President Trump ferrets out traitors

En Garde in the bunker…

When you haven’t seen or heard much from our fearless president for a few days, worry not, my friends. He’s either behind the curtain as in the Wizard of Oz, or stirring up vitriol and panic from his tweeting hobby. Either way, he’s always busy on the job at hand.

Currently it looks like he’s found the chain on that plug in the bottom of the swamp, and is giving it a tug. Maybe if he can get his ‘footing’, he just might get that sucker out. Either way, when the torrent begins We the People are going to be amazed at the previously unseen creatures and new species exposed for the first time.

Get to yanking Mr. President!

The DemoMarxist fixation with ‘Rules for Radicals’ tactics were meant to always keep the opposition back on its heels and defending themselves. Trump has spun it around 180 degrees by launching unabashed and bold offensive attacks. And they’re hopelessly flummoxed by it.

President Trump – always America first – MAGA!

His tweet advantage angers those who already hate him and is liked by those who already love him. For the fence-sitters who might dislike the comments, he firmly weds the DemoMarxist party with the Socialist anti-Patriot fringe.

And as for telling people to go back where they came from, that is entirely reasonable when those people demonstrate hatred for the nation that took them in while yet espousing devotion to this country’s enemies (ie the countries they came from!). It would be an awful thing to say to a legal immigrant, but there is nothing normal (yet) about the Somalian Representative. Except perhaps, hatred for the nation that took her in. And her other cohorts of ungrateful women.

We know exactly what the deep state big fake news media will do. So what? Trump’s instincts are not to be dismissed so lightly. What seems reckless might in fact be a calculated move to infuriate the left and cause them to utter more insane anti-American diatribes.

‘Sundance’, Conservative Treehouse, and ‘President Trump highlights Democrat activist hypocrisy’…

Earlier today President Trump drew attention to another uncomfortable truth. Some of the most virulent anti-American progressive lawmakers entered the United States for the opportunity and freedom within our system. However, those same politicians then decry the U.S. and demand changes to the system providing the benefit.

In essence, do not flee to the land of liberty, indulge in the benefits and then have the audacity to criticize the foundation of the nation providing the opportunity.

The media immediately went into apoplectic fits of outrage accusing President Trump of being a racist because he calls-out the anti-American messengers directly.

After a media cycle of outrage du jour, President Trump responds:

To which Monica Showalter in American Thinker responds:

‘Effectively, he’s gotten them to turn on Pelosi, a brutally hardball “cut your head off” politician who has thwarted his agenda again and again. He’s gutting her, forcing her to defend people who are trying to knock her out and, in the process, watching as they increase their power and come up with every more outrageous demands’.

‘That’s hardball. Trump knows what he is doing, very well, creating chaos on a prissily creepy power structure built on political correctness. He’s thrown a spanner in their works, and Pelosi doesn’t even know it. Now her Democratic enemies are becoming more powerful, circling her, preparing for the kill’.

‘As for Trump, there really wasn’t that much political risk for him in it, given the number of voters who despise Rep. Ilhan Omar, now known as “Miss Nine Percent.” Risk of annoying voters, yes, but Trump is not afraid of risk. He’s calculating what he can get from knocking out Pelosi and what he could lose by turning off some voters, and calculating that the better deal is to debilitate Pelosi. That’s real power’.

‘Trump is demonstrating in an ingenious way how to use it.’ [end]

And on that positive note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


Source: Sundance, Conservative Treehouse / Monica Showalter, American Thinker


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