FBI Vegas conspiracy a lack of trust

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From the passion expressed in the attached article from Pamela Geller (see link down below), I am guessing that she like many of us, witnessed the shaky, self contradictory presser Monday night from Las Vegas Sheriff Lombardo. Interesting that he was not wearing his uniform; perhaps, even, being ashamed to wear it.

Following the video disappearance of both the original news conference and the scathing 2800+ comments attached to it (a recurring theme with everything connected to the Vegas incident/s in the past week or so) another version has appeared, complete with said comments, so you all might well be advised to secrete this one away for future edification before it too, disappears into oblivion.

There’s a very curious demeanor of Vegas Sheriff Lombardo on display here. He sounds very close to falling apart, which might well be due to exhaustion and/or his holding on to an internal view that differs (cognitive dissonance) with the FBI sentinel behind him watching him like a hawk. Some folks are even telling me that they couldn’t watch the whole thing as it was very uncomfortable viewing!

Watch it in its entirety and tell me that there is something very much amiss. My opinion and that of millions of others is that we are not being told the truth – and this Sheriff Lombardo is definitely uncomfortable with the script. Body language doesn’t lie.

I guess we’ll see if we’re still the “land of the free and the home of the brave”. Remember that the “En Ess Ay” (amazing when you have to cover up the real initials) records all phone calls and keeps a rolling 30-day archive (with retention beyond that for items of interest based on rate of metadata, keywords, content, etc., etc.). They have the shooter’s calls, likely know the motive, and are keeping it hidden. The Sheriff looks almost physically ill and is likely a very uncomfortable participant in a campaign of disinformation. That would explain his demeanor (remember when he, and the attendees, actually laughed at a prior presser?).

It is still very disturbing and unnerving that there has been no surveillance video whatever from ANYWHERE showing the shooter’s comings and goings in that hotel, AND there hasn’t even been a mention of anyone ASKING about same. If that doesn’t stinketh greatly then I don’t know what does.

The way some of us see it, the footage will show him AND others with his hauling and contacts back and forth, and THAT is something that we cannot be allowed to see because it would blow up their entire narrative.

In closing, this is just one of the comments from the video thread of 2867 … “You are telling me that this man walked into one of the most secured casinos in the world, where they spend millions of dollars on the best camera systems and they have not released any videos of him, and said that they saw him walk in with 20 rifles, tons of ammunition and many other items?”

“I work as an undercover investigator at many locations and I can tell you that the camera system that we have is not very impressive at all but I can see every corner, entrance, and everyone that walks in and out. Then they state how there has been no evidence to show that there was a second shooter. There have been many reports from people that were at the concert, who said they heard different caliber rounds going off and the distance between the two guns going off were not at the same location. This doesn’t add up and it doesn’t take much to see it. Something went wrong and there was some type of cover up”. [end]

Which leads us to Pamela Geller and her piece in American Thinker “Why We Cannot Trust the FBI”… Simply click on Logo …