John McCain as Trump nemesis

En Garde in the bunker…

His Vietnam experience put off to one side, the best case scenario is that John McCain is a confused man, or perhaps addled in his advanced years to the point where he is incapable of comprehending reality. But I think it more likely that he is a traitor to the republic he pretends to protect, for his allegiance lies with those who would take America past nationalism and into something that never will be a true republic. He is no more a patriot than Bill Kristol who stated he prefers an unelected deep state than the Constitutionally-elected national movement of Trump. So much for smearing half the nation.

McCain uses fine words, such as ‘a republic needs a free press’ and ‘history shows a tyrant’s first objective is to shut down free press’. But he ignores the elephant in the room; what he refers to as ‘the free press’ is not at all free. It is patently bought and paid for by the deep state he is in league with, and they have declared war on Trump. There is no semblance of free and fair objectivity in the Big Left Media – they are propagandists and seek to destroy the republic, not guard it.

Anyone who thinks that what we have come to call the Big Left Media is a ‘free press’ is delusional. It is nothing of the sort, likely being completely controlled, heavily infiltrated by, and receiving direct funding from, the CIA. Doesn’t take a brainiac to understand the daily Big Left Media talking points emanating from the DNC where they speak with one voice, often using the exact same phraseology.

They have become nothing more than propaganda organs for the globalist left.

Trump is calling them out because the BLM are the singular most important part of the political opposition. Without the complete backing of the media, the Democrat party would never have been able to do what it has done. For someone like McCain to side with the leftist propaganda ‘fakestream’ media over Trump tells you everything you need to know about where his true loyalty lies.

As Monica Showalter opens up in American Thinker:

Senator John McCain poured it on for the press at a Munich defense conference Saturday, warning in a veiled attack on President Trump that attacks on the press are a leading danger for democracy. “That’s how dictators are made!” he shrieked. It was rich stuff, given that most of his European listeners do not have the same wide press freedoms found in the states. But more to the point, it was McCain up to his old tricks: Ingratiating himself to the anti-Trump press by playing its champion, in a bid to be the media’s darling.

What stands out here is the hypocrisy of his claims. He’s suddenly concerned about press freedoms and dictators?

Where was McCain when President Obama was systematically violating press freedoms every which way to Tuesday?

It is indeed strange to witness McCain appearing to be nothing more than a willing Democrat party tool masquerading as a Republican. This is a man who desperately claimed to the country he wanted to be president and when given the opportunity by his party played dead for the Democrats and Obama, and allowed them to outright destroy America for four years. The other candidate who played dead was Mitt Romney, who allowed the likes of Harry Reid and others to outright lie about him and said nothing, giving the Democrats another four years to finish the job.

A little more from Monica Showalter:

Where was McCain when Fox News correspondent James Rosen was illegally followed around by Obama’s Department of Justice in 2013 over a story he published on North Korean activities? It was a clear-cut example of reporters just doing their jobs, even as someone in government was leaking the story, but Team Obama went after Rosen with the Espionage Act.

Where was McCain when Obama illegally wiretapped the communications systems of the Associated Press in a 2013 bid to find out its sources? Nowhere to be found.

Where was McCain when radio show host Rush Limbaugh was attacked by Obama – in 2009 and 2012 for unfavorable commentary?

Where was McCain when Fox News was singled out for criticism by President Obama? This event was not only a blast at the outfit but highly inappropriate collaboration with Media Matters, which made Fox News its bugbear.

Seems to me that McCain is a two-time loser. And yes, it must bug him that a political outsider won the presidency on his first try. What McCain and the other butthurt politicians don’t realize is that if they actually worked at putting America and Americans first, Donald Trump wouldn’t have had a chance and would have had no reason to run in the first place. But since they put the interests of illegals, refugees and other countries first, while imposing more and more expensive rules and regulations on Americans, they lost in a big way. Ergo Mitt Romney.

Make no mistake – McCain is all-in to stop Trump. He is a traitor. Plus he took money from Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros, that’s all you need to know. Hopefully his traitorous and duplicitous life will finally be exposed while his mind is alert enough to grasp the utter shame of it.


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