Bagpipes Barr his own worst enemy

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What most of us wouldn’t give for just ONE leftist journalist to take Bill Barr-the door to task for his actions. All they’d have to do is feed him the same familiar lines about the Durham probe and “Russiagate,” allow him to respond with his “grave injustice” descriptor, and quietly transition to Hillary’s role in the creation of the “witch hunt.”

Then – as soon he finishes bloviating, ask him “Why didn’t you do anything to hold the people responsible while you were the Attorney General? After all, most of the major findings enclosed in Durham’s final Report were widely known about and reported-on way back in 2018. Surely you were aware that the basis for the FISA warrant was the Steele Dossier, a completely fabricated document purchased by HRC’s campaign? Mmmmm? THAT!”

Bagpipes Barr his own worst enemy. Alphabet agency’s undercover mess. FBI Wray absent phone calls Jan 6. Both need to be gone.

The first rule of the news business is Destroy Trump. The second rule is to never do anything that could potentially impede your efforts to follow the first. The third rule is that our enemies become allies/pillars of society and fine men/women the moment they say something negative about DJT. Then watch Bagpipes Bill squirm and begin to lightly bite his lips, knowing that CNN/MSNBC etc would love to eviscerate Barr for being a Trump appointee, and all while knowing they won’t because it implicates their people and helps -gulp!- Donald J Trump.

It’s been said on many occasions that treason dare not prosper, because if it does, none dare call it treason, and that’s where we are right now, which this content clearly points out as to “what, can, do you” – call it while the top law enforcers and leaders in the nation are the very law breakers acting against the grain? Treason comes to mind and if that’s true, (and it is), who can do anything about it? Hint – As of right now – nobody. THAT!

Which of course, will definitely have to change, and a lot of prominent people MUST go to jail over all this, or this sink into dementia and insanity will continue to out-do the total destruction of the rule of law, to say nothing as to the death of the nation. More THAT!

But wait – like possibly millions of others, yours truly has come to look upon Bagpipes Bill Barr as possibly the worst – if not one of THE worst – people to ever come out of Washington D.C., and that’s quite a feat! History will in large part, judge Bagpipes Barr and his ilk harshly, albeit a shameful attachment around which We the (90 million+) People will likely never see true justice foisted upon his cesspool of fellow career criminals. THAT!

J.B.Shirk, American Thinker: ‘Bill Barr is His Own Worst Enemy’ …

Uniparty propagandist and Deep State shill Bill Barr is waddling from one television studio to the next to tell audiences that the feds will almost certainly indict Donald Trump by late summer for mishandling classified documents.  The Cheka FBI has been outed as a criminal enterprise engaged in subverting elections and spying on the American people, but sure, let’s get all worked up about whether the president of the United States — in whom the Constitution’s Article II executive powers are vested — has somehow inexplicably infringed his own declassification authority.  Although Augustus Gloop Barr can barely conceal his joy, this tiring new chapter in the never-ending “get Trump” saga comes off as yet another manifestation of Bizarro World, in which a group of criminals running the American government get to pretend that nobody is “above the law.”

Walrus Barr enjoys playing the “scolding father” who “knows best” in a worn-out daddy routine alongside scripted corporate news hosts performing for the cameras.  Although he remains a consummate Deep State stooge who will do anything to prevent Donald Trump from returning to the Oval Office, he also spends a great deal of TV time burnishing his “I’m the only adult in the room” bona fides.  He has called out New York State’s vindictive lawsuits against President Trump as a “political hit job” and “gross overreach.”  He has excoriated Democrat district attorney of New York Alvin Bragg’s Trump indictment as an “abomination” that “makes us look like a banana republic.”  He acknowledges that the Durham probe proves that “Russiagate” has not only been a “grave injustice” to Trump, but has also “vindicated” the president’s accurate denunciation of the Clinton-Obama Russia Hoax conspiracy as a “witch hunt” from the very beginning.  Barr readily admits, in other words, that state and federal prosecutors have shamelessly pursued Trump for recklessly and maliciously partisan reasons that have threatened both the rule of law and the peaceful transfer of power in the United States. [-] 

[+] … Hillary can willfully destroy evidence without consequence; Obama can organize a coup d’état of his successor without fear of punishment; the FBI and DOJ can get caught illegally spying on Donald Trump, fabricating evidence, and lying to the press about his criminal culpability — yet it is Trump whose efforts to oppose the Deep State mean he must be jailed.  Just as the Durham Report proves that an elaborate government conspiracy existed to frame, depose, and criminally imperil President Trump, the same Department of (in)Justice complicit in those crimes will now seek an encore.  And because the criminal conspirators continue to be rewarded for their crimes, the criminal victim, Donald Trump, will continue to be persecuted.

In 2016, Democrats accused candidate Trump of being a wannabe dictator for accurately noting that had anybody else stored top-secret communications on an unsecured, home-brew bathroom server — as Hillary Clinton had done — that person would already be in jail for having violated a bevy of national security laws.  Earlier that summer, then–FBI director Jim Comey had laid out the compelling case against Hillary, before concluding that “no reasonable prosecutor” would dare try for a conviction.  The lesson to the public was clear: the feds would not go after Clinton or other prominent Democrats even when the evidence for wrongdoing was overwhelming.

Going into the 2024 election, though, corrupt Democrat prosecutors from New York, Georgia, and the federal government are inventing crimes to use against Trump that have never and would never be attempted against any other politician.  They prove who the real dictators are.  In Bizarro World, the criminals run free, and the innocent are imprisoned!  A tyrannical Deep State engages in propaganda, censorship, and political repression.  And large Bill Barr largely stays silent. [end]

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Bagpipes Barr his own worst enemy. When ‘law’ is nothing but coverup … Bagpipes Bondo Barr loses it totally … Bagpipe Bill outed: a Barr of deceit…

There’s a simple fix for all this sedition and criminality but it won’t be easy. The Constitution likely, needs to be amended, as presently a person can be indicted of a federal crime in any district, but must be tried in the district where the crime is alleged to have been committed. Allowing plaintiffs or the government to indict and/or bring a civil action, and then try the case in the same district, would go a long way toward fixing this problem. For one great thing, this would remove DC from the Swamp’s safe harbor. Bagpipes Barr his own worst enemy.

Or, from another slant, government employees could be disallowed to vote or sit on juries. They now seem to always vote with the government to promote their own self-interest (i.e., the government’s interest) against the people’s interest. John Adams was right, our constitutional republic is designed for a moral people. Our problem being we no longer have a majority of moral people, besides which that solution still leaves Wray and Garland’s family members – who may well not be govt employees – able to serve on a DC jury. To which we determine “no way. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!