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Barely had I finished pulling together yesterday’s web post, when the president grabbed the further attention of yours truly with the announcement of his intention to sign an executive order changing the nature of the flailing ACA Obamacare mandate. So here it is.

The highlight of this of course, is that these changes to ACA have not been codified into law by Congress, but by executive order, and as we’ve stated many times before in this forum, this failure can be laid directly on the backs of the House and Senate, with an equal amount of blame descending on both sides of the aisle, notwithstanding the utter degeneracy of traitors like Susan Collins of Maine, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. The less said about John McCain and his grandstanding ACA ‘thumbs down’ theatrics, the better, but his was the decisive vote which killed any chance of Senate action.

Well, let McCain stew now in the full glare of President Trump yet again, having another ‘winning day’ on the way to Make America Great Again, while giving kudos to Rand Paul for having jumped on board the Trump repeal, replace train. If Rand Paul is supporting it, you can bet it has to be a good idea.

The best part is allowing consumers to buy the insurance they want, how much they want, features they need. Cars kill many people and insurers are allowed to sell a cheap $30,000 liability policy that is in the range some can afford. Others choose maximum liability collision theft and towing. The bottom line is each policy is what the person wants.

ACA makes every policy have every choice possible, mental health, pediatric, obstetric, free visit, prostate etc etc. Anything less than that is viewed as a substandard policy by the DemoMarxists and Big Fake News Media. The fact is that many consumers liked their low-cost low-feature policy because they never really needed to use it much. When they did need it, they were able to afford it without putting up the house for collateral!

This is yet another great ‘winning day’ for the president and his actions.

Let me repeat my opener from yesterday’s post: “Slowly but surely over the past few months on the topic of Donald Trump, I’ve come to expect winning just about every day. Despite all the deceitful Big Fake News lies and deception about our President and country, I don’t find it bothersome anymore. Like millions of others, I’ve simply become immune to it all. We the People have an advocate and his name is Donald J Trump, a man of, and for, the people and country he loves”.

Some random thoughts picked up from the thread…

  • More proof that Trump does wish to uphold his campaign promises!  And the pendulum swings back to the do-nothing Congress, especially the Senate!
  • The Senate is on “junket paradise” this week. Next week, the House of Reps get wined and dined by the lobbyists. Sickening, isn’t it?!
  • Live by the EO, die by the EO. Right Barack?
  • Yes, destroy the middle class by controlling Health Care – was this not part of the communist manifesto?
  • What Obama broke Trump has fixed the right way by solving the interstate competition problem which will drive premiums down.
  • Americans know and appreciate that President Trump is fighting for the American people. Democrats oppose these wise moves at their peril.
  • You won’t be penalized by the IRS if you can’t afford the crapcare policy. I’ve been waiting for that the past 3 years and $3000 ago!
  • Opening interstate competition among insurers and plans was the only issue that was ever a legitimate consideration for discussion. Democrats destroyed healthcare in America. It’s as much a part of their legacy as the KKK. Millions can no longer meet the unaffordable premiums and exorbitant deductibles necessary to get the incredibly lousy coverage offered.

As Rick Moran put it in American Thinker:

The president will sign an executive order today that undoes at least some of the damage incurred when Democrats passed Obamacare.

In fact, Trump’s order will repeal two key parts of Obamacare that made insurance so expensive. First, his order will allow small businesses and individuals the opportunity to band together to purchase insurance that would be exempt from many of the onerous mandatory coverage required by Obamacare. This will make health insurance more attractive to younger, healthier consumers who have mostly stayed away from Obamacare plans, driving up the cost of premiums and making it nearly impossible for insurance companies to make money.

The order attacks the very heart of Obamacare, which forces people to pay for coverage they don’t need or want.

The second change will also benefit consumers who wish to purchase shorter-term health care plans.  It will extend the time consumers can use these plans from three months to a year.

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And from my yesterday closer … You’ll note the primary beneficiary for the Trump MAGAnomic outcome is Main Street. Despite all opposition (and boy is there a great deal of opposition) President Trump is actually growing the middle class and lowering costs of living.

And just as a reminder, here’s what a loser looks and sounds like…