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As an opener, elections have been hijacked since at least the JFK era and likely sometime before. Statistical analysis for instance, shows that many “Blue States” like California, Illinois and others have undoubtedly had their electoral systems rigged over time to “create” demoMarxocrat majorities where none previously existed. The fact that we have nurtured a 3-card Monty system over time, whereby Demonrats & Repubicons duke it out for supremacy every now and then – followed undoubtedly by a 3rd Party candidate to make it look legit – the plain and simple fact of the matter is that Demicans & Republocrats all apparently answer to Corporate America, with now many forcefully answering to Ching-Chong Chinacoms.

Rumor has it that a knucklehead politician once said, “If the American people knew how we were screwin’ ’em over, they’d be out in the streets with pitchforks and torches by morning.”

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Be that as it may, the simple fact of the matter is that voter fraud in our largest cities has been a problem since the 19th century and the days of the political machines. Most of the fraud is committed in mainly black districts that have been run by demoMarxocrats for over 100 years which is why tough anti-voter fraud bills are needed on the national as well as state level. It has long been assumed that anyone caught committing fraud should be barred from voting for life no matter what their party affiliation is.

“Election fraud” is a serious felony crime in every state as well as federal. We all saw that Atlanta surveillance tape (and we know that every arena or convention center where counting took place also had such cameras, probably also overlooked). If this fraud occurred anywhere, then every voter everywhere – that means me, and that also means you, dear reader – is a plaintiff.

The crime at hand is utterly personal, and strikes at the very foundations of our Republic. President John Adams warned us that we must preserve the “purity” of our elections. He also warned that there had never yet been any democracy that didn’t commit suicide. This Founder knew whereof he spoke, and we’d better listen.

The erudite young Charlie Kirk, hope for the future of the greatest Constitutional Republic ever assembled on the planet has a word or two along those very lines.

Charlie Kirk, American Greatness: ‘Why Are Democrats So Afraid of Election Audits?’…

Democrats claim election audits like the one in Arizona are an existential threat to democracy, but it’s difficult to see how—unless they reveal that our elections have been hijacked.

Democrats are positively terrified of election audits that aren’t completely controlled by the political establishment. If there’s a chance an audit might reveal meaningful information, you can bet Democrats (and certain weak Republicans) will stridently oppose it. The only audits Democrats and their allies support are the ones designed to rubber-stamp previous conclusions.

The increasingly desperate attacks on the ongoing audit in Maricopa County, Arizona—particularly those intended to undermine the credibility of the auditors—show just how much the Democratic Party establishment fears the whole process. Their entire argument is based on sarcasm, scorn, and scare quotes.

The auditors are inspecting the paper that ballots were printed on? They must believe in a far-fetched conspiracy theory!

The auditors are checking to make sure the ballots don’t have watermarks that are not supposed to be there? They must be members of fringe online message boards!

The audit is being funded primarily by private donations? It must be an elaborate “grift” rather than a serious fact-finding effort (not to mention they need the funds to fend off the litany of lawsuits they’re facing). [-]

[+] … It’s not just the Arizona audit, either. Democrats and their media allies are already fully engaged in a crusade to preemptively impugn the legitimacy of any audits that might be conducted in other states, describing conservative support for audits in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere as “a bid to bolster former President Donald Trump’s lies about widespread fraud in the 2020 election.”

If they really believe the 2020 elections were “the most secure in American history,” then they should welcome audits as a way of substantiating that claim. [-]

[+] … We have laws for a reason, and if laws were broken during the 2020 election, then the American people have a right to know what happened and why. Maybe there was no fraud—but watching state and local election officials pat themselves on the back for a job well done does nothing to dispel widespread public concerns.

Democrats claim that election audits like the one in Arizona are an existential threat to democracy, but it’s difficult to see how that could be the case unless they reveal that our elections have been hijacked by political partisans.

Every time you see a liberal melting down about election audits, just ask yourself: What are they so afraid of? [end]

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If you’re not careful you can get scolded and criticized all over the place for going after the Ruling Class (and all its appendages) to highlight substantive evidence of voter fraud and place it (how dare you!) brazenly into the public domain. Really!

Pessimism is simple: The Ruling Class simply cannot allow that to happen lest it confirms the suspicions of tens of millions that the 2020 election was rigged and thus, the primary beneficiary of that “election” – one Dementia-Joe Xiden – is illegitimate. Truly!

Well done Charlie Kirk!

The Venezuelans sit atop more oil than Saudi Arabia, yet they live in squalor because their despotic government “cannot lose.” Every nation that lost or gave up “provably free and fair elections” was pushed down an identical course from whence there can be no return. It could also happen here, as we now plainly see. This is all about far, far more than “an orange-haired man.” Our enemy is inside the gates, and history books are set on “replay.”

Charlie Kirk has it spot on – Once the emperor has no clothes and we all acknowledge it, there is no turning back.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Charlie Kirk and President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!