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My goodness, but the “Grapes of Wrath” came tumbling down and round following my post on Ivanka Trump being harassed on a JetBlue flight about to depart for Palm Beach, Florida yesterday, by a homosexual couple with a child. The ire and hypocrisy (to say nothing of the sheer vitriol) which filled my FB thread was something to behold. At one point I was about to take the thread from “Public” to “Friends” but decided instead to let it play out as an example of how unhinged the liberal progressive homosexual agenda can be. Never mind their language.

Why am I not surprised that a couple of homosexual activists thought they had the right to accost and harass a private citizen and her family on a commercial airline flight. They should consider themselves fortunate the Secret Service didn’t perceive them as an actual threat to haul them off the plane for severe questioning. And they should be charged with child endangerment for subjecting that young boy to the homosexual lifestyle against his will. The child’s chance of living a normal heterosexual life is almost zero.

Consider the reverse for instance, had a heterosexual harassed this homosexual angst-sharing duo. They’d have been met by federal agents upon deplaning, booked for a hate crime, and sued for the emotional and psychological stress caused to the unstable pair and their fashion-accessory child. JetBlue would likely have banned the individual from ever setting foot on one of their planes again, while issuing a statement commiserating with the offended lost boys and their service child.

Daniel Jennings Goldstein (L) and Matthew Lasner both liberal and homosexual activists…

The heterosexual, if not self-employed, would likely have lost his job; if self-employed, lost contracts. Remember what the homosexual mobsters do to family-owned bakeries, photographers, Chick-fil-A, Hobby Lobby, and others for instance. In the meantime, their “narrative” as to what occurred is already off the rails via the screenshot of the tweet from the other “husband” before the flight, announcing that they were going to harass Ivanka Trump. Now I’m no legal beaver but I do understand Premeditation and Intent when I see it. No surprise of course, that the couple have erased their Twitter account. Cowards.

In the full light of day, there are few things more pathetic than two homosexual men referring to each other as “husband.” We get it, the courts say you can marry now, but that doesn’t make you the same as a straight couple. As for the confusion of raising a young child in such a relationship, well, if you don’t get it… I presume we can now expect a response from a homosexual rights supporter saying they were wholly in their right to confront Ivanka, and that all of us must be self-hating secretly gay-in-the-closet ourselves. They say that every single time.

What a gay old world isn’t it.

Jeannie DeAngelis has a wonderful insight in American Thinker…


For Christmas, soon to be first daughter Ivanka Trump, her cousins, husband Jared, and the couple’s three small children, Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore, booked a low-key commercial JetBlue flight to Palm Beach, Florida.

Brooklyn Labor Relations and Employment lawyer Daniel Jennings Goldstein was also along for the ride.  The problem is that Goldstein took umbrage at having to share in-flight cabin air with the Trump-Kushner entourage.

Legendary in his own right, Mr. Goldstein (below at left) is a fascinating guy. When not litigating sexual harassment lawsuits and marching against Donald Trump with the Hunter College professor he calls his husband, Matthew Lasner (below at right), Goldstein enjoys staying active in liberal causes and taking family vacations with son Amos.

Goldstein’s most recent attention-getting episode unfolded when Harvard Ph.D. Lesner spotted Ivanka and Co. in an airport terminal and responded by burning up his Twitter feed, alerting Trump-haters and ISIS terrorists:

A short time later, while the aircraft was in the process of boarding, Dan ruined everybody’s day when he couldn’t control an emotional outburst that berated the #banalityofevil by telling Ivanka, “Your father is ruining the country.”

Swinging his son around in his arms, Daniel’s anger issues were further exposed when he attempted to get an answer from the entire flight crew: “Why is she on our flight?  She should be flying private.”

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