The Nazification Of America Right Under Our Noses…

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

The Nazification of America right under our noses. Hitler took over Germany using exactly the same techniques being used by the rogue Obama today. Just watch this short 35-second clip on Hitler’s total ability to incite crowd adulation, and then bear this in mind as you witness the very same in Bill Whittle’s piece…

The problem with the rogue Obama, isn’t just his outrageous misuse of executive orders. It’s his overall breakdown of the fair system of government “checks and balances” that enforces majority rule, which was designed by the Founding Fathers in exactly this way to prevent the tyranny of a rogue president like Obama. Thomas Jefferson expressed it this way: “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add “within the limits of the law”, because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual. It is strangely absurd to suppose that a million human beings collected together are not under the same moral laws which bind each of them separately.” The Nazification of America right under our noses changes everything.

Jonathan Turley, a Democratic law expert has the following to say: “My view [is] that the president, has in fact, exceeded his authority in a way that is creating a destabilizing influence in a three branch system,” he said. “I want to emphasize, of course, this problem didn’t begin with President Obama, I was critical of his predecessor President Bush as well, but the rate at which executive power has been concentrated in our system is accelerating. And frankly, I am very alarmed by the implications of that aggregation of power.”

“What also alarms me, however, is that the two other branches appear not just simply passive, but inert in the face of this concentration of authority,” Turley said… “The fact that I happen to think the president is right on many of these policies does not alter the fact that I believe the means he is doing [it] is wrong, and that this can be a dangerous change in our system,” he said. “And our system is changing in a very fundamental way.

And it’s changing without a whimper of regret or opposition.”

A very dangerous situation indeed which is why the rising cry for IMPEACHMENT. The Nazification of America right under our noses.

The crisis on the Mexican border is worsening by the hour. In his latest FIREWALL, Bill Whittle hammers home three devastating points regarding the dangerous legal precedents, the morally gray areas, and the hypocritical pose of unearned moral superiority on the part of those proposing amnesty and open borders.

First: The rogue Obama has said that if Congress doesn’t act, he will, with his pen and phone, his executive orders, and his “dictates” to a solution. Godwin’s Law states that the longer an internet discussion goes on, the likelier it is that someone (how ’bout me?) will invoke the Nazis. I already have with the opening video to show the comparison between Der Fuhrer and the rogue Obama. Invoking Nazis is considered bad form, you see – a sign of desperation and hyperbolic exaggeration. So be it.

Second: Why do we grant amnesty to some people with children in need, and not any of the other six and a half billion or so who also have children and are also in need. What about them? Why are they excluded? If we were discussing blanket amnesty for 30 million white German, British, Czech and Polish businessmen; people who know how to make money and wanted to come here with capital, business plans and a tradition of hard work – say, 30 million conservative, Republican voters – would they get the same blanket amnesty through illegal “executive order” from this rogue president? And if not, then is this infiltration really about “immigration?” Or is it somewhting more sinister – say a domestic political power base? And who’s behind it?

Third: GREAT question – Where do YOU live Mark Zuckerberg? Like ALL the leftist loonies who are elitist hypocrites, were you to be confronted with someone attempting to get onto/into your property, the police, or more likely, your private, armed security force, would arrest those people before they got within a half-mile of your mansion. They’d ask for identification, and if one of the homeless said they had a right to live in your mansion, the armed guards would ask for documentation. And when those “visitors” to your mansion could not provide documentation, those nasty men with guns would haul them away. Just like every other liberal limousine leftist, you are a hypocrite who says one thing to look and sound good in public, but who then does precisely the opposite in private – the exact thing you and the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Biden and all the rest of the Democrat leftist hypocrites condemn in other people – y’know, the people on the border in Arizona and Texas for doing, when it’s somebody else’s property and not their own.

That’s not “moral goodness.” It’s not “kindness.” It’s not “selflessness.” It’s a pose. It’s “Unearned Moral Superiority.” It’s a lie. And you know it. And I know it. And WE THE PEOPLE know it. And now EVERYBODY knows it. PERIOD.

h/t Ben Shapiro and his Truth Revolt…

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