New Left mantra ‘We hope they die’

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New Left mantra ‘we hope they die’ coming your way real soon … Yours truly is generally more pragmatic than alarmist, but it seems to be getting well nigh time for the President to consider invoking the Insurrection Act.

In his classic book 1984, George Orwell painted power as an end unto itself. However, BLM and Antifa – and numerous other associated groups and individuals – have an obvious agenda, and they’re willing to use deadly force against anyone who opposes them.

If this doesn’t define the standards of an insurrection, then nothing does!

As an FYI the President definitely has the power and authority to invoke the Insurrection Act, putting federal troops in place to restore order whenever required. It may be the only way to prevent an actual civil war since there are millions of people in the hinterlands of America getting antsy, and therefore, trigger happy…

New Left mantra ‘We hope they die’…prez has ’em!

The other available option would be the invocation of ‘Presidential Directive 51’, for whom we can thank Bush Jr., of all people, which gives the president the authority over the federal government and the power to remove treacherous Dems from office. President Trump could very well use what Bush Jr. has given him.

The president’s restraint and self-control are almost superhuman; not to be political, yet he has to be. Chances are he’s got a red line of his own in mind that he won’t allow to be crossed and right before the point where millions of us have drawn our own red lines.

The new Left mantra makes them enemies indeed, since it covers not only cops they want dead, but police supporters as well. And that means all of We the (63 million) People.

We’re in a war, like it or not and tactics are extremely important in wars. For the time being we must trust and support the president’s position, as he knows more about what’s really going on than any of us.

Make no mistake however – The survival of our country is at stake. Fearless President Trump is making decisions based on the political reality of having to make sure he wins the election in November.

Lloyd Billingsley, FrontPageMag: ‘We Hope They Die’ …

On Saturday night, two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies stationed their patrol car near the Willowbrook Metro station in Compton. At approximately 7 p.m., a masked gunman appeared to walk past the vehicle then turned and fired multiple shots, hitting both deputies.

Fox News Los Angeles reporter Bill Melugin obtain video of the shooting and confirmed a “100 percent ambush. A man slowly creeps up to the vehicle like he’s stalking it, fires shots through the window.” The Sheriff’s department posted the video and Sheriff Alex Villanueva held a press conference wearing a bullet-proof vest.

The ambushed deputies were a 24-year-old male and a mother of 31, both recent additions to the department.  “I want everyone to have a prayer for them for their recovery at this time,” the sheriff told reporters. “This was a cowardly act,” Villanueva said, and “words have consequences,” a reference to anti-police rhetoric now raging in Los Angeles and across the country.

As Villanueva wrapped up, a mob confronted sheriff’s deputies, with one member shouting “It’s a celebration! It’s a celebration!” Others taunted deputies and took videos with their phones. As this played out, the ambush victims encountered other conflict at St. Francis Hospital in Lynwood.

Black Lives Matter mob assembled outside the hospital chanting “Death to police!” The mob blocked entrance to the hospital emergency room, where family members of the wounded officers were present. “I hope they fucking die,” one man yelled, with another adding “Y’all gonna die one by one. This ain’t gonna stop.” [-]

[+] … “Longtime activist Akili had this message for federal authorities,” Huang wrote, “Do not come to L.A.!” Black Lives Matter also used the event, “to remind protesters what they were fighting for in the wake of George Floyd’s killing by a police officer in Minneapolis, and to urge unity against President Trump, as well as fascism and capitalism.” Black Lives Matter activist Janaya Future Khan told followers, “See yourselves as the movement, not adjacent to it. You are the revolution.”

President Trump, in Nevada for a campaign event Saturday, retweeted the video of the ambush, adding that those who perpetrate such attacks are “Animals that must be hit hard!” California assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer, a Democrat and African American, told  reporters, “this was an unprovoked, cowardly act. This individual will be caught.” Nick Hanna, U.S. Attorney for the California’s Central District, called the ambush “a cowardly and despicable act.”

Full link below…

New Left mantra ‘We hope they die’…

As ‘Sundance’ reported in Conservative Treehouse: ‘Plugs BiteMe’ has received million$ from BLM, so let that little nugget rest in your mind for a moment or two: “Some smart sleuthing by Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters at The National Pulse shows the donations made to Black Lives Matter actually go to ActBlue. From there ActBlue takes those contributions and sends them forward to the Joe Biden Campaign.”

Even as early of May 21st this year, ActBlue had donated $119,253,857 to the “Biden for President” effort. So a contribution to ‘Black Lives Matter’ – the ideology behind the shooting of the police officers – is a contribution to the Joe Biden campaign.” (Yours Truly below)

Our nation is in labor but it is being reborn. Have faith in what is but can’t be seen. We’re experiencing the same exact astronomical energies (for 13 years now) that hit the planet from 1762 – 1776. We still have a couple of years to endure while Trump reconstructs and gives re-birth to actual Constitutional Law. The Dems chose to go down the hard way.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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