Muslim terror and a thirst for Jihad

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Following my Facebook post yesterday of the terror report in The Mirror about a mother sending off her two young daughters on a suicide mission, as horrifying as it is, it has been happening since Muhammad emerged with intifada in the mid-8th century. If you go back more than 1200 years to October of 732 A.D., the Muslims came out of Arabia with terror afoot and slaughtered everything in their path. First they were turned back by Charles Martel at the Battle of Poitiers, and 900 years later they got to the gates of Vienna before being yet again turned back by the Polish King John Sobieski.

They tolerated the Jewish people and the captured Christians by giving them dhimmi (second class) status which many Jewish people accepted as the Europeans were going through one of their periodic bouts of anti-Semitism terror. If you look at the so-called scientific accomplishments of the Muslims during their Golden Age, most of them were actually either the work of Jews living in the “ummah” or were achievements appropriated through conquest. Islam itself does not innovate, and there is a reason that there are only 3 Nobel prizes awarded to Muslims in the sciences (compared to the number awarded to Jewish scholars).

Move forward in history, and witness the terror that the Muslims wrought on India. The Hindu Kush means “Hindu graveyard” – the Muslims slaughtered Hindus in the millions, piled their skulls into pyramids, raped their women, enslaved them, and brought terror to their temples. Prior to the Muslim invasion of India, travelers remarked on how safe it was for women to travel through India. The Indian culture in the pre-Muslim era respected women, who could travel alone without fear of terror or molestation. After the Muslims this all changed (see link at bottom).

Then of course there was terror of the Armenian genocide by the Turks, the slaughter of people in Indonesia, and of Christians and animists in Africa by Muslims. The Arabs were responsible for much of the slave trade in Africa and also for the “white slave trade”, and as noted above, they also enslaved Indian women.

Shari’ah Law is counter-productive to The Constitution…

Muhammad’s first major military conquest in Arabia was when he brought terror on his Jewish hosts in Yathrib, slaughtered the men, enslaved the women, and changed the town’s name to Medina. The perfect man, according to his followers. The reality is that the history of Islam is based on terror, is incredibly bloodthirsty, and anyone who sides with the Palestinians in the Israeli conflict are idiots. In Israel, Muslims are given more rights than they have in other Middle Eastern countries; legally they still have all the rights and freedoms, vastly better than being a Christian, say, in Egypt or Saudi Arabia. Or a Jew in any Muslim majority country.

Christians and Jews are the jihadists terror targets, and if you note, the persecution increases every year, to the point where it’s time for people to start being proactive in their defense of destroying the usurpers of peace. We simply have to stop this terror threat to civilization. We cannot coexist with such evil, so we must send them back to Arabia from whence their vile philosophy came and contain them there. This experiment in multi-culturalism has failed most miserably and needs to be ended.

On now to Daniel Greenfield and his piece in FrontPageMagazine, “Muslim Terror for Christmas” …

Daniel Greenfield…

On the 5th of December, a 12-year-old Iraqi boy planted a nail bomb in a Christmas market in Ludwigshafen. The Muslim boy left the nail bomb in a marketplace filled with jolly plastic Santas bearing knapsacks of presents and booths full of chocolates built like cottages covered with twinkling lights. Inside was his Christmas present to the little boys and girls of this German city, a glass jar filled with powder and surrounded by nails. Islamic terror had come like a bitterly cold wind from Iraq to Ludwigshafen.

The aspiring Muslim serial killer has already become known as the “Kindergarten bomber.”

Now a truck smashed into the Christmas market near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church crushing shoppers into a stand selling mulled wine. Visitors to the nearby Berlin Zoo picking out Christmas gifts or treating themselves to hot chocolate fled from the murderous carnage. Red fluid flowed through the market and the terrified crowds could not tell whether it was spilled wine or the blood of the dead.

This latest Muslim Christmas present took the lives of twelve men and women who might have otherwise picked up some eggnog or a stuffed reindeer. It injured dozens more who went from munching waffles one moment to watching a truck barrel at them through the Christmas market in another. Its back wheel stopped against a market stand boasting of the Magic of Christmas.

The killer repaid the generosity of Europe’s open borders by smearing the blood of its people across a Christmas market as the mass migration of Muslims to Europe has made Muslim terror into a new Christmas tradition.

In the UK, six were arrested in an alleged Christmas shopping bomb plot as SAS men are being deployed to watch over British cities. Earlier this week, there were reports that ten Muslim teenagers had been busted in a plot to bomb Christmas fairs in Belgium. Last year, two Muslims had been arrested there in yet another Christmas-New Year terror plot.

There had been warnings that ISIS was plotting a Christmas market attack this year, but attacks on Christmas markets were a fine Muslim tradition in Europe even long before the Islamic State was a twinkle in the eye of the Islamist butcher who would later be known as the “Sheikh of the Slaughterers.”

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