DiGenova crosshairs Obama regime

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Obama’s rough ride through his enforced purgatory on We the People had a nascent talent about it (albeit years in the making from the likes of Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers / Bernadine Dorn, etc etc) for recruiting the sleaziest people imaginable to lead our most critical agencies. Biden, Brennan, Comey, Holder, Lynch, Jarrett, Clinton in turn all surrounded themselves with like-minded low-life detritus. How many more Peter Strzok’s are there for instance, that we’ve never heard of? How many of them are still in government, continuing to leak, undermine and sabotage?

Obama’s fingerprints are all over this rapidly-unfolding mess of messes.

He was forever creating the blueprint to keep a demonicrat in the ‘White Mill’ till hell froze over using blackmail, extortion and the power of the intelligence community to clear one candidate and destroy the GOP on a regular cycle; Gropey-Joe (this is a big f***in’ deal) Biden and Hillary (if this b*****d wins we’ll all hang) Rob’em were simply the Beta project. Which is why the current batch of demonicrats are losing their minds; they’re all about to be found out.

There’s gotta be something here on Russia .. Putin promised me

Trump was never the target specifically, since it made no difference who the eventual candidate would be; they were going to get a full dose of Obama-soros-itis regardless.

What changed was We the PEOPLE put up a candidate with ‘sack’ and who fought back, it also being no little thing that we had heroes in key places the likes of Admiral Mike Rogers who weren’t afraid to stand up to bullies in the demonicrat mafia.

Fast-forward to Mr. William (Bill) Barr who has a huge task ahead of him to restore public trust. Obama’s fake ‘legacy’ still hovers over Washington like a radioactive cloud and nothing short of a massive purge will do. Thankfully, Mr. Barr has the full support of Joe DiGenova and his wife Victoria Toensing.

So here we are – cocked, loaded, and ready for bait.

Thomas Lifson and his piece in today’s American Thinker: ‘Joe DiGenova, Victoria Toensing – Brennan Russia hoax Mastermind’…

Anyone closely following the Russia hoax and its collapse understands that DC superlawyers Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing have by far the best track record in accurately calling out the nature of the scandal and identifying the coming revelations.  I do not know either of them, and have not communicated with them personally, but judging from their public statements, and inferring from their career histories, they must have very highly placed sources talking to them about the case – and quite possibly asking for advice or acting as sounding boards – about future actions to ensure that the facts are properly aired and the persons responsible for the abuses are held to account. All of this in the face of the fiercest possible resistance by members of the deep state embedded in law enforcement, intelligence agencies, the DOJ, and the media – and maybe even in the White House staff.

Yesterday, they spent an hour with Sebastian Gorka on his Salem Radio syndicated talk show and gave us a preview of sorts about where the scandal is headed next. The entire show is available on YouTube, minus most of the commercial breaks, and well worth a listen. If you haven’t got much time, I suggest you start at about 20 minutes into the video and follow through to the end, 15 minutes later. [-]

… They also revealed the Admiral Mike Rogers is happily willing to testify about the abuses that he uncovered, which actually triggered the initiation of the Russiagate plot. Recall that when he was head of the National Security Agency (NSA) which comprehensively monitors telecommunications, he discovered that political appointees in the White House were using its database on a huge scale to monitor political opponents, and acted to cut off that access. Suddenly cut off from their ability to spy on political opponents, and almost certainly fearful of public exposure should Hillary Clinton be defeated, the wheels were put in motion (with Brennan in the lead) to generate the Steele dossier and the FISA warrants to both spy on and tar the threat of a Trump presidency. [-]

Link to completion down below…

With Sebastian Gorka on his podcast…

They may not have been working in concert, but they were all playing the same tune – get Trump.  Joe DiGenova and his wife Victoria Toensing have been following and charting the swamp for years, especially along the lines of Brennan was spying, Clapper was wire-tapping, Comey was protecting Hillary Rob’em, McCabe was working the 25th Amendment angle, FusionGPS was setting up meetings with Russians, etc etc etc. It was a multi-pronged attack.  Surely somebody was gonna get a hit.

Who needed to be kept apprised of the skullduggery? His name begins with an ‘O’. Will he be protected by the ‘plausible deniability’ defense?


If William (Bill) Barr is the real deal (and who says he isn’t?) he will become an unsung hero who will be reviled and hated by the bipartisan Washingtonian Swamp-dwellers. The corrupt deep state is made up of both, more than comfortable in its blackmails and status quo with no one surviving the consequences of rocking the boat of power.

Even the most noble of them have the best of intentions and soon learn to look the other way.  The average voter has no clue what is going on and the above average voter is disgruntled but powerless except at the polls.

Once again, bright and shiny does not mean gold.

Except of course, if the name is warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


Thomas Lifson, American Thinker: Joe DiGenova / Victoria Toensing – Brennan Mastermind of Russia Hoax

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