No Ukraine Christianity: Zelenskky

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No Ukraine Christianity: Zelenskky. There are those of us around with the ability to figure out that feeling when you wake up and realize that you’ve been duped by the MSM and/or the US government into supporting the evil side of things, especially when realizing all along that it was purposely wired the wrong / “right” way.

Anybody other than yours truly remember realizing the UNI-party construct when Poppy Bush and Bill Clinton walked off arm-in-arm to start the Clinton Foundation, with one of them (I believe, if not both of them) smoking a cigar and laughing all the way. At us?! Yeah, me neither.

The ‘fake foundation pretenders’ is the same thing. They just funnel the money around in circles and feed the pigs. Monica remember, smoked the cigar, but that’s another tail (tale) – well beyond the time that Bush the Elder famously uttered “New World Order”. Mmmm.

Then there was the time the RNC, GOP, and others colluded with the DNC, MSM and I/C to torpedo Goldwater’s campaign, and assassinate JFK, because neither one would have ‘gone along’ with their plan for VietNam. Somewhere around 1984 methinks, but “red-pilling” is a process, which I just happened to start somewhat earlier than some.

No Ukraine Christianity: Zelenskyy. Consequences have consequences…

Notice for the most part how we always keep the foundation in place, upon which all lies are built?

With Covid we focus on all the absurdities flowing out of it, such as mandatory jabs, but never really call into question the validity of there ever being a real pandemic in the first place. Consequently with Ukraine we focus on all the corruption and absurdities surrounding it but never question whether or not the conflict itself is staged.

Its as if no one really wants to end the madness that continues because all the building materials for the lies always have a firm footing and foundation to support it / them, continuously attempting to deconstruct multiple facets of a much bigger lie. Satan has many evil people in this world and in this country who have put a bullseye on Christianity decades ago.

Let me guess: They suffer from delusions of grandeur: their belief is there’s only room for one God in people’s lives and Zelenskyy and New-World-Order thinks it should be THEM (the holy elite) telling YOU (the pleeb) exactly how to live your life. Package complete with their holy commandments and their own bible brought to you by the MSM. Let’s check’em out. No Ukraine Christianity: Zelenskyy.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Why is Pres Zelenskyy Banning Christianity in Ukraine? Tucker Carlson’ …

Given the background, it doesn’t come as a surprise. Zelenskyy has previously made [many] political opposition parties illegal and removed all media from Ukraine that is not state authorized. However, the move to ban a Ukraine orthodox religion is still a considerable escalation into totalitarian extremes; all supported by the U.S. State Dept.

As Carlson notes in the latter part of his monologue, the insufferable propaganda has enmeshed the Ukrainian face of western government, “It’s just a grotesque post-modern psy-op, and anyone still falling for this is brain damaged.”  WATCH:


Carlson is correct. The Ukraine narrative has been a western, state department + CIA, designed operation from the outset. On the backside it’s a political money laundering operation feeding defense contractors, corporations, western politicians, congress, political campaigns and DC think tanks.

Approximately two-thirds of the American electorate bought into the media promoted Ukraine construct, which, again is not surprising, considering that roughly 72% of healthy adult Americans lined up for an untested, experimental and sketchy COVID vaccine, the result of government advocacy and pressure. [end]

No Ukraine Christianity: Zelenskky. When the whole world needs peace…

The criminals running Washington DC (easy to figure them out, don’t worry) do not want the Russians to expose: 1) The enormous amount of money being kicked back to these American politicians from massive U.S. un-audited government payments to Ukraine, and, 2) proof of the sickening establishment of so many bioweapons labs funded and operated in Ukraine under the direction of the USA .

Matter of fact, number two above could and should be Nuremberg-level crimes against humanity for which an extensive number of American civilian and military perps could justifiably be tried and disposed of. The Nazi’s during and following the two world wars were certainly hanged for this level of barbarism, with number one above a good, old-fashioned, criminal corruption driven by human greed. “Son-of-a-bitch” is what we heard from JoeBiteMe bragging just a couple or more years ago to those around him, about his Ukraine experience, and what would happen to them if they didn’t comply.

Talking about which, the CIA has always been a criminal enterprise involved in corruption and murder all over the planet, globalists bent on the destruction of everything good and decent. But why? Who would be that committed with such evil  intent for years and decades, yet never lose focus or drive? Republicans and conservatives are not designed for the Mao style long game. Going to one rally every few years is more commitment than most conservatives can muster. God save us.

By hook or by crook, Zelenskyy has more than proved himself as a puppet to the U.S. State Department, CIA, and any other alphabet soup dis-organization. Period. He does their bidding, bigly. His speeches are prepared by the same duo. SoS Blinken & Nod was just in Ukraine this past Monday. Why? With the weasels we currently have “fixing things” unknown to We the (90 million+) People, just how can something replace the idea of God if everything they do to get there is ungodly on its own? May their winter be cold – No Ukraine Christianity: Zelenskky.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


  • Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: Why is Pres Zelenskyy Banning Christianity in Ukraine? Tucker Carlson