Podesta, Pelosi, Ellison, Dem Face..

Go Ahead, Make …

Lost in all the hype about Russian hacking or Wikileaks leaking (or, for that matter, the sterling undercover episodes that James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas brought to the party) is that no one denies the validity of the information that was revealed. The DNC is totally exposed as being as corrupt as the Obama/Clintons themselves and all they want to do is blame the messenger!

The truth of the matter is that America will continue to be at risk if any of these incompetent DemoMarxist puppets are retained as guardians of our national security. Hillary, Obama, CIA, FBI, and all the other cover-up bureaucracies are all admitting this happened on their watch, right under their noses. Obviously, none of them can be trusted to guard the henhouse so it really doesn’t matter who did the hacking or the leaking, or the developing of the fake news.

The contents indeed are important but these morons are confessing their incompetence and inability to safeguard their own systems. And they want to be our latex sales reps? I don’t think so.

First up, Screechie Pelosi’s daughter attempting to blabbermouth her way around two of the sharpest interviewers in the media, Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartiromo.

As the old saying goes, a nut doesn’t fall far from the tree, and this definitely applies to this particular Pelosi nutcase. If Obama and Hillary had not lied, and Hillary wasn’t corrupt, then there would be no emails to hack.

Since everybody has seen Podesta’s emails and know him for the devious, unscrupulous, conniving liar that he was shown to be, why is his opinion about anything relevant? If there is any justice in the USA, John “Pud” Podesta will soon be investigated, charged, tried, found guilty, and imprisoned for a long time, all at the cost of spending everything he has on his defense. They don’t come any creepier than Pud. Take a look…

Hillary is angry because she thought she had destroyed the evidence when she scrubbed the 33,000 emails. She forgot however, to scrub Podesta’s emails. Maybe if top officials like the Secretary of State didn’t do their business on home basement, illegal, third party, unsecured email servers there wouldn’t have been any hacking in the first place. It never occurs to idiots that they’re idiots.

HAH! Enter the Grinch who stole Hillary’s Pinch to put everything in perspective with some damning quotes:

          • Podesta and the campaign raised over a billion dollars, think about how many donors are mad at him
          • Every liberal thinks they’ve mismanaged the campaign
          • So Podesta is desperately trying to find somebody else to blame, that it wasn’t his fault
          • Somebody else did it to us, it was beyond my control
          • Well, nice try, but in the end Hillary lost
          • Nobody made her put a server in her basement
          • Nobody made her delete 33,000 emails
          • Nobody made her be vulnerable to hacking
          • Her own Secy of State files were hacked by 5 or 6 different countries
          • Nobody made her do all those stupid things

This is a good example of Obama’s total failure. Syria has disintegrated. Libya has disintegrated. Yemen has disintegrated. Iraq has fallen apart .. the areas they’re concerned about are disasters, and they have no effective solution.

And that my friends just about sums up the entire Obama degeneracy and his lasting legacy as the faux president of the United States. Nero golfed and vacationed while America burned. And in the meantime, the crazy DemoMarxists give Screechie Pelosi another run around Congress as Minority Leader, while rallying around Keith Ellison as the nominated new leader of the DNC while their influence within and around the Big Media types continues to decline deplorably (thanks Hillary).

Thank God there’s a Trumpit sounding gloriously to Make America Great Again.


H/T Washington Free Beacon

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