Global Warming 3 : Obama Hot Air

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

So when a deranged white man kills, it’s terrorisim? When Muslims do it, it’s just “good social media?” OBO the Clown Prince of Fools needs to go lose himself somewhere – how about Kenya, his “homeland?”. He simply doesn’t speak for America anymore. It’s the other way around to most Americans. Every time a white male terrorizes someone or something we blame it on “mental health”. If it’s anyone from another ethnic group we blame their “community”. I know some Americans are blind to this hypocrisy, but surely most Americans can now see that with this traitor, it is what it is?

As far as the PP shooting goes, if he is truly concerned about gun violence may I suggest that he concentrate on Chicago, his “home town” or his current residence, Washington DC, where such violence is the rule rather than the exception. Show us and the world how it is done. If and when his efforts are successful then maybe he will be in a position to lecture us on what is right for us. Wholesale murders occur in many countries but since it does not affect Planned Parenthood, one of the biggest abortioners on the planet (and also one of his favorite causes) they do not count? By now everyone in the nation should be sick and tired of this America-hating boy spewing his language totally divorced from reality and selling out America to our enemies. I know I sure am, as you all well know by now. In spouting off his own rhetoric he forgot about Paris already. Sp-balls on the entire so-called “media”, since they are the ones responsible for sugar-coating him and selling him to We The People. Their goal in professional life was, and still is, to maintain and preserve OBO the Clown Prince of Fools and his precious image. Spit-balls on these false prophets, each and every one of them.

That’s right America, if you don’t want 4 more years of national depression under DemoMarxist rule, you’re dumb. OBO the Clown Prince of Fools is the most toxic figure in American politics in my lifetime, and I’ve been around since 1943. The nation is falling apart, WWIII is on the horizon and this guy is cracking jokes; bravo. Such a smug, self-righteous narcissist. People we definitely need to take Climate Change seriously, because what kind of world are we going to leave ISIS? (sarc, of course). At this time it looks like the biggest threat to the USA is its faux “president” OBO the Clown Prince of Fools.

Have you ever seen a more disgusting President? Every time the man gets in front of a camera, he’s whining and whingeing about something or other, usually Republicans! When have you seen any President, Republican or DemoMarxist do this? The man is so childish, and narcissistic, he has to insult someone or whine anytime he has a camera or mic in front of him. He actually believes the garbage, lies, propaganda, and rhetoric that comes out of his own mouth – “The World now loves the USA more than ever”, (due to himself); “ISIS is contained”; “Bhengazi was caused over a video”; “What IRS scandal? Not a smidgen of truth”. The boy-man wouldn’t know the truth if it was blasted to him from the squealing call to prayer (“the most beautiful sound on earth”) into his big ears. Being brain-dead is not an option in the presidency of the United States.

In direct repudiation of President Obama’s comments, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford says the United States has not contained the Islamic State terrorist group. So remember folks, when we are attacked by ISIS in the USA, remember who is importing them – DEMOMARXISTS! When we are attacked by ISIS in the USA, remember who is keeping the borders open – DEMOMARXISTS! When we are attacked by ISIS in the USA, remember who is keeping the borders unsecured – DEMOMARXISTS! When we are attacked by ISIS in the USA, remember who violates your HUMAN RIGHTS to SELF DEFENSE with GUN CONTROL and GUN FREE ZONES – DEMOMARXISTS! DEMOMARXISTS are a clear and present danger to your general health and well-being .. But, but, but, bathhouse OBO the Clown Prince of Fools, the liberal messiah, swore to us that ISIS IS CONTAINED. He didn’t lie to us, did he?


Carol Brown, unleashed in her entirety (short as it is but no less powerful) with a H/T to The Right Scoop and today’s American Thinker…

On Tuesday morning, POTUS in Paris stated the following:

“With respect to Planned Parenthood, obviously my heart goes out tuh the families of those impacted.”

Followed up with: “Um. (pause) I mean. (pause) (look down at notes, perhaps with tips on how to appear human) I mean. I say this (begin grinning and chuckling) every time we’ve got uh one of these mass shootings.”

And then came the cherry on the sundae: “This just doesn’t happen in other countries.”

The man-child is an absolutely disgusting, ridiculous, moronic, arrogant, American-hating, evil fraud.

“This just doesn’t happen in other countries?!”

I guess when it’s jihad it doesn’t count, eh? Obama just visited the site of the Bataclan mass shooting the day before, so either he is suffering from severe memory loss or he gives jihadis a pass.

And, if I might add, not only do mass shootings happen in other countries, but there are mass beheadings, mass stonings, mass raping, mass kidnapping, mass knifing, mass crucifying, mass pillaging, as darkness, death, and destruction is inflicted on entire families, towns, cities, and nations.

It’s called jihad. As written in the Quran.


And further reading from Townhall: Unprecedented ISIS Mobilization in the USA .. OBO the Clown Prince of Fools, manboy that he is, is completely delusional and dangerous to the health and well-bing of United States citizens and needs to be impeached immediately.