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OK, full disclosure – I just couldn’t resist the temptation of the repetitive use of the Nadler ‘N’ word in illustrating just how way off base the nut-job (there, done it again) DemoMarxist politicians have strayed in their lust for absolution, let alone relevance, who label themselves as seriously looking out for the good of the nation.

The utter stupidity, silliness, and complete waste of time Nadler and the rest of his bunch imposed on themselves and their indifferent audience yesterday (that is, if there were indeed an audience to be had) says much about their own failings as it does about their ability to devise anything positive towards the end result of doing what’s best for We the People.

Droning on and on in a supposed ‘reading’ of the Mueller report? Most of that bunch don’t even speak coherently, never mind read properly. The bits and pieces that have drifted their way outwards are nothing if not educationally-revealing. Did ANY of these people graduate from anywhere? And that’s just from (thankfully) 66 seconds-worth with nabob Nadler already getting a headache!

Nadler as sky high Macy’s parade float…

While they were all fooling around playing Hollywood wannabe politicos, the target of their nabobery, AG William (Bill) Barr was on the road in El Salvador to further strengthen our international law enforcement partnerships, critical to ending the flow of drugs, illegal guns, and human trafficking before they get to overwhelming our Southern Border.

You know – looking out for the good of the nation. Or more collusion. Or obstruction of justice. Or real criminals. Imagine!

On a much lighter theme, there’s a wonderful piece in Liberty Nation by Sarah Cowgill titled: ‘William Barr, the Heartland’s New Hero’…


While the media and other leftist elites ignore the millions of folks living in “flyover” states, they do so at their own peril; it was this silent majority that put President Trump in the White House. Each week, Liberty Nation gives voice to the hard-working heartlanders who are silent no more.

William Barr The Badass

Last week, Americans had to listen to the Democrats in Congress bemoan Attorney General William Barr for – of all things – upholding the law.  In a desperate attempt to dox whoever might be redacted from the $25 million Mueller Report, the House voted to move forward with contempt of Congress proceedings.

Liberty Nation’s Graham Noble wrote an excellent analysis of the freak show – er – hearing, reminding us that “Barr is still constrained by existing statutes concerning the release of classified information. The release of certain material redacted in the report, specifically grand jury testimony, would require those who wish to see it to obtain a court order.”

Democrats Don’t Care About Facts

Another truth: Barr has invited every member of Congress to visit his office and review the unredacted report. But no one is taking the bait: When there’s a leak of names to CNN or MSNBC — which would undoubtedly occur if the report actually left the Department of Justice — it would be an easy trace to the leaker.

Stymied, and apparently frustrated, the Democrats appear to be in a holding pattern, as bullying attempts fell flatter than a runny flapjack. But AG Barr is all business and, as usual, appears unfazed. Just to demonstrate that he has no hard feelings for being forced to endure the ridiculous charade on the Hill, Barr teased Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

After the National Peace Officers Memorial Day service, Barr nonchalantly sidled up to Madam Pelosi in the crowd, grasped her outstretched claw, and loudly said, “Madam Speaker, did you bring your handcuffs?” Her lips curved into a smile, but she flashed him the hairy eye as he chuckled and walked away. Deplorables in flyover states have a new-found admiration for the man.

Virginia Perez from Midland, MI: “I would have loved to see the look on that old crab’s face lmfao GO BARR!”

Read to stinging conclusion in link at bottom…

Obama deep state group up to their eyeballs in collusion / obstruction of justice and other crimes..

Political yammering in the heartland happens wherever folks gather, from the checkout line in the grocery store to the pews in the Lord’s house and all points in between. It’s as much of a way of life as trying to one-up each other on getting the cheapest price on the most expensive item, whether it’s a brand-spanking new John Deere mower or a fifty-cent (which is a tad high) purchase at the local thrift store.

The quest to have the most ludicrous tidbit of political gossip to share was a draw between the farmers at an Indiana coffee house and the voyeurs on social media discussing the random acts of the Swamp toadies.

Meaning there continues to be a co-equal necessity for exposing the origins (predicates) of the principal ‘Swamp’ plots colluding together to corrode our Constitutional Republic, thereby opening the door into allowing the nabob totalitarians to unrestrictedly rewrite the Constitution and reinterpret the historical record of our divinely inspired founding.

Hovering around in the wings – Spygate plus Central American invasion hoards, their sponsors and funding.

After those are convincingly exposed, it would then be of great interest to similarly examine in great detail – Fast and Furious / Holder / Obama / Clinton; followed by Benghazi / Clinton / Obama / Jarrett … wherever it goes.

None of that Nadler Nation Nullify Nutty Nabob.

Dig deep.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


Sarah Cowgill, Liberty Nation full link: William Barr the Heartland’s New Hero


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