Oh what a tangled web we weave….

Go ahead, make my..

Well, well, well, what a “surprise” eh? (not!) – Dhillon is the sort of insidious evil one that fearless President Trump has to contend with, the swamp after all, having infected its fair share of debauchery. Dhillon or McDaniel it doesn’t matter, their faces after all, having become somewhat interchangeable.

One has simply to think most of us are beyond being amazed at the depth and width of the corruption, debating as we do the political worth of those in public office (or running for) back and forth. We long for objective voices as a for-instance, one or more who can provide accurate and up to date information. It is beyond disappointing and depressing as one-by-one people on “our side” continually fail – most of them horribly!

Habits change however, when we find the battered diamonds like Laura Loomer and James O’Keefe – glorifying their heroism at the top of our lungs, yours truly for one so appreciative and proud of them with their willingness to become involved.

Oh what a tangled web we weave .. Devin Nunes man in the breach with President Trump

Taking Harmeet’s explanation at face value, she at best looks ineffectual and un-serious, while Mike Davis tools around like a fool in a schoolyard, with all the vitriol spilled indicating they got caught by Loomer, who they consider an alt-right “icky“, what some would describe as “like highschool for adults“. THAT!

All of this raises the obvious question: What else have these schemers been up to? If it weren’t for Laura Loomer’s vigilance, the Trump campaign wouldn’t have known about the rule change in California. So obviously caught in a blatant lie and now disingenuous in the covering-up department, if you ever wondered if the RNC is aligned against Trump, you definitely shouldn’t be wondering any more.

It surely couldn’t be any more clear that Team DeSantis and its surrogates will do anything (dirty and/or fair) to ‘knock out’ president Trump, even if they incur wrath from the GOP base. At this point, they really don’t care about the true 2024 election against the Democrat nominee – Ron DeSantis and Company have only one goal in mind and it sure isn’t pretty.

Kudos to Loomer for exposing this and Sundance for leading her acolytes to their own slaughter. Semper Vigilans!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Win for Laura Loomer as Hameet Dhillon Retreats’ ….

It is difficult to overstate just how impactful Mrs. Laura Loomer was/is in blocking a California scheme that appears to be part of a wider GOPe plan to dilute the primary election delegate distribution against the interests of President Trump and his supporters.

Mrs. Loomer exposed a three-week old plan by state RNC leadership Jessica Patterson, Shawn Steel and Harmeet Dhillon to change the California Republican primary outcome to a proportional distribution of candidates.

Loomer published the contents of a leaked email from the three organizers Patterson, Steel and Dhillon.

As people realized what was happening, all behind closed doors and hidden from public review, outrage began to surface.

Today, after initially trying to justify her position, Mrs. Dhillon reverses course and now supports the ‘winner-take-all’ option. An option that was always available, but purposefully ignored in the plan to deliver the delegates via proportional distribution. As you will see below, Dhillon an RNC rules committee member, claims she was unaware of the rule and led astray by the statements of Mrs. Patterson and Mr. Steel. [-]

[+] … If you carefully read the statement made by Dhillon, you will notice a great deal of disingenuous language used in an effort to cover her tracks. She seems to portray herself as being hoodwinked by the other participants, which, when combined with the attempted defenses by her DeSantis supporting allies, seems to be the way Dhillon plans to remove herself from the sunlight.

The RNC National Committeewoman, who ran to become the RNC Chairwoman and sits on the RNC Rules Committee, now claims she was not aware of the rules and further disagrees with the content of the letter that was decided three weeks ago. Something apparently happened between the agreement with the other executives and today. That something was likely Laura Loomer. Read the Dhillon letter carefully. [-]

[+] … In the bigger picture, Mrs. Loomer’s supernova of sunlight has now put the RNC/RGA and DeSantis team into a position of vulnerability. There is a possibility that people will begin to understand that all of the GOP candidates are not trying to win the 2024 nomination; rather they are in the race as part of the Big Club plan to gain collections of individual delegates that can be reassembled into one larger delegate bloc at the RNC convention.

California was only one state that was organizing their rules to participate in the block Trump effort. Keep watching…[end]

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Oh what a tangled web we weave .. Love wins: the essence of greatness … Grandkids and Stars and Stripes … nothing better!

Thank goodness, somebody, with Laura Loomer’s PUBLIC CLOUT and NOTORIETY is “dogging” the RNC Rules effort. We will at least be informed that Rules are being changed and/or attempts are being made to change rules to disqualify President Trump or defeat him in a rigged primary.

Keep in mind the 50% threshold to collect ALL Delegate votes WILL REMAIN. Do not rule out splitters, mail-ins, et al to keep President Trump below 50%. Then there are rules changes coming regarding legal issues designed to give the 2nd place finisher in the primaries the nod as the candidate of the RNC. Thus the battle to be the 2nd place finisher begins.

Fully nailed with this statement, “that all of the GOP candidates are not trying to win the 2024 nomination; rather they are in the race as part of the Big Club plan to gain collections of individual delegates that can be reassembled into one larger delegate bloc at the RNC convention.” THAT!

Yet, what will be the final outcome?? That answer is still to be determined. Maybe or maybe not … Loomer’s sunlight will have the desired effect. Oh what a tangled web we weave.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!