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Slowly but surely over the past few months on the topic of Donald Trump, I’ve come to expect winning just about every day. Despite all the deceitful Big Fake News lies and deception about our President and country, I don’t find it bothersome anymore. Like millions of others, I’ve simply become immune to it all. We the People have an advocate and his name is Donald J Trump, a man of, and for, the people and country he loves.

As a product and construct of ‘The Art of the Deal’ he is a professional and rightly deserves even more power than he presently has. If the DemoMarxists and RINOs weren’t obstructionists, can you imagine how fast and successful things would be and how close we would already be to ‘Make America Great Again?’

Consider that to be successful, Marxist, socialist communism requires the destruction of the middle class. Everything Obama did and what ‘Hillary Rob’em’ Clinton’ would have done had she been elevated, had the destruction of the middle class as its goal; in other words, make the essential things that people have to buy as expensive as possible (health care, energy, food, transportation, etc).

President Trump is turning back the clock on as many of these items as possible because he knows the success of America is based on the middle class and middle class values. The one thing that will be harder to do is turn back the clock on all the racial division and identity politics Obama got rolling, but when people have jobs, they generally have less reason to complain.

In case you missed it, here’s the full interview the president had with Sean Hannity the other day on the very topics under discussion …

Wrapped around that extensive look into the immediate future to ‘Make America Great Again,’ is this brilliant article from Conservative Tree House by staffer ‘Sundance’ which begins: Maganomics – Pruitt at The Plate 

President Trump’s MAGAnomic Main Street policy initiatives surround a very basic set of principles. To add wealth to the middle class you: A.) increase wages, and B.) lower the cost of living.

Increasing wages is the long-term economic outcome from America-First business and corporate manufacturing policies (Secretary Wilbur Ross), in combination with fiscal policies (Secretary Mnuchin). Subsequently, within his economic agenda, President Trump visibly engages an extraordinary amount of effort on both Commerce and Treasury.

However, there’s a part of the plan for reestablishing middle-class wealth that also comes from lowering the cost of living (high consumables). That’s where EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt intersects with Ross and Mnuchin as Pruitt works to lower energy costs.

Lowering energy costs has an exponential benefit to the overall economy. Not only does it drive down the cost of domestic highly consumable products, but it also binds the building blocks of the manufacturing and production sector. Lower energy costs offset higher wages on products manufactured for export and helps keep the U.S. competitive.

President Trump is uniquely qualified as a successful businessman (non-politician) to have developed actual life-skills on Main Street that help him see the bigger value in policy shifts.  Politicians usually speak in esoteric terms about economic “costs”; but President Trump has direct experience in how shifts in costs can directly contribute to the Main Street economy.

Manufacturing and industry sectors have three top-tier costs as they transfer to Main Street: 1) Raw materials (or finished goods depending on sector); 2) Labor costs; and 3) energy costs. If you lower any of the three drivers you lower the cost of business operations.

President Trump is actually the only President in modern history who is working to lower both material costs and energy costs simultaneously. In doing so, the short term benefit to the middle-class worker is a lower consumable good prices and subsequently a higher level of disposable income.

In essence by lowering material and energy costs the internal economic action actually gives a raise to the middle-class faster than waiting for full economic expansion/growth to drive wage rates higher.

See how that works?

Read to completion at Pruitt at The Plate

You’ll note the primary beneficiary for the Trump MAGAnomic outcome is Main Street. Despite all opposition, and boy is there a great deal of opposition, President Trump is actually growing the middle class and lowering costs of living.

And just as a reminder, here’s what a loser looks and sounds like…