Obama’s Obsession : Jarrett & Iran

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Obama’s obsession : Jarrett & Iran. On the eve of Bibi Netanyahu’s address to Congress, I couldn’t resist bringing you this piece from today’s American Spectator. Ben Stein has been rather quiet lately, but he has emerged with a vengeance today, with fire in his belly even. If only we had half a dozen or more like him in the present Congress, full of the same fire and passion to save the Constitutional Republic, we could fire the White House insane idiot boy and lock him away for ever. Declaring exactly what millions of “us folks” (as the rogue fraud “president” refers to us) are witnessing on a daily basis, Stein cuts through all the lamestream BS and skewers Obama and his feckless governance right where it matters.

Current Congressional leaders seem numb and unable to act. Obama, who everyone on the planet knows is a rogue fraud “president”, promised to fundamentally transform our country; ably assisted by the Heinz Baked-Beans buffoon Kerry, who criticized Netanyahu for supporting the Iraq War that he, (Kerry and “Billary”) also supported. Now this entire feckless administration (let’s not leave out our very own Alfred E. Neuman Vice Idiot) is abandoning Israel to allow Valerie Jarrett’s homeland to have a nuclear program. It’s difficult to comprehend. CAIR and many other Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorist organizations have done a good job infiltrating this government to bring about change in the political landscape to label Israel the enemy as opposed to all the “Is” – Islam, ISIS, ISIL, IS, and Iran.

We’ve been well and truly hornswoggled folks … well and truly deceived. But now We The People know, and it’s time for “Cowboys and Muslims.” America has given Obama the rogue fraud “president” the benefit of the doubt for far too long. There is no longer any doubt as to what his goals are. If ANY president has ever deserved impeachment and imprisonment, it is this rogue fraud “president”. Remember .. Obama’s obsession : Jarrett & Iran.

Onward to Ben Stein’s no-holds-barred Op-Ed brilliance…

Ben Stein...

Ben Stein…

Let’s be clear about this: Barack Obama is a great disappointment. I knew he was going to be trouble back in 2004 when he gave his first national speech and talked about the need for the U.S. to help the Palestinians. It’s not that the Palestinians don’t need help. They desperately do. But they are already getting a huge amount of help from the USA. Their problems are of their leaders’ making. They could have two prosperous states on either side of Israel.

Instead, their leaders have chosen war and terrorism and poverty and have blamed it all of the USA and Israel. When a man like Obama, who is no Kissinger, but is not a complete idiot, starts spouting the Palestinian stuff, you know he’s into USA-hating and Israel-hating in a big way. So, he starts out with a message of anti-Israel and anti-U.S. incitement and that’s how he keeps going.

He starts out as President saying he’s going to straighten out the mess Bush 43 made, and instead he makes things a lot worse. He’s been in office six years now. He has traveled the world nonstop, as has his former Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton. He does not have one single foreign policy success to show for it. Neither does Mrs. Clinton. His whole foreign policy effort has been a disaster.

He got us out of Iraq way too fast. (To be sure, and to be fair, we should not have been there in the first place.) He promised we would be out of Afghanistan way too fast. As a result, the terrorists are resurgent in both places. It is far worse — far, far worse — for the USA than when Saddam was running things and frankly, worse than when Russia was running things in Afghanistan. It is just a nightmare of witches brewing up terrorism in the whole region.

He has let the West be pushed all around by Putin, now revealed as a menacing man indeed. He has not sent meaningful aid to the Ukrainians. He has allowed Putin free rein to shoot down airliners of civilians, to use top level Russian weaponry to invade a sovereign nation, to make the USA a laughingstock of impotent bewilderment.

One finger Muslim salute..

One finger Muslim salute..

He is doing something about ISIS, but very little. He does nothing about the atrocities against Christians, women, girls, anyone whom the ISIS feel like beheading, raping, and murdering. As far as I can tell, he’s doing nothing about Boko Haram. If you look at a map of Africa, it is terrifying. From the Red Sea to the Atlantic, terrorists are killing everywhere. The march of violent Islam across Africa is blood-curdling and Obama does nothing to stop it.

Mark Steyn and Bret Stephens, super geniuses, rightly point out that we are going to be an island soon, with the rest of the world hostile to us or indifferent to our destruction. Europe is in a convulsion of radical Islam — punctuated, to be sure, by some fine gestures by moderate, kindly Muslims. How long until South America turns against us? Or maybe it already has.

But in this ghastly panorama, one nation stands out as the most bloodthirsty and violent and dangerous of all. Iran.

From the day the Ayatollah took over, a disaster of kidnapped American diplomats, endless sponsorship of terror against Americans including the catastrophic bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut more than 30 years ago. Iran is the bankroller of the terrorist Hezbollah. They have been listed at the top of the world’s state sponsors of terrorism for decades now.

And, just as the perfect touch, they are working feverishly to get a nuclear bomb (lots of nuclear bombs ) and the rockets to deliver them to Israel, to Europe, to New York. Iran has already promised to have “a Holocaust in an afternoon” if they get The Bomb. They are apparently darned close to getting it.

But guess who Obama has now decided is his best friend and partner in the world? Yes. You got it. Iran. He’s keeping Israel from bombing them. He’s trying to prevent the primary branch of government, the U.S. Congress, from hearing the Prime Minister of Israel speak on how best to keep Iran from getting a bomb.

This last part is truly unbelievable. Not only does Obama believe he can set immigration policy without legal authority from Congress. Now, he believes he is the only person, the Leader, who sets foreign and defense policy objectives and means. Yes, this clearly contradicts the Constitution, which places this duty and power in Congress, subject to the President’s execution of Congress’s law. But the Constitution is a scrap of paper to Mr. Obama. No more than a scrap of paper, as is anything that gets in his way.

It is amazing but in the entire postwar era, since 1945, all of the major victories for law and civilization have been won by Israel. All. To be sure, with great U.S. help. But now we are turning on the only meaningful, fighting entity on the world that weighs in for freedom and law. This is not just disappointing. It is an outrage.

Mr. Kerry said it just yesterday. Yes, he said, there are some doubts about the proposed “deal” with Iran. But the U.S. should “get the benefit of the doubt.” Why? Why should Israel risk a second Holocaust — a PROMISED Holocaust — because Obama is too weak and clueless to follow the Constitution and protect our freedoms and Israel, the only fighting friend we have in the world?

Plotting, plotting, plotting...

Plotting, plotting, plotting…

Why should Israel and Israel’s friends in America trust an administration that screws up everything it touches and betrays every ally?

“THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT???” If that doubt is well taken….That means little to people in Fox Chapel, where the rich of Pittsburgh live. It means life and death to Israel, and Obama’s contempt for good sense and the Constitution means life or death for us as a free people under law.

This man is dangerous.

Obama’s obsession : Jarrett & Iran.