When lies become unquestionable

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“Max Flasher” hidden away in numerous comment threads is a go-to guy if ever there was one, so when lies become unquestionable he’s forever available. Truth is there aren’t many people brave enough to get the story – the whole story – of January 6th, but a few have. Julie Kelly’s book is a must-read, while over at the Conservative site Epoch Times, they’ve assembled some of the footage never shown to the American public. For all of their sneering at sites like Epoch Times, it’s well worth a watch, since nary a one of the mainstream journalists have even looked at January 6th, or anything else since 2020, with a critical, objective eye. None.

There’s definitely enough exculpatory evidence to contradict many of the findings revealed in the Primetime hearings, including the Oathkeepers helping Capitol police at least three times to calm down the crowd, hundreds of hours of footage that has never been released. There’s also video of Trump supporters attempting to stop windows from being smashed, including one of Ashli Babbit punching an unidentified rioter who broke the window just before she was shot. Unquestionable!

When lies become unquestionable. Limbaugh farewell vs left insanity…

“Words have meaning” the late great Rush Limbaugh used to say. When you can tell a lie and justify that lie by redefining the words you are speaking in real time, you are a special kind of evil. If the spoken and written word can be redefined in real time, then everything is reduced to gibberish and the speaker owns everything.

Not one person attached to the stolen election, the “Jan 6 Committee” farce and the insanity of our elite ruling class should miss this one. A truly long yet damning article down below about our hideously evil ruling class. It’s on Real Clear Politics today and is also on “Most Read: Last 24 Hours” list which means literally thousands of people are viewing this and learning the truth about our ruling class.

In my humble opinion, the biggest lie – by a mile – is that men can menstruate and have babies. And it’s the biggest lie because it’s not only an assault on objective reality, it is one that has the full coercive power of government behind it.

Share it with others. The more who know, the more their control will be weakened, and the closer will be their judgement day. Watch how demoMarxocrats now double down on their favorite pastime of screaming about white racism to deflect attention away from their despicably evil crimes. That bunch!

Edward Ring, American Greatness: ‘The Big Lies We Cannot Question’ …

The biggest lie is to suggest that Republicans are spreading lies and [more] misinformation, and the Democrats are not.

The following was posted on social media recently by a widely respected California-based journalist:

“I don’t like being an alarmist but the epidemic of misinformation is becoming critical and increasingly dangerous. It was bad enough when we had a lying POTUS but it is now clear that it’s become a political tactic of a large part of one of our main political parties. And, if one major party can get away with mass lying, so can the other one, so I fear this will spread across ideological boundaries.”

It’s fair to say this reflects a majority opinion among journalists throughout the American media, and it invites a response. This journalist accuses “one of our main political parties” of engaging in “mass lying,” obviously referring to the Republicans and obviously blind to the lies promulgated by the Democrats.

The biggest lie allegedly spread by Republicans, now called “The Big Lie,” is to claim the 2020 election was illegitimate. But even if the 2020 election was not compromised due to a relentlessly hostile and partisan media, endless political persecution designed to damage Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, voting rules that were violated and manipulated in swing states, Zuckerbucks, and possibly much more, this assertion still isn’t a Republican “lie.” For better or for worse, there are diverse opinions within the ranks of Republicans. Some think it was a stolen election; others don’t.

But no such dissent exists among Democrats over some of the biggest lies ever told.

The lies Democrats unanimously affirm, with the active complicity of almost every major American institution, are treated as background facts. To deny any of them is to spread “misinformation.” They have become the premises upon which reports are prepared, decisions are made, debates are framed, and policies are imposed. They’re so ubiquitous that if you’re not a skeptic, you don’t even notice.

Collectively, these lies are destroying our civilization. [-]

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When lies become unquestionable. Up yours with a 10 ft pole from a true leader…

The election was rigged of course because they were all afraid Trump would win in 2020. Indeed, a one-term president with a strong economy is unbeatable. To bring him down they would have to take control of the media narrative, deliberately crash the economy, and discredit everything Trump ever did to manage the COVID pandemic.

Now just who has been redefining words on a mass scale to a degree that can’t be overstated, the right or the left? This tactic allows them to turn the tables to call you the liar for not adhering to the “new” definition of words and that’s what makes it a special kind of evil. Make no mistake about it: The American left knows if they can get Americans to believe truth itself no longer matters – or worse, get them to accept that dynamic because it’s preferable to being called a name – then we will be a totalitarian, “two plus two equals five because the party demands it!” society in short order.

Then again one might well muse, perhaps the biggest lie of all is that demoMarxocrats really and truly love America and that all their policy prescriptions and legislative actions are in service of that. Mmmmmm…..

And George Orwell will have won yet another!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump yet again MAGA! – KAG!