Flood at the border sinks Biden etal

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Fred A somewhere on the thread: Since President Biden took office, the United States has allowed two million illegal aliens to enter and stay in this country each year.. By the end of his first term in office, the number will total around eight million illegal aliens living in America. Ask yourself, how many know the English language, how many have an adequate education to survive in America, how many have any skills at all to earn a living? How many will be on welfare for one or two generations? This is what Biden is doing to America. Then add all the crimes they will commit in this country.

No wonder America is becoming a Third World country. So you Americans go ahead and vote for him again for another four years. Allow another eight or nine million illegal aliens to live here and that will be on top of the 17 million already living here before Biden was elected. The grand total could come to 33 to 34 million by 2028 and that does not include all the children they will give birth to during that time period.

Flood at the Border sinks Biden etal. So don’t ask for whom the bell tolls When tyrants shrill in vain redoubt…

Just think we are paying a six figure salary to 535 elected officials in the Congress to do this to us every year. Neither the Republican or Democratic Party really cares about what they are doing to America. Its all about politics and money.

America is becoming an unfit place to live and raise a family. Add in all the other political, economic, criminal, racial, and social problems we have and it is obvious America will not survive because of all the turmoil coming our way. Every day articles are written about all the problems in America and it never ends.

Just as people are leaving New York and California to live somewhere else, don’t be surprised to see Americans move to other countries to get away from the problems in America. [end]

Which takes us to John and Andy Schlafly, FrontPageMag: ‘Flood at the Border sinks Biden’ …

President Biden avoids and keeps far away from our nation’s wide-open southern border, where 200,000 people from all over the world crossed illegally last month and every month since Biden took office almost 30 months ago. But his chief Democrat rival, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., went to the border town of Yuma, Arizona on June 6, and had some choice words for Biden’s failed policy.

“It was like a dystopian nightmare,” Kennedy said, “with all of these desperate people flooding across the wall, in a situation that clearly could have been prevented. People from all over the world, from Africa, from Uzbekistan, from Senegal, from Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Nepal, Tibet, India, Bangladesh, Peru, Colombia, we saw all of these people, these hundreds and hundreds of people coming across.

“We’ve watched about 150 people come across in the last hour,” Kennedy continued. “Altogether, people have come across right here from 117 nations in the last couple of years. In 3 years, in total, 7 million people have come across the border illegally into our country.

“And from here, they’re put on these buses, and they’re brought to the border patrol station where they’re processed. After four or five days, they’re released on their own recognizance into our country, and most of them are never seen or heard from again.”

Where did all these millions of foreigners go after they were turned loose by the Biden administration? A clue is provided by a shocking new study from the Center for Immigration Studies, which finds that students from immigrant-led households comprise 23% of public school enrollment nationwide, and in many regions the proportion is more than 65%.

Thousands of miles away, New Hampshire public schools are harmed by the immigration deluge. Next door in Massachusetts, the percentage of public students who are in immigrant households has jumped 13 to 28% in the last 30 years. [-]

[+] … But then on Sunday, the people of Greece delivered the opposite verdict as they handed a landslide victory to the Trump-like candidate who has cracked down against illegal immigration there. His victory was by the largest margin in Greece in a half-century, and three new political parties even more conservative did well enough to win seats in its parliament.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis won by promising to extend a border fence to a region where many migrants are currently sneaking into Greece. A week earlier, voters in the traditionally liberal Finland elected what was described as “the most right-wing government ever … taking a hard line on … immigration.”

The previously immigrant-welcoming countries of Denmark and Sweden have also shifted sharply to the right on this issue in recent years. Denmark’s current policies include imprisonment of illegal aliens with solitary confinement and seizure of assets, in order to deter migrants from entering that small country illegally.

The worldwide populist uprising against open borders is a harbinger of our own presidential election next year. On this issue, Biden is hopelessly out of touch with the American people, and he is sure to be defeated by Trump, unless the effective campaigning by RFKJr causes Biden to withdraw first. [end]

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Flood at the Border sinks Biden etal. Hey Jackass! true, don’t blame me!

Now that legalized discrimination has been shot down by the SC, there are going to be a whole lot of high school graduates looking for a job instead of spending the next four years running up debt for a useless degree. They’re gonna need a job and it won’t be of the white collar type.(Given the current state of pubic education, that’s a given.) The trades have always been a good place for young graduates to start a career, myself included.

Then around the late ’80’s we all noticed a whole lot of non-whites shingling houses, pouring sidewalks, hanging drywall, painting, landscaping and doing every kind of job a kid like me would have taken right out of school. So now that we already have more like the 38 million you expect in the next five years, (it’s been 11 million for 40 years) where are all the young Americans going to find a job? If you are a homeowner or business owner you should refuse to employ any of these illegals in any type of service.

The cosseted idiots that voted for *Braindead Biden, did so with the understanding that those 3rd-world illegals would be dumped in OUR neighborhoods; not THEIR posh enclaves such as Martha’s Vineyard or Malibu. Flood at the Border sinks Biden etal. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John trump – MAGA! KAG!


* John and Andy Schlafly, FrontPageMag: Flood at the Border sinks Biden