The Do Nothing Know Nothing President : Scary Times

Another Obama..Obama, a legend in his own mind. Words cannot express how devastating his so-called foreign policy is to the national security of America. It is truly stunning how delusional he is, including the likes of Hagel, Brennan, Kerry and the rest of the looney-toon tag team of inept idiots he has surrounded himself with. Not to mention the other enemies within, the Muslim Brotherhood.  Israel is our ONLY ally in the Mideast, while the Palestinians could care less about this country and don’t have anything to offer in return for support. Someone MUST stand up against this insanity. Every choice Obama makes is scuttled down the wrong track, and no wonder he has made the United States the laughing stock of international diplomacy. There simply isn’t any. No country trusts America’s word anymore. Kerry is a disaster. Obama is a disaster, but don’t fret y’all, the female half of the idiocy and her push to fix food labels is going well. When the first Iranian nuke nails us she won’t have to worry about obesity in kids and adults anymore, since everybody – including she and hers – will be somewhat overcooked on our rapid-trajectory exit out the door. Strewth but we’re being run by a bunch of idiotic nincompoops. The do nothing, know nothing president suits him to a tee..

Elliott Abrams gives us his scathing commentary …

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