Bill Ayers Exposed, Unraveled, Transparent : Enemy Number One

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Bill Ayers has always had a grossly exaggerated sense of self importance. Why he and his wife Bernadine Dohrn aren’t still serving the balance of a life sentence for “aiding and abetting the enemy, and crimes and misdemeanors against the Constitutional Republic” are anybody’s guess. He was not bright or erudite enough to achieve fame by advancing math or science, so he settled for notoriety earned through despicable, anti-social behavior. He is/was/will always be full of his own self-importance. As Public Enemy number one, he becomes Bill Ayers exposed, unraveled, transparent.

A truly despicable individual whose hatred of America is legend, the brilliant series of interviews conducted by the only news network that matters in America anymore, and the numero-uno on-air news host Megyn Kelly, truly exposes the danger that he and his accolytes perpetrated on the United States in the radically-heated decades of the 60s and 70s. Kelly’s incisive homework and questioning clearly underscored that Ayers and Obama are cut from the same radical, destructive, psychopathic cloth. The president used to pretend otherwise but no longer. He is becoming more and more blatant as the clock ticks down … Congress, the Constitution, the Republic and the Supreme Court be damned. Chilling.

As much as anyone hates to see this scumbag get attention, I personally think it is instructive to have this type of naked, unvarnished liberal kook tell us what is rattling around in his little squirrel brain so that the young people watching (ie the generation of my two younger sons currently in their mid-20s) can see just how far this country goes astray when lunatic people like Ayers, Dohrn, Obama, Jarrett, Holder, the Emanuels, Clintons and the dangerous radicals supporting them have access to real power. Hint: Fundamental Transformation away from anything remotely connected to American Exceptionalism.

FOX News: Megyn Kelly took on domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, a former member of the Weather Underground, in an exclusive interview tonight (June 30th 2014) on “The Kelly File.”

Of the Weather Underground’s actions, he said, “The idea that somehow this is the moral equivalent of 6,000 people a week being killed strikes me as nuts. We were destroying property, and in the course of discussion, some people thought we should go much further, but we didn’t.”

Ayers said it’s not bad to stir through these activities that happened 40 years ago, but said “I think it would be fair and balanced to also look at the violence that was and is going on, perpetrated by the government, by the official agencies and organs of the government.”

“You sound like – with respect – Osama Bin Laden,” Kelly responded.

On to Part Two …..

Bill Ayers was a close friend and ally of Obama until he ran for President, of course. And his thinking and statements are what pass for mainstream thought in today’s Democratic party members. He is a mainstream member of the Democratic party of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. They won’t admit it in public, but you can bet they all think Professor Ayers is a hero; unlike our returning Veterans whom they think are all potential domestic terrorists of course, which might explain why they let them wait 3 months or longer to get a medical appointment with the VA. If Obama, Pelosi, and Reid had to choose one American to come over to share a barbecue and beer or two, this would probably be their guy. Obama’s ghost-writer has slithered out from under his rock again. Billy-the-bomber and BO, birds of a feather … Ayers uses bombs to get his way and BO uses illegal executive powers. These boys are bud’s for life … once a radical ALWAYS a RADICAL.

“This is just a guy that lives in my neighborhood” – As quoted by Barack-Hussein-Barry-Soetoro-Obama-Harrison-J-Bounel-Gyorgy-Schwartz-Soros, etal … WHEW!! Just WHAT does it take to get arrested in America these days for false identity-theft? Ayers is the scum of the earth, a socialist, and doing his best to ruin this country. These two liberal-progressive-Alinskyite-Democrat-Marxist voyeurs have been joined at the hip since birth.

Ayers has his agenda, and everything that he says – true, false or shaded – is to push that agenda. He has zero problem using the resources of this society to fight against it; a compulsive hater of America while enjoying all its comforts. Does he really believe that the United States is “the most violent” country as opposed to those with much higher rates of murder or violent crime or harsh suppression of the most basic freedoms? How about we pick any one of the Islamic Jihadist Muslim Caliphates on the planet, and see how far his radicalism will extend in those countries before he has his head sawn off (prior to which of course, he would have lost all of his limbs, one by one, bit by bit).

Challenged on numbers or individual circumstances he bobs and weaves; yet he has devoted his life to the proposition that American society is the primary font of evil in the world and he is his own version of St. George dispatching that particular dragon. Megyn Kelly did an excellent job exposing his hypocrisy, but I wonder how many viewers were able to see through to Ayers’ treacherous fundamental nature? A morphed version of each of his past identities, as in Islamic Jihadist Muslim Fundamentalist Alinskyite Marxist Communist through-and-through. What we might term an “evolving” ideology. And you can bet Bernadine Dohrn is no different. Both of them need to be locked away for the rest of their lives for the above afore-mentioned reason – “aiding and abetting the enemy; and for crimes and misdemeanors” against this Constitutional Republic. Bill Ayers exposed, unraveled, transparent.

In the second part of her interview with radical Bill Ayers, Megyn Kelly asks him about the Weather Underground and the people that were killed by bombings they executed, the people he associated with, his relationship with President Obama and if he would consider bombing the U.S. again.

And into Part Three…

What absolutely slays me about almost every liberal-progressive-Alinskyite-Marxist-Democrat-Socialist, is their feigned ignorance of the REAL happenings in the world. Liberals, as we veteran liberal-fighters are well aware of, live in a bubble which is far removed from the reality of modern-day life. Washington D.C. is a prime example, as are the liberal cities littered along the Northeast Coast, the internals to the north and south, and the whack-job left-coast enclaves to the West. 

