The Enemy Within Flourishes…

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

The enemy within flourishes … Clapper the crapper. Repeat after me “Clapper the crapper.” Presuming of course, you know who I’m parodying here. James Clapper is the so-called head of National Intelligence, under his official title of “Director of National Intelligence”, but my goodness gracious he’s making it as difficult as he can for anyone with a brain to have any confidence that he knows in fact, what he’s doing.

Remember he was the one stumbling and bumbling along in the Congressional hearings on the Edward Snowden leaks. In his testimony to Congress the day after the revelations by Snowden, he said. “The lies I told you yesterday, were closer to the truth than any of the lies that the other witnesses told you”. Isn’t that just dandy? Try and unravel that piece of nonsense for me if you can.

Our government at some point crossed a line from representing us, fulfilling its primary duty to protect and defend the country from enemies foreign and domestic, to funding and encouraging our enemies, foreign and domestic, to attack us. The enemy within flourishes …

I pray daily that Washington, DC is leveled (metaphorically-speaking of course) but in the meantime, we have Clapper the crapper doing exactly the same thing over the return to their “homeland” of some 40-plus members of ISIS (Americans no less!!) who have been aiding and abetting the ENEMY overseas in their own homeland! OK – So recently we’ve witnessed a U.S. Muslim teenager being arrested and charged for wanting to join ISIS just as he was boarding a plane for Turkey from Chicago O’Hare airport, but the 40 or so U.S. Muslim individuals, who made their flights and actively fought for ISIS in Syria, are somehow allowed to return home unmolested – Can someone please explain the legal difference, or is this the rogue fraud “president” Obama’s bizzaro world again?

In this piece I just lifted from today’s American Thinker, Rick Moran walks us through the unconscionable behavior yet again, of the guy who is supposedly the most senior Intel officer in the regime of the rogue fraud “president”. Clapper the crapper is a good and deserved description of the bureaucratic ineptitude that is the hallmark of this unforgiving mess of an administration… The enemy within flourishes…


Rick Moran, journalist investigator par excellence...

Rick Moran, journalist investigator par excellence…

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper fancies himself an astute judge of Islam. In 2011, he claimed that we don’t have to worry about the Muslim Brotherhood because they were “moderate” and “secular.”

When the Brotherhood took over Egypt, they immediately began to do what they promised they wouldn’t; establish sharia law and eliminate the oppositon.

Real moderate and secular, eh?

Clapper is at it again, saying yesterday that the 40 American jihadists who fought in Syria “are not a threat to the US.”

The Hill:

“The few dozen Americans who have gone to join militant groups fighting in Syria and then come back home don’t pose a threat to the U.S., according to the nation’s top intelligence official.

James Clapper the "apologist" ...

James Clapper the “apologist” …

About “40 or so” Americans have left to fight with the groups and then come home, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said during an event at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York on Monday.

While the U.S. is concerned about people leaving to join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), none of those who have returned have shown “nefarious” intentions, he claimed.”

“We’ve since found they went for humanitarian purposes or some other reasons that don’t relate to plotting,” Clapper said. “In fact at this point, we’re not aware of any of these people who have returned who are engaged in plotting” an attack.

“If they come back and they are not involved in plotting — don’t have a nefarious purpose — then that’s their right and privilege as an American citizen to come back,” he added.

“Some other reasons that don’t relate to plotting?”.  Just a few short weeks ago, 2 men who had spent time in Yemen with AQAP returned to France. Six months before the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the French government stopped watching them because, obviously, they did not have any “nefarious” purposes.

Until they did.

Is anybody watching these people? I don’t care if they worked with Doctors without Borders or the Muslim Red Crescent, they are a danger to the US. Why give people who willingly spent time with or fought with Islamic State or other jihadist groups the benefit of the doubt? It’s nuts and someone should tell Clapper that.

And then there’s this:

Last week, three men from New York were arrested for attempting to provide support to ISIS. One man, Akhror Saidakhmetov, was picked up as he attempted to board a plane in New York. “The flow of foreign fighters to Syria represents an evolving threat to our country and to our allies,” Loretta Lynch, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York and President Obama’s nominee to be the next attorney general, said in a statement at the time.

Maybe Lynch should be made DNI. At least she has a more realistic outlook on the threats we face.
Which is a good segue` into this latest video from Andrew Klavan and his Revolting Truth, which threads comfortably into the content we’ve just been through from above, regarding the enemy within flourishes…
Good news! Our optimistic host, Andrew Klavan, takes a look at President Obama’s belief that no religion is responsible for terrorism. Sure, everywhere you look nowadays savages screaming Allahu Akbar are raping, murdering, decapitating and burning innocents, but hey, Christians did something bad way back a long time ago too!


I’m Andrew Klavan and this is the Revolting Truth.

Good news, Beheaded Christians! Terrorism is not an existential threat!  The President of the United States himself has told us so.  He says the threat from make believe climate change is much worse than the threat from actual worldwide Islamic jihad…  that’s probably why he was taking funny-face selfies while ISIS zanies were cutting off the heads of 21 of you in Libya.  Because you having your heads cut off doesn’t make the climate any warmer… or colder… or whatever it’s supposed to be getting.  So it’s not an existential threat.  Except, you know, to you.  Isn’t that great?

Oh, and by the way, you may have noticed that the White House didn’t mention the words Islamic or Christian when it issued its statement about your whole unfortunate head off incident. And you might say, hey, why not? That’s why we were killed. Our murderers decapitated us in the name of Allah because we followed what they called “the illusion of the cross.”  But no, no, no, no, no — that’s just the kind of muddy thinking you do when… you have no head.

See, super-smart President Obama explains that “no religion is responsible for terrorism.”  I’ll bet that’s a relief to you, right?  Those terrorists who killed you only THOUGHT they were acting for religious reasons. Silly guys!  I guess they were just clinging to their Korans and their scimitars!

And listen, just because you were killed in the name of a militaristic and oppressive Allah for worshipping a Christ of love and freedom, that doesn’t mean you can get on your high horse…  After all, as Obama pointed out, some people did bad things of some sort in the name of Christ, like, a thousand years ago…  so really, you kind of got what you deserved, didn’t you?  Just try to keep that thought in your head.  Sorry… maybe that was insensitive.

Oh, and hey, there’s some good news for dead Jews too!  I know Islamists have been gunning you down and defacing your places of worship, and harassing and bullying and terrorizing you on the streets of once civilized Europeans cities.  And maybe you’ve been thinking:  “Whoa!  Whatever happened to ‘Never Again.’”  Well, about that whole Never Again thing.  Remember Hope and Change?  That’s what changed.

See, you might think that militant Islam’s relentless assault against the Jews, and the left’s tacit support of that assault in their vicious and mindless campaign against Israel’s existence, are just part and parcel of Evil’s millennia long war against the people of the Bible.  But great news: it’s not that at all. In his response to the Islamist slaughter of four people in a kosher supermarket in Paris, Obama said the victims were just “random folks,” …killed randomly by other random folks randomly killing random folks randomly.  So Jews, you don’t have a thing to worry about. Isn’t that terrific?

You see, all you people being killed by ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab and other Islamist groups around the world… oh, and all you women being unspeakably brutalized by them… you’re lucky our president Barack Obama is wise enough not to do anything at all to help you because he understands that the terrorists are on the wrong side of history. So all he has to do is sit there on the right side of history. Being right. While you suffer and die.  Isn’t that good news?

I’m Andrew Klavan with the Revolting Truth.

The enemy within flourishes…