct themselves, and the business of America, according to the Constitution of the United States. From the article: “… he cognitively knows his weaknesses.” That’s apparent every time he strolls up to a microphone with that jive walk, bobbles his head and speaks in short bursts meant to portray “authority”. He’s a fake, and he knows it; and so do most of us. The rogue fraud “president” is a peevish, petulant fool, and whoever voted for this imp should apologize to the nation.

With all of the emotional baggage Obama is carrying and is forcing upon the nation, I find it astounding and shocking that he was elected President without executive experience, governmental accomplishment, or anyone really knowing much about him. I doubt he has ever been more than a figurehead all of his life. His accomplishment rating is a big fat ZERO, which happens to coincide with the first letter of his last name. It would be fascinating to learn who is holding the puppet strings because he has shown us over these last 6 years that he is no leader, just as the following psycho-analysis of a failed ego has revealed.

Talking about which, let us segue` into this brilliant expose from Marilia Duffles in today’s American Spectator …

There is nothing like watching politicians utter the naked truth. So rare it defies belief. Like Cidinha Campos, the blunt Brazilian Congresswoman from Rio de Janeiro, who points the finger at the bad political apples with justified and refreshing outrage. The late Ohio Congressman Jim Traficant had nothing on her.

It is worth watching Brazil’s Campos for a few minutes on the floor of the Brazilian Chamber before reading the brief translations (here). Referring to a corrupt congressman who did himself in, while citing specific violations of legal codes, she said:

I want to discuss those who shamelessly take from the public purse.

He is more corrupt than his politician father. Corruption is in the DNA of our politicians instead of being addressed by the legal system.

This corrupt thief appointed himself to the Treasury. I see their cynicism. The more corrupt they are, the more simpatico they come across to people.

It would be even more refreshing if the American press and media alike were to have Cidinha Campos’s cojones. But these exalted keepers of political knowledge act as if political decisions are made in a utopia where cause and effect are always meant for the common good and to save taxpayer dollars.

As Cidinha makes clear, politicians are not molded by events, it’s the other way around.

Never mind the serial briefing papers, roundtable discussions, and professions of undying devotion to a cause or constituency. The ultimate decision always boils down to politics.

Certainly they know this?

There’s nothing like an equation to solve for what is perhaps still the unknown out there. Harold Lasswell (1902-1978) — considered the father of political psychology — made an, um, textbook case:


Which means: Political man (p) projects his personal needs onto a public object (d), and then rationalizes it (r) as being in the public interest. And, voilá, you’ve got P. The power seeker. Homo politicus.

The fourth estate’s vitriolic debates prattle on instead with the “he said, she saids,” accepting political legers de main — whether the “left or right” main — as the rightful cause to effect when it’s really legers de man.

The obvious? Obamacare: To amass more Democrat voters for the party, to leave a legacy for the president’s ego, no matter what the negative consequences to American taxpayers, to insurance companies, to the economy, to, eeek!, medical care. All rationalized as providing more coverage for American people with no cost to taxpayers or others. And, in the end, papered over with lies: “You can keep your plan, your doctor, it will be cheaper…”

And from the last few paragraphs …

Obama’s – in needy mode – and Valerie Jarrett – as mother figure.

Valerie is not the ideal-hungry because she seems to be too solipsistic for that. Few senior presidential aides have demanded Secret Service detail. And five agents?!

No, the ideal-hungry ones are not just the sycophantic liberal media, the drive-bys as Rush Limbaugh accurately labels them, who reflexively shoot down anything Republican while mindlessly propping up the emperor each time he stumbles.

Like Brazil’s Cidinha, the finger points at the Democratic Party who propped up this fragile person as their political puppet — their polpett — to dangle before the ideal-hungry American people. Or, to invoke a Gruberism: the “stupid American people” who fell hard for this charade.

The crusade of a political party used to shamelessly foisting false aphorisms and empty promises on people, and desperate to claim the first black president — in spite of Lincoln and, ahem, Clinton — as their own. No matter that their very willing, very mirror-hungry puppet was really a hurting empty shell.

His political handlers even provided the ideal-hungry population — the media, the press — to aid and abet and prop him up — and to sell him to the American people. No examples necessary here but just to cite Chris Matthews as mascot.

Obama is not blameless. Part of his anger must be self-directed. He knew he wasn’t up to the job — he cognitively knows his weaknesses but his limbic system was bound to fall prey to the ultimate self-validation — the presidency — that would serve to fill that emotional void his parents created.

Indeed, as the story goes on his first night as president, standing on the White House rooftop with his friend from Hawaii, Obama said:

Can you believe I actually got elected?

Full article available right here.

The psycho-analysis of a failed ego-maniacal narcissist….