Obamacare Danger : Britain’s NHS Warning Signs


The NHS never made sense even when it was created, it was just perceived as making sense. One of the selling points of the time (ie immediate post-WWII) was that since those in the military, or military veterans, were receiving state funded health care why not expand it to everyone else. Of course what is conveniently lost in this point of debate is that medical services for vets are repayment for services rendered, not government freebies.

As to the danger of Obamacare converting the United States into a socialist state, what Obama wants and what will be achieved are two different things. The problem with socialism is that you need other people’s money to spend, and lots of it, and at a point in the not too distant future the Bernanke/Yellen money-printing machine is going to come to a screeching halt. There are too many people giving Obama way too much credit, as though he is some sort of diabolical strategist, but the man’s record speaks for itself, he is incompetent and a completely inept manager. We’re not talking FDR or Bill Clinton here, this is a coke-snorting “Community Organizer” that is completely unaccomplished and way out of his depth. He couldn’t even buy his own house without outside help, nor could he even set up a simple website without bungling it. Obamacare danger continues…

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