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While the contentious spoiled brats cavorting as the (ahem!) Democrat party of bumpy ego bruises continue to go along making horses-asses of themselves attempting to rule by multiple obfuscation (and not too incognito, it must be said), We the People’s favorite warrior-president goes about his daily business, temper-tantrums from the left or not, in his avowed pledge to MAGA!

Completely ignoring Headmistress Pelosi and her rag-tag mob of destroyers running rampant in the school halls, We the People’s champion has decided instead to do nothing with those who oppose, rather leaving them to their own devices in relegating their ideology to the dustbin of history. A direct result of the Trump effect.

After all, it isn’t the way of limited government to force people to comply. The opposition party either decides to go-along-to-get-along or gets the heck out of the way of the party of action.

President Trump and Boris Johnson …

The ultimate bottom-line is we need to make the principles of limited government, self-determination, self-reliance, and self responsibility (the exact opposite of socialism / communism / fascism) more attractive in the marketplace of ideas, so in the end, the left’s ideology never attains a foothold. How we do it of course, is not such an easy answer, granted.

But the Trump effect definitely helps.

Human nature it always seems, is to try to take the easy path, even though most times it leads inevitably to misery.

The Trump effect seems to have awakened the globe to what is possible. People around the world are benefiting from his genius. The question now becomes what to do with all those who aren’t on board with the advancement of our movement? Character traits are like a thumb print therefore making it essential that the crooks and killers are kept from interfering in the reconstruction of political ideology. Like the Trump effect for instance.

Without getting too involved with the specifics, there’s an interesting take from founder emeritus of American Spectator, R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., and ‘Here Comes Boris – and Donald, Too’…


There is the musty smell of a police state here in old London, or should I say an inchoate police state? The present mayor, Sadiq Khan, is of the Left and he shares the Left’s lust for power. Everything he does indicates his hankering for power. To me, a foreigner in these parts, I sense this lust in his treatment of the automobile. The mayor envisages London as a city abundant with bicycle riders and pedestrians. In his London of the future the only automobiles will be the patrol cars of the police.

I got a presentiment of the London government’s contempt for the automobile from my friend John Springs, an English-born sketch artist who happens to be the finest sketch artist practicing today. Call him our Daumier. Years ago he bought a Ferrari, which by now is quite old. John is prevented from driving it into central London because of onerous taxes placed on older cars because they lack the anti-pollution equipment of newer cars. Soon the newer cars will be banned too. But do not worry. The mayor will find a way. Possibly he will claim that new cars have too much anti-pollution equipment on them.

Already the streets are clogged with automobiles slowed down by rerouted streets and barricades. What is the solution? Well, as I wrote a few columns back, Boris Johnson is headed for the helm of the Conservative Party. In two weeks, some 160,000 Conservative Party members will vote for their next leader, and it looks today like it will be Boris. He will take over from Prime Minister Theresa May, who was undone by Brexit.

As surely as Donald Trump enlivened American government, Boris will enliven British government and in time even send the statists in London packing.

Last week, as things looked better and better for Boris, he said in an enthusiastic interview with London’s Daily Telegraph that “I will set out a vision for Britain as the greatest place on earth. The greatest palace to be, the greatest place to live, to raise a family. The greatest place to send your kids to school, the greatest, the greatest place to breathe clean air … ” He went on like that, introducing each thought or rather each offering with “the greatest.” It was probably the longest concatenation of  “the greatest”s on record. Once again, he put me in mind of Donald Trump… [-]

[+] … Our president and Boris have talked about things they have in common. Boris knows that the president brought the bust of Winston Churchill back into the White House after President Barack Obama exiled Winston for his colonial policies — or maybe because Obama did not like Winston’s cigar smoke. At any rate, Andrew Roberts, the great Churchill biographer, speaks of a renewed “special relationship” between the two countries, if Britain successfully navigates Brexit and reorders its trade arrangements with the U.S.

Read to conclusion through link at bottom…

Queen Elizabeth and President Trump hit it off on recent visit…

As a fellow-Brit and patriot-citizen of the constitutional republic, I wish the Brits well. They deserve a leg up after the insanity of their very poor leadership and immigration issues promulgated by some very questionable leadership over the past 50 years or so.

The Trump movement merges seamlessly into the world-wide nationalist movement as if we are one larger soul, flowing from its love for America and her people. There is magic in this type of collaboration which makes it extensible to the whole world. We the People value the freedom and divinity of each individual soul.

Meanwhile there’s the contagion of the current episode of Pelosi / Schumer-led Democrats. Lost, insipid and wandering aimlessly around seeking who they can overcome, having already turned all of our institutions into weapons against freedom, destroying those institutions in the process.

They have pushed the painful reality of their demise into their subconscious and now cling desperately to the slogans of the leftist hate mob to stay afloat in the new world that they can never hope to comprehend.

The Trump effect is way beyond them.

And on that note time for today’s MAGA Pill – Thank God for warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., and ‘Here Comes Boris – And Donald, Too

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