Hacked off with Russian hacking fit

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Just when you think you’re getting hacked off with the lying nature of this entire Obama administration and it can’t get any worse, they get – Worse! Consider this opener from Brian Joondeph in American Thinker: 

“Post-Donald Trump’s landslide electoral victory, the media are in overdrive talking about “fake news.”  What they mean by fake news is anything favorable to Donald Trump – not blatantly false news stories like the Benghazi video, “Hands up don’t shoot,” “I can’t breathe,” rape at the University of Virginia, Duke lacrosse team, and so on.”

“The latest story is that Russia hacked the U.S. presidential election, handing the win to Mr. Trump.  The N.Y. Times is all over the story with a headline, “How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the US.”

“The only thing that has been hacked is honest journalism and reporting.  Is anyone else getting hacked off over this continued nonsensical narrative?” [end]

Well then, let’s take a look and listen to the unfortunately-named “earnest” Josh Earnest as he goes on a 10-minute tirade on how the Trumpit got elected by the Russians!

First off, for all those that believe the Russians hacked the election; in what way would a Trump victory serve their best interests? If they had a preference, it would likely be more Hillary-based from her performance at State. She did after all sell US/Canadian uranium to them didn’t she?

Then there’s the question of Weiner’s laptop. Regardless of how Wikileaks got their info, we all know how the NYPD got theirs. Did the Russians put all that incriminating data on his computer? Data that “disgusted and sickened” hardened NYPD investigators. Now that really says something, but somehow “earnest Josh” and the rest of the corrupt media don’t want any of us talking about that.

That laptop was little Anthony’s life insurance policy and this is a huge point that everyone seems to be missing.
Their entire narrative falls apart on that one little inconvenient chunk of plastic.

Not to be deterred, however, “earnest” Josh just kept grating away this week on what the Trumpit knew, and when he knew it (Hah! Shades of another DemoMarxist hit piece from the Watergate era).

How can the reporters listening to this pure “earnest” diarrhea of the mouth put up with this? They are supposedly well educated and “in the forefront” of their various organizations. Whatever happened to the journalist mantra of getting to the truth?

Even if Vlad Putin’s FSB agents directly leaked the hacked DNC emails (they didn’t) what did we learn? That John Podesta and the other big wigs in the DNC are a bunch of arrogant elitist jackasses? Didn’t we know that already? All this is an “in your face” attempt to delegitimize the Trumpit’s ascendancy.

And to cap it off, how about a bunch of DemoMarxist Hollywood “has-beens” to step forward and corruptively pontificate on how the Trumpit stole the election, and how to get the Shrillary back in the White House with her degenerate rapist woman-hater? I hate using a worn-out cliche` but, honestly folks, you can’t make this s**t up! The “has-been” Hollywood attack on the Electoral College…

HAH!! “Comments unavailable for this video” – Doesn’t it make you wonder why? Then along comes a recalcitrant Bernie Sanders to make peace, love, attention (and a lot, and a lot, and a lot, of money) to make peace with the Trumpit. Doesn’t get any more corrupt than this!

So there you have it. Notice those who are bleating “Russia hacked the election!” aren’t coming down from their high horses (they really shouldn’t let their horses get into their stashes) long enough to tell us just how the election was hacked. Not one word about that. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Bupkis.

What we do know is that Podesta and others’ email accounts were revealed to the public. So the very best the Shrillary Youth have for us is to imply that Russia had a hand in that. Which Assange has vehemently and repeatedly denied. I have yet to hear that Russia rewrote even one sentence of one of the emails.

Thus, our friends to the Left are saying that Russia pulled the curtain back on the true character of the Democrats, showing the latter to be racist, arrogant, belligerent fools and worse. In other words, they are behaving like the entitled, spoiled, nasty little snowflakes we know them to be. They are seething with anger at having been revealed to be the low-life that they really are, but have no insight into, nor embarrassment about, their own criminal natures.

Forget about “fake news”. How about fake hacked operators.


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H/T Washington Free Beacon