Bernanke & Yellen : Masters Of The Phony Dollar…

A Requiem For Main Street

A Requiem For Main Street

This is NOT good news, not good at all … Remember, the value of the dollar has declined precipitously in the 18 months that Bernanke has been cranking up the path to doomsday. You CANNOT survive on 50 million in poverty; 91 million out of the workforce; a debt rapidly approaching $20 TRILLION .. and NO jobs being created .. It is a nuclear stink-bomb about to explode!!! Except for all of Obo’s cronies of course …”Every question gets answered with what does this mean to the Fed? The builders confidence falling below forecasts means the Fed is going to stay in the market,” said Nolte, downplaying the survey’s impact. The doomsday “good news” continues …

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