Pile on Donald Trump no mean feat

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The Marxists have a penchant for totally eliminating with extreme prejudice any person who has the audacity to either testify or work against them. They have the fear that Trump will Campaign for the Presidency for the ’24 election. So, they have mounted a cascade of Politically-Motivated Charges up and down the East Coast. The Biden DOJ, FBI and IRS has gone after every person they could who had any connection with Trump. Archers may produce a smoking gun in regards to Uncle Joe’s involvement to sell out this Country to the Chinese and others.

If that is accomplished what will be the outcome? He won’t face any real charges. He may be Impeached but the Democrat-Controlled Senate will never hold him responsible. Just as the Republicans held Nixon Responsible and called for Nixon to resign!

Clumsy, indeed, and the denial is simply not credible. You have to believe that the order went out – “Silence this guy, now!” – and this little episode was the result. If this ploy doesn’t work, there’s always the Arkancide option: “a funny thing happened to Archer on the way to the Hill …”

Probably just a reminder from Biden’s DOJ to Archer – “Before you decide to reveal too much about the Biden family on Monday, just remember that your life will be completely in our hands shortly.” Pile on Donald Trump no mean feat.

David Zukerman, American Thinker: ‘Piling on Donald Trump’ …

What if there is a “cover-up” but no underlying crime? And what the biggest “cover-up” in the history of the Republic was the first impeachment of President Trump, to thwart an investigation into allegations of Biden family corruption in Ukraine? The Wall Street Journal, in its lead editorial “Trump Is Charged With a Coverup” — does not consider these questions. Instead, it opens with a suggestion of the political cliche that the cover-up is worse than the crime, and echoes accusations against President Trump issuing from the administration out to defeat his 2024 candidacy by hook or by crook — in the first half of this editorial.

In its attack on the president, the WSJ seem to be trying to catch up to the New York Times in anti-Trump viciousness. The Times led with a bizarre attempt to resurrect that Russia collusion hoax to raise an “obstruction of justice” issue in the indictment concerning the documents seized by the FBI in its unprecedented raid on the Trump residence at Mar-a-Lago.

Piling on the president, the WSJ writes that Trump “stands accused of trying to delete incriminating Mar-a-Lago security video.”

This is mentioned before the editorial reminds readers: “Special Counsel Jack Smith charged Mr. Trump with unlawfully retaining national-security information, as well as concealing classified files at his Florida club.”

The accusation that the former president is a threat to national security is a typically baseless charge that the Left includes in its efforts to tear down Donald J. Trump. It appeared in the first Trump impeachment; it appeared in the second Trump impeachment. And now it is embedded in Biden’s desperate attempt to destroy Trump’s bid for re-election next year.

[+] … The WSJ should have answered its own question — “alas, it becomes increasingly clear that when it comes to treatment of his political opposition, President Biden does not have. single magnanimous bone in his body.”

In its concluding paragraph, the WSJ suggests this clarion call: “The best revenge for Mr. Trump’s supporters would be to nominate a Republican who can beat Biden.” Provided there is a fair election, that nominee would be Donald J. Trump. [end]

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Pile on Donald Trump no mean feat

The Case of the Documents being seized at his home and run by Jack Smith was an Unconstitutional exercise. Smith empaneled a Grand Jury in DC. Which is almost 100% Democrat. That Grand Jury returned Charges for something which actually occurred in West Palm Beach, Florida! You can’t have a Grand Jury in one jurisdiction, to file charges which are alleged to occur in another jurisdiction. Now Smith is seeking charges against Trump for what Smith claims is the ‘destruction of tapes’. What about the destruction of 33,000 emails by Hilary after they were subpoenaed by Congress.

It still comes down to this. The President of the United States is the ultimate classifying authority, and none of the rules regarding the handling of classified documents apply to the President of the United States, all of the rules which were clearly broken by Hillary and Joe Biden.

They violated the law regarding classified material, the President of the United States can’t. He can classify, declassify, or even share that information with anyone he chooses to. The President of the United States doesn’t even have to publicly declare they’re declassified, his mere possession of them can declassify them. Pile on Donald Trump no mean feat.

None of that applied to Biden or Hillary, both of whom violated the laws regarding classified information for years. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!