Big left news under Trump scrutiny

Go ahead, make my…

The Big Left News media are definitely taking it in the neck in this revived information age. Internet access is ubiquitous. The truth is at our fingertips and we don’t have to sit in front of a TV