President cops the energizer bunnie

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Just in case you missed it, President Donald J. Trump (despite all the ‘Doomsday Clowns’ currently occupying seats in studios and/or news rag offices that at one time or another were actually filled with sincere, dedicated, clear-thinking proponents of America’s greatness) yesterday participated in three Oval Office events of great import to the fast-emerging engine of success that is generally described as the Trump Administration.

First up, as described by ‘sundance’ over at Conservative Treehouse, President Trump delivers remarks at the swearing-in ceremony for recently confirmed Veteran Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie. Prior to taking the official Oath of Office, both the president and the incoming Secretary delivered words of great consequence.

Ceremony done, POTUS walks out of the room as soon as it’s over, even as Wilkie and Pence are still there soaking things up. Reporters try to shout at Trump as he’s leaving but they get almost no words out before he’s gone from the room and Sarah Sanders and others begin shooing them away.

Take a look and listen at the outstanding remarks by both the president and Secretary Wilkie …

Second (following the president’s quick departure from the Wilkie confirmation) was the Oval Office meeting with the Italian Prime Minister, at the end of which, the press wranglers basically shouted down the reporters who were trying to yell questions at the president. The ‘reporters-in-name-only’ didn’t even get a real platform for their stunt questions to be heard, as they were rapidly herded out of the room.

The media is now aware that Trump won’t take their shouted questions as they are likely to be cut from the edited version of the video. Thus, the media is literally down to the level of filming selfies of themselves and each other shouting questions and being wrestled away by the White House team in order to try to preserve their stunt actions. Kudos to Bill Shine and the president for instigating such discipline.

This need to protect one’s own country’s citizens is growing, and it’s way past time, but at least it’s happening.

Having just returned back to Texas from a 2 1/2-year sojourn in Britain, I’m definitely of the opinion that soon, rather than later, more countries will be holding their own referendum (‘referenda’?) to leave the EU, following which the EU will begin to crumble, and finally die a slow death.

Given the necessary leverage and support, each nation state will return to its heritage, restore their culture and preserve their own economies, trading as separate entities and maintaining better relations with the countries they’re doing business with. The world thrives when it is not restrained by a dictatorship such as the EU and the oxymoronic disUnited Nations. Manipulating each country’s citizens using fear inflicted by forced immigration will come to a screeching halt.

The time of the ‘one world government and a so-called New World Order’ is over. It’s more than past time to get on with the business of living as opposed to conquering, and it is more than refreshing to see its birth taking place in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Just imagine smaller satellites of the American Dream all around the globe.

How? Why? you might well ask.

Patriotism. People who have pride in themselves and their country. The global elites can’t sell people down the river who have pride in themselves as easily as they can sell and herd sheep.

President cops the energizer bunnie…

A truly free person, confident in his/her own ability, duly proud of his accomplishments and those of his people, has no need of a master. Any wannabe master has nothing to offer them. Replace that freedom with insecurity and arbitrariness over what is and isn’t allowed, that confidence with fear, and that pride with shame, and the wannabe master only has to promise safety and stability to find willing subjects.

As I closed out yesterday’s post, I opine the same today – The far horizon of America’s renewed greatness is getting closer, and closer, and closer each and every day, a fulfillment of the president’s divine appointment to go forth and MAGA!

Waddya say folks – Are we in it to win it?


H/T The Conservative Treehouse

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    • Always and forever the great encourager, dear Bev …. I’ll bet you are getting really excited about the pending new arrival … not long to go now, is it? … <3

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