Obsessed With MH 370 : A World Adrift Of Moorings

As you know, I had more flexibility after my election ..

As you know, I had more flexibility after my election ..

Napoleon said, “If you decide to take Vienna, take Vienna.” I doubt any Democrat pays attention to Napoleon anymore, especially Harvard graduates. Yes, my loopy progressive friends, the fantasy ride is over. While the entire globe it seems, is obsessed with MH 370, the real enemies conduct their takeover…

Time to collect the same-sex partners and test-tube kids; get back into the Prius, hope the battery is not dead; and head home to the stagnant economy, the mortgage, the leaky roof, the uncollected garbage, the sky-high energy bills, the unemployed and unemployable college students receiving a DOA education, and an American health care system, once the greatest in the world, now on death’s door thanks to your prescriptions. Oh, and let’s not forget the misunderstood thugs and terrorists with their knives out, waiting in the driveway to cut all our throats, yes, our – yours and mine. Obsessed with MH 370..

We as a nation, as a collection of nations known as the West, the best, and only hope for mankind for these past many hundreds of years, must rediscover foreign policy. We cannot just wish it away; it is real. The outside world matters. What happens in dirty huts in the desert, in fetid caves in the mountains, or in the gilded hallways of the Kremlin can matter a great deal. But obsessed with MH 370 – hides the real foreign policy…

The entire story and more, from W. Lewis Amselem …

I don’t know about you, but I am finding the coverage of missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 beyond annoying. Every couple of hours it seems we are regaled with a new “STARTLING, BREAKING, OMG” revelation that is then superseded by another equally as “STARTLING, BREAKING, OMG” revelation.

This 24/7 nearly information-free coverage, however, does a few big things:

1) Tortures the already suffering family members of the people on that plane;

2) Boosts ratings and sells a lot of air time;

3) Feeds an endless number of conspiracy theories; and, my favorite,

4) Hides that Obama and his Western colleagues have no clue on how to deal with the end of the world as they know it–the end of the fantasy world created by the progressive loons in charge of the West (Australia, Canada, and Israel excepted) and the brutal reassertion of the real world.