Reality is that Communism killed far more Vietnamese than America did. Muslims have killed far more Muslims since 2001 than America has (Afghanistan and Iraq included). The left doesn’t care about actual violence; they remained silent (still do, fast-track to Obama/Medvedev and “I’ll have more flexibility after my re-election” on Obama’s cowardly nuclear-deterrent drawdown) in the face of Russian Imperialism. They said nothing, and still say nothing about violent repression in Venezuela (think back in your mind to the blithering idiotic Venezuelan Despot Hugo Chavez stumbling/bumbling his way to Obama in that South American Dictators Gathering on April 18th 2009 to present him with his book on genocidal murder!). They point to starvation in Cuba as some kind of model. Their outrage over these issues is as phony as a three-dollar bill.

The liberati-elitists criticize America for one simple reason: the dreaded CAPITALISM that allows anyone in America to live the American Dream – not just the one-percenters. They are liberal-progressive-Alinskyite-Democrat-Marxist zealots, and they will never abandon socialism no matter how poorly it economically or morally compares to capitalism; especially when it allows millions of “Joe-the-Plumbers” to plan, build, develop, and run their own businesses, by their own freedom-loving “go-for-it” ambitions, by the “Exceptionalism” that is the Constitutional Republic of the United States.

Since capitalism is the clear historical winner, they must attack America on other grounds. That’s why they torture, twist, denigrate and puncture our history to portray us as megalomaniacs and imperialists while ignoring the ongoing slavery and genocide still practiced in much of the world today – especially-so in (GULP!) Islamic Jihadist Muslim Countries! The Islamists gleefully chop off fellow-Islamists hands, feet, fingers, genitals, arms, legs, and heads, and even crucify one another; but WE ARE THE BAD GUYS?

No, we’re the civilized capitalists in a world of un-Enlightened brutal savagery, and Bill Ayers is a spoiled rich white kid getting schooled on the actual conditions of the planet by an Indian naturalized citizen named Dinesh D’Souza … Bill Ayers exposed, unraveled, transparent.

In Part 3 of a “Kelly File” Exclusive, FNC’s Megyn Kelly interviews Bill Ayers, the co-founder of the radical group Weather Underground and Dinesh D’Souza, “America” producer.

In conclusion, it always amazes me that privileged guys like Ayers, and privileged gals like Dohrn, born and raised in the USA are the first to blame America, flee to Canada and other countries to escape having to serve in VietNam (as we witnessed them all by the millions in the early 1970s streets and avenues of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver Canada) cause havoc, mayhem, death and destruction on University Campuses and government buildings all across the United States, and finish up with ZERO jail time, and multi-million-dollar stipends for wandering around the halls of Academia looking like Barney Frank(!) while immigrants like yours truly, Mark Steyn, Stuart Varney, Dinesh D’Souza, and millions of others of like ambition, view the good of this country without ignoring the mistakes. Maybe the traitors like Ayers, Schumer, Biden, Reid, Frank, Dodd, Pelosi, Waters, Waxman, Axelrod, Emanuel (all of ’em) Jarrett and Obama, should leave the US and live in a 3rd world country that they can run into the ground. Maybe then they would feel “relevant” or something? 

After all, that’s about as much as we are getting right now from the Obama administration; a community organizing loner who couldn’t organize an orgy in a brothel, nor his way out of a paper bag; a lawless do-nothing-president who disobeys the laws he was sworn to uphold; who behaves like the dictator “el Diablo” Chavez who foisted his genocidal book upon him; who rules like an emperor with executive orders that are clearly anti-Constitutional, as proven by the Supreme Court just this past week. Obama is a terrorist a la Bill Ayers style; subverting the law and pitting one American against another based on straw man arguments. In other words – a Dictator in the mold of Hugo Chavez.

The real failure of Ayers’ position is Barrack Obama who reflects his position on the world. It does not work. The fact is that the world is and always will be a nasty place filled with people who want money and power. We just happen to be the biggest and baddest boy on the block. The only option is to allow someone else to have that position as history tells us there will always be. Good, bad or indifferent, I want to be the one no one wants to screw with. PERIOD.

And to close out this piece, I leave you with Richard Butrick’s blog entry on the same topic from American Thinker … “Trust and verify.” ~ Ronald Wilson Reagan


Ayers the Guilt Monger: “And we did enslave people for 250 years”

In the recent debate between Ayers and D’Souza on “The Kelly File”, with Ayers, former anti-Vietnam war activist and sometime mentor of President Obama, representing the leftist ashamed-to-be-an-American crowd and D’Souza, defending American exceptionalism, Ayers claimed that Americans should be ashamed of their record of 250 years of slavery.

It is not clear whether Mr. Ayers is claiming that Americans today should feel personally to blame (guilty) for slavery in America or just that the period of American history when slavery was de facto a legal institution is a shameful period of American history.

The personally-to-blame argument is silly. The Italians and Irish who immigrated to the U.S. in the 18th and 19th century and worked in factories and railroads and dams and bridges are to be blamed for slavery? And their descendants to boot?

In the 1860 census about 1/3 of all Southern families owned slaves. What about the other 2/3ds? Are they and their descendants to blame? And in the Northern states where slavery was virtually nonexistent in 1860? Are they and their descendants to blame? What about descendants of families that ran the underground railroad?

Runs to conclusion …