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Cast your mind back a few years to when Fauxcahontas / Pocahontas ran for the Senate and the Cherokee were quite rightly somewhat ticked off at her bold-faced assertion/assumption. Suffice to say that the Cherokee Nation were the ones who stepped up and did the research to prove that Warren’s 1/32 claim of Cherokee heritage was bogus. They even traveled to Massachusetts and showed up to protest her at campaign events.

Unlike the current crop of DemoMarxists and the Big Fake Media executioners (but I repeat myself), the truth of the matter is in fact, the glaring evidence of Warren’s own committed fraud. Claiming that Trump’s slam of her is offensive belies the fact that she has been lying (ahem, ‘prevaricating’ in Harvard-speak) to the judge and jury for years – ie Harvard University and more relevantly, We the People.

Yes indeed, equally complicit in an obviously fraudulent act of disregard, Harvard was apparently so eager to have a Native American Pocahontas on their law school faculty that they hired a fake one. Most colleges ask Native American applicants for a copy of their tribal registration form as evidence that they actually are Native Americans.

Apparently Harvard wasn’t smart enough to do that, and consequently Elizabeth Warren took a place that might otherwise have gone to a real Native American. My take on it is that the smell of a $350,000-dollar a year stipend for ‘teaching’ just one subject, was all it took in Warren’s mind to commit this act of moral turpitude.

The Big Fake News media guns can spare all of us the allegorical elephant tears while rather instead, going after Elizabeth Warren for crimes and misdemeanors, dragging the Harvard denizens of mediocrity down with her. Just when do some of these progressive leftist DemoMarxist socialists begin to be taken down from the high and mighty pestilence they have morphed into over the past few decades?

Harvard, as with many other “elite” organizations, live off of long dead positive reputations. Proof? Their advocacy of all things leftist is testimony enough. In Harvard’s case, the poor vetting of Warren to check off a box on a form demonstrates an abysmal lack of integrity and commitment to excellence. Hardly the behavior of an ‘Ivy League Commissariat’ wouldn’t you say?

Rightly enough, they deserve to be punitively punished for their overarching obsequiousness.

And with that, on to Daniel Greenfield in FrontPageMagazine and “Calling out Pocahontas Warren best way to fight racism” …

Daniel Greenfield…

“On the shores of her Cambridge mansion, by the shining Charles River waters, stood Elizabeth Warren, pointing with her finger at the White House.”
The Song of Warrenwatha

Senator Elizabeth Warren, America’s greatest living fake Indian, is outraged.

“There he was, at a ceremony to honor Native Americans,” the former Harvard Law prof, who claimed to be Native American on account of her grandfather’s high cheekbones, fumed, “And President Trump couldn’t even make it through a ceremony to honor these men without throwing in a racial slur.”

The “racial slur” was calling a woman who is as Indian as the pilgrims, Pocahontas.

Taunting an American Indian that way might be a racial slur. Taunting Warren that way doesn’t insult her race. The millionaire former asbestos lawyer is as white as cottage cheese. It insults her character. It reminds everyone that Warren is as much a fighter for the “little guy” as she was a Cherokee.

The Senator from the High Cheekbones Tribe of Harvard isn’t just a fake Indian. She’s a fake class warfare activist.

And a fake everything.

Warren was a Republican before she turned Socialist. Before she was fighting corporations, she was helping corporations deny compensation to asbestos victims. And before she was protesting the high cost of education, Harvard Law was paying her $350,000 to teach a single course. A multinational corporation owned by billionaires then gave her a $525,000 advance to tell her tale of rising from “poverty” to fight for ordinary people who don’t get their own chair funded by Wall Street lawyers.

It would take a heart of stone not to make Pocahontas jokes about a blue-eyed scam artist so shameless she passed herself off as Harvard Law School’s “first woman of color.” A grifter whose campaign tried to prove she was really Indian by citing the work of her cousin who wrote the ‘Pow Wow Chow’ cookbook containing such authentic Indian recipes as Cold Omelets with Crab Meat and Mexican Oatmeal Soup.

Unfortunately the Cold Omelets with Crab Meat recipe turned out to be plagiarized from the braves of the New York Times. Warren’s Cherokee claims are as fake as her outrage over being exposed as a liar.

There’s only one racist in this story. It’s Elizabeth Warren.

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Face it – President Trump is brilliant, despite all the naysayers.  He has an uncanny ability to sum up things in one to four words. “Crooked Hillary” …  “Make America Great Again.” By using the Pocahontas nickname for Warren he keeps the issue in front of the public. The media will hate him and attack him for it. So what? They hate him and attack him all the time anyway.

Trump keeps alive what Warren did. Just like he kept alive what Bill Clinton did to women 20 years ago. The media never gave Juanita, Paula, Kathleen, etc. the coverage or respect they deserved 20 years ago. Trump got enough of the truth out during the 2016 campaign that it damaged Hillary.

Plus, imagine what it was like for HillBill in private when Trump rolled out Bill’s female victims during the 2016 campaign and the word “rape” was injected into the discussion. It couldn’t happen to nicer people.

Face it, the leftist’s strategy is an attempt to nail us all the time, no matter what we do. So we may as well relax a little and have a darned good time at their expense.



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