Biden mobs: all my heroes kill cops

Go ahead, make my…

Biden mobs and ‘all my heroes kill cops’ … Pelosi’s people have been ‘killing cops’ since at least 2011 when she, you-know-who, and BiteMe were well into their pogrom of tearing down the Constitutional Republic. She was even bragging about it.

Reversal (not that there are any Demowrecks with brains) would have to come from within the party. Doubtful though, that there’s a young Harry Truman, John Kennedy, Zell Miller, etal., who could possibly light the spark that would drive the Demowreck Party to sanity. We the (63 million) People found one temporarily in Donald J. Trump but we don’t really know what happens after 2024.

Coolidge, Reagan, Trump – that caliber of leadership seems to appear once about every 30 to 50 years. The Demowrecks haven’t had one since Kennedy, and those in their own party ‘offed him’ at the time because they didn’t like where he was headed; (getting rid of the Federal Reserve, for one). They would be about due if all the good ones hadn’t been driven out of the party. Tip O’Neill was the last one with any sense of composure. These days it’s all Biden mobs.

But just remember that both Reagan and Trump were self-avowed Democrats before their Party progressed way beyond them, ultimately morphing into the Demowrecks. These days it has morphed into the cesspool of an 80-year-old wicked witch of the West and her mob of blistering ne’er-do-wells who are definitely hell-bent on the destruction of the finest construct of governance ever placed on the planet. And all for their own self-aggrandizement.

“Workers of the world, unite!” failed, so now they’re trying “People of Color of the world, unite!”. Same old Marxists trying to foment violent revolution. That’s the latest Demowreck party for you… Biden mobs.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse:

Considering the ambush attack against the Los Angeles law enforcement, just a short pictorial to remind everyone that the continuum remains of Democrat messaging is exactly the same.

Less than a week ago, September 7, this picture was taken of a protest group in Seattle.  Notice the banner “All My Heroes Kill Cops”:

This is the exact same message from the 2011 “Occupy” group as they marched and rioted in Oakland, California. Take note…

Occupy Wall Street, 2011…

The current far-left 2020 “Biden supporters” are the current 2020 violent Antifa activists. Prior to being Antifa they assembled under the cause of the 2011 “Occupy” movement.

Full link below….

Biden mobs: ‘all my heroes’ ANTIFA / BLM thugs…

As Sundance explains it – In 2008 Demowrecks used ‘SEIU’; in 2012 ‘Occupy’; 2016 ‘La Raza; and 2020 the Demowrecks have Antifa / BLM … In other words, the exact same extremist and violent playbook over and over and over again and again.

And let us never forget in 1865, 1915, and 1950 Demowrecks used the Klu Klux Klan.

So the bottom line is that the current Demowreck Party deploys ANTIFA / BLM in the same way for the same purposes: ie to establish political objectives through the use of physical intimidation, street violence and vigilante justice; and all of it because they can’t accomplish it through the political process.

ANTIFA / BLM is the Klu Klux Kommune and the Demowreck party are a blot and a stain on the future of the United States. But thank GOD for a warrior-president in Donald John Trump battling courageously to right the Ship of State!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: 2011 Occupy, 2020 Antifa, or 2020 Biden Supporters All my Heroes kill Cops

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