Pelosi’s Self-Described D.C.Sewer Expands Exponentially….

Capitol Hill ..

O America, where are you, what happened to your star; the guiding light in all the world that beckoned from afar? The clarion-call on prophet’s wings that nurtured the oppressed, that gathered in the lost and lone, and gave them blessed rest?

The above quote from Cloud by Day/Fire by Night is the opener for a piece titled The Godly Vigil, the content of which describes the declension of the Republic into the very mess of a Pelosi-like sewer that we’re witnessing today. The good news is, that it goes on to outline the Godly plan to make America great again. In the meantime … “I knew there was pressure to reduce the size of the federal workforce,” he said. “But someone still had to do the work. Obviously, they were going to turn to contractors.” And who better to turn to than Jefferson? He knew the work and stayed in touch with dozens of State Department retirees. His goal was to win some State Department IT contracts and build a business that he could leave to his sons, both of whom were pretty good with computers. “I was never trying to make a fortune,” he said. Nearly 10 years later, Jefferson sold his company to the contracting giant ManTech for $90 million. More follows…