Musk/Murdoch & DeSantis launch

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As a forever-student of English history – born, raised, and upheld in my native England until the inevitable Godly call around the Globe with the eventual “put-down” in the middle of Texas – to those uneducated,  a State well within the heart of the United States – it has often been said that Joan of Arc first raised the standard of nationalism within the Western world.

Yet over a century before she appeared an outlaw knight, William Wallace, arising from the recesses of South West Scotland which had been his refuge – embodied, commanded, and led to victory the Scottish nation. King Edward I, warring in France with piebald fortune, was forced to listen to tales of ceaseless inroads and forays against his royal peace in Scotland, hitherto deemed so sure. Wallace had behind him the spirit of a race as stern and as resolute as any bred among men. He added military gifts of a high order.

Out of an unorganized mass of valiant fighting men he forged, in spite of cruel poverty and primitive administration, a stubborn, indomitable army, ready to fight at any odds and mock defeat.

Musk/Murdoch & DeSantis launch. Monitoring inside threats a full job…

The structure of this army (was, is) curious. Every four men had a fifth man as leader; every nine men a tenth; every nineteen men a twentieth, and so on to every thousand; and it was agreed that the penalty for disobedience to the leader of any unit was death. Thus from the ground does freedom raise itself unconquerable.(from “A History Of The English Speaking Peoples” by Winston S. Churchill, Volume One, Book Two, Chapter Eighteen. – who happens to be the hero of yours truly, and has been since his victory during WWII. THAT!

As to the continuation of the above, the parallels between Musk and DeSantis are becoming clear to many of us now, being easy as it was to understand that DeSantis is a political puppet who has been directed to do “all of the right things” to win popularity and support. But the one thing that really proved what he was came when he refused to speak Trump’s name and ran completely silent on the Mar-a-Lago raid. THAT!

On the other hand, Musk’s ‘takeover’ of Twitter has been a thing which has been hard to decipher. We’ve never seen this type before, having come to understand Jack’s magic coffee shop and that the IC effectively owns and controls it. That was easy to understand as well when in congressional hearings Dorsey was BEGGING for “regulation and oversight” aka “cries for help” because he didn’t want to be a part of what he knew was going on. OUCH!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘DeSantis to launch 2024 Campaign today with Musk/Murdoch as Boost’ ….

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will follow a sequence of events to launch the Sea Island billionaire strategy for a 2024 Republican nomination bid. This plan has been constructed for several years; that’s how I was able to predict the organization of the effort ten months ago and the exact date of the launch six months ago.

The sequence of the launch also tells a story. The sequence of tomorrow is priority driven. Each group is assisting in the launch sequence based on their importance to the Ron DeSantis campaign. That’s how this GOPe stuff rolls.

(1) DeSantis will first meet with the billionaire donors at the Four Seasons Hotel for an exclusive campaign launch (the donors). (2) Then DeSantis we be hosted by Twitter CEO Elon Musk for an exclusive Twitter Spaces announcement (social media, influencers). Then DeSantis will participate in a first of many Fox News promotions, hosted by Trey Gowdy in the 8pm hour formerly occupied by Tucker Carlson (Rupert Murdoch). Immediately following the Fox News interview, DeSantis will be hosted by Mark Levin at 8:30pm (the Israeli lobby).

Sea Island, Social Media influencers, Murdoch then Israel. That’s the background of the DeSantis coalition as it relates to the priority of their role in the campaign. These are the groups behind the management team of Ron DeSantis {Go Deep}.

As you can see above, Elon Musk and Rupert Murdoch were together in February coordinating the big picture. Musk and Murdoch participating in the details of the RdS launch is not accidental. Murdoch has paid for DeSantis (book advance via Harper Collins) and is using his media platforms (NY Post, WSJ and Fox News Corp) to assist. Elon Musk is using his influence and platform to assist. This provides scale to the financial interests in 2024. Machiavelli would blush. [-]

[+] … Team DeSantis will have every strategic point on paper in their favor, and they will have a lot of money; but they do not have the truth. Their campaign is built upon a foundation of lies.

I would not be me if I did not say, be angry – but be strategic with that anger and do not worry.

Do not listen to the dark whispers on your shoulder. Foreboding sucks. Don’t let anyone steal your peace of mind. Live your best life while pushing back against the manipulations and schemes. We are the majority. We are MAGA. We are a broad and diverse coalition of solid working class people who are comfortable in our skin, comfortable in our faith, comfortable in our beliefs and unwavering against all pressure.

Internally and externally be fearless against the lies. Don’t let lies and fraud pass without confrontation. Our strength is in the truth of our position. We have no pretenses and no reason to fear sunlight. Those who manipulate, scheme and use deception as a political strategy carry the weaknesses that stem from it.

Ron DeSantis will not win the nomination if we continue to spotlight the truth. Just remember to stay right with a loving God, and live your best life while doing it. Also, forgive yourself if you get a little salty at times; it happens. Steadfast! [end]

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Musk/Murdoch & DeSantis launch. Monitoring inside threats a full job…

The Musk takeover was sufficiently dramatic that people wanted to believe it. Would the IC really give up control? Well, the fact that the twitter files merely amounted to being a “limited hangout” helps to answer some things about the nature of this takeover. A man in his position wouldn’t hesitate to blow the whistle on the whole thing and wouldn’t hesitate to disconnect the government from access to Twitter and wouldn’t hesitate to go public with the US and probably foreign intelligence control over Twitter. But he didn’t. THAT!

It has been a painful period of acceptance, but a solid majority of the Republican voters now understand we are abhorred by the people who are funding Ron DeSantis to destroy us. When The Last Refuge was formed, this reality was only understood by a few. Now, we are the majority, and we have the awakening that Donald Trump brought to our nation to thank for that.

Two key players to aid in establishing new Republican fans. Fandom is an element of control over the people. Hardly thought just a few years back that the face of DeSantis would join the group of faces of evil. Sad that it is so obvious now he is one of them. Musk/Murdoch & DeSantis launch.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!