OBO#44 coverup worse than crime

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Courtesy of one “Ken Pelkey” from the comments thread, OBO#44 was nothing more than a freaking joke as a president going on: “He was arrogant to the core, never talked about the fact his own Mother was a White Woman. It was obvious he hated this country and its people and his whole life was about him, him, him. Thanks to this Country and its Oh so Racist people, he now lives in a $16,000,000 million-dollar mansion on the water, with others scattered far and wide; his kids have gone to the best private schools, yet he still talks trash about America. The best thing that ever happened to America was when his presidency ended. People really need to wake up. Remember the lie that the First supposedly Black President would end racism. HAH! “racism” that was on its way out on its own. You have willingly bought the Left’s bill of goods. Why?”

OBO#44 the Clown Prince of Fools aka “the Marxist“, and an inexperienced nobody to boot, was chosen by the Globalists/WEF/Elites that had also installed the Clintons and George W. Bush (via the Supreme Court), to push their agenda, knowing apparently, that they were protected by the Racism Industry and their Race Pimps, and that they would be way, way above-and-beyond reproach.

OBO#44 coverup worse than crime

Remind yourselves if you will, of the Government-sponsored Racism Industry having OBO#44 constantly race-baiting to keep the topic front and center to muddy the water, while intimidating most of the American Left into submission as they had done for decades and to a great degree, still do. Cultural Marxism, anyone?.

As author Robbi-Lee Allen expresses it: “In past articles I’ve written, I have frequently referred to Obama as “an empty suit” since he seemed to materialize out of thin air back in 2007 and much of his personal history is hinky; but I have reconsidered that description for he’s much more than that — Obama is not only an overt racist, an elitist-globalist, a man who clearly possesses a ‘narcissist personality disorder,’ a true enemy of “We the People,” but he is pure evil by every definition and standard, and he surrounds himself with equally pernicious affiliates more than eager to do his bidding.

In addition to the old Trump rally chant, “Lock her up,” the crowd needs to add, “Lock HIM up.” A pipe dream I’m sure, but it feels good to imagine all these criminals getting their just comeuppances. Biden was likely “the” perfect OBO#44 successor, given all that they no doubt had on him from his corrupt vice presidency. They must have “owned him 6 ways to Sunday” -courtesy of Chuck Schumer- from whom we all now know why Clyburn anointed Biden in the Dem primaries of 2020. A call from one of OBO#44’s minions or OBO the clown himself. My-oh-my is the US totally screwed. THAT!

Jack Cashill, American Thinker: ‘For Obama the Cover-Up Was Worse than the Crime’ …

Two enduring aphorisms emerged from the Watergate affair, both directed at then-president Richard Nixon. The one at the outset of the investigation was delivered in the form of a question: What did he know and when did he know it?” The second came at the end in the form of a warning to future presidents: The cover-up is worse than the crime.”

Thanks to the Durham report, we know the date that then-president Barack Obama learned about what John Durham calls the Clinton Intelligence plan.” If CIA Director John Brennans notes are to be believed, that date was August 3, 2016.

This was the day Brennan briefed Obama and other key players about the alleged approval by Hillary Clinton on 26 July of a proposal from one of her [campaign] advisors to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security services.”

To be fair, Barack Obama likely had no more role in the orchestration of the Clinton Intelligence plan than Richard Nixon did in the 1972 bugging of the DNC headquarters at the Watergate. Obama did, however, play the critical role in the cover-up of the Clinton Intelligence plan. It could not have happened without him.

This past Sunday, former congressman Devin Nunes raised the cover-up issue on Maria Bartiromos show. Said Nunes, We now know from Durham that Obama knew and his team knew that in August 2016 this was a dirty trick from the Clinton campaign.” [-]

[+] … From the beginning, Brennan served as Obamas fixer. He came to the job well prepared, having written in his graduate thesis, The democratic process may involve, at some point, the violation of personal liberties and procedural justice.”

Brennan met at least one potential fellow traveler in Obamas inner intelligence circle. In 2013, the same year Brennan was named director of the CIA, Obama chose the seemingly apolitical James Comey to head the FBI. Like Brennan, however, Comey had a past. In 2003, he acknowledged his leftist roots in a New York magazine interview, telling reporter Chris Smith, Id moved from Communist to whatever I am now.”

A globalist and a cradle progressive, National Security Advisor Susan Rice shared with Brennan and Comey a penchant for situational ethics. She proved her mettle in 2012 telling the same Benghazi lie on five different shows one Sunday morning. She upped her game following a meeting that took place in the White House on January 5, 2017. [-]

[+] … Given what we know now, the ICA’s bold-faced claims — Putin Ordered Campaign To Influence US Election” or the Influence Effort Was Boldest Yet in the USA” — seem laughably crude.  Lacking human intelligence in the Kremlin, the conspirators had no idea what Putin did or did not order, but facts no longer mattered.

By the time he left office on January 20, 2016, Obama had all his cucks in a row — prominent sycophants in every branch of the government and in every major newsroom prepared to ruin Donald Trump’s presidency in service to a lie.

He weaponized information and showed a willingness to lie,” Ben Rhodes writes about Putin, “using traditional media like television, and new media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, to spread disinformation into open, Western societies like a virus.”

I imagine Obama reading this and saying, “Vladimir, hold my beer.” [end]

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OBO#44 coverup worse than crime. Fetid hutzpah draws dementia Joe. China the enigma beyond trusting … Xi Jinping and menagerie!

From the thread: Where IS that picture of Obama looking demonic? Being fair to BHO is part of what got the US in trouble in the first place. A woman I knew declared that she voted for Brok* in 2008 because it was time for a person of color to be President – it was only fair. O*vomit used the word ‘fair’ quite often during his 24/7 campaign and during his disastrous White House reign. OBO#44’s choice of the Marxist Brennan as his head of the CIA was all we will ever need to know.

OBO#44 will never face consequences for his lies and manipulations, since he appears to be untouchable. Not because he’s a demoMarxocrat, but because he’s half black. Any pushback will be called racist and the best that can be hoped for is the American people awaken from their slumber. OBO#44 coverup worse than crime.

“To be fair, Barack Hussein Obama….” God help the USA – Why Mandarin isn’t now our official language, bewilders me.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!