OBO The Clown’s Worst Nightmare

Muslim killers .. Dec 2015...

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Scattershooting while piecing yet another Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorist puzzle together…

  • Speaking at a CAIR Hosted Presser – RED FLAG. Brother-in-law should distance himself, denounce his false ideological “religion” and then go into hiding..
  • CAIR-LA executive director Hussam Ayloush said Khan would not speak to the media about the individuals concerned, but had come to share his family’s sorrow. Anything coming from CAIR on this would be like Jeffery Dahmer commenting on his recipe.
  • CAIR will now instruct one of their own, The Hussein on what to babble to the gullible American citizenry. Let me rephrase that, to the gullible DemoMarxist party base.

Repeat after me: Workplace violence; workplace violence; workplace violence. The religion of peace; the religion of peace; the religion of peace. Gun control; gun control; gun control. Evil, evil, NRA; evil, evil, NRA; evil, evil, NRA. Evil, evil GOP; evil, evil GOP. Blah, blah, blah. “Klimate Strange”; “Klimate Strange”, most important issue facing the world. Only in the convoluted brain of one OBO the Clown Prince of Fools and the rest of the global governance Cabal known as the United Nations.

Workplace Violence – NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC … No mention of Islam or Terrorism. “Nothing to see here Obama-worshipers – move along!”

Holy Land Foundation office in the Dallas, Texas suburb of Richardson in 2001.

Holy Land Foundation office in the Dallas, Texas suburb of Richardson in 2001.

CAIR says,“These murderers do not represent Islam.” Well guess what? Yes they do. These killers kill in the name of Islam. And you ain’t fooling anybody with that “Religion of Peace” anymore. (if you did fool anybody in the first place!) CAIR = Muslim Brotherhood, a subversive force of stealth Jihad whose high-up leadership strolls in and out of the White House every week. Valerie Jarrett, chief MB purveyor of terror.

  • ALL Muslims hate western civilization to varying degrees, because their apostasy in denying their faith will lead to them being stoned or beheaded. The stated goal of Islam is to conquer the world and tear down Western Civilization, for proof of which, check out the videos on the “Blindfold Nation” link down below. They are willing to kill to end western civilization because their war manual known as the Qur’an instructs them to do so. They don’t come here to blend and become a part of our nation, they come here to turn it into another war torn Islamic Jihadist Caliphate. Period.The Tsarniev brothers and Nadal Hassan were “US Citizens” too.
  • The US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, another sham Obama appointee, refuses to call this a terrorist attack. Our government has been taken over by left-wing criminals at EVERY level. Saul Alinsky’s plan to destroy America is right on pace to do that completely. Control every level of the government and the military(look at all the Patriotic Generals that have been “retired” and replaced with Leftists) and soon you will have no resistance.
  • CAIR? A group that has been proven to funnel money to terrorist groups (see Holy Land Foundation above) put together the news conference?. Sorry, that just makes me doubt the sincerity of the brother-in-law.
  • The majority of muslim killers yell “Allahu Akbar” when they kill. When Christians kill it is usually NOT a matter of religion (and let’s not bring up the Crusades OK? That’s a little old and not relevant to modern history.) We’re not seeing nor have we seen hordes or groups of Christians killing people like this since the middle ages. Muslims kill infidels for one reason: they are not of the muslim faith. If you’re still into believing these San Bernadino killers were not linked to jihad – then you ignore reality. Not all muslims are killers, but all middle east killers are muslim. And 99% of their epitaphs say they attack “unbelievers” known as infidels – in other words, US!

Londonistan .. Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorist with blood on his hands - literally OBO Clown Prince says it doesn't happen in other countries.. Dolt!

Londonistan .. Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorist with blood on his hands – literally OBO Clown Prince says it doesn’t happen in other countries.. Dolt!

  • Well this revelation just shot a hole in the MSMs reporting that this had to be the act of white American militia groups, with antigovernment views. At this point, the lamestream media has lost all credibility. On the other hand of course, the lamestreams can’t lose what they never had.
  • Not all Muslim’s are terrorists, but it seems a very high percentage of terrorists are Muslim.
  • This is what we get for trying to coddle poisonous snakes. The brother-in-law probably was the mastermind behind this hideous crime. This is a radical religion that promises rewards for the killing of women and children. Our “president” should be tried for high crimes and misdemeanors, for not protecting the American people and allowing a million more muslims into this country.

Talking about snakes …

One winter day, a farmer found a snake by the roadside, stiff and motionless with cold. “If you put me inside your shirt,” the snake said, “your body will make me warm and I won’t freeze to death.” The farmer replied, “Oh, I know your kind, if I pick you up, you will bite me.” To which the snake objected, “Oh no, why would I do such a thing, if you are good enough to help me?” So the farmer had compassion on the snake, and taking it up, he put it inside his shirt. The warmth quickly revived the snake, and resuming its natural instincts, it bit its benefactor, inflicting on him a mortal wound. “Oh,” cried the farmer with his last breath, “why did you bite me? You promised you wouldn’t.” 

“Ah,” said the snake, “so I did. But you knew I was a snake when you picked me up.”

And finally …

Exposing the Truth about the Qur’an: The Revelation of Error, Volume 1 By Usama Dakdok

Exposing the Truth about the Qur’an (Vol. 1) discusses the many hundreds of geographical, historical, moral, theological, legal, scientific, and linguistic errors contained in Islam’s holiest book. In this thought-provoking new book, the author will examine and refute these claims through careful comparisons of Qur’anic, Biblical, historical, and archaeological records. See link below.


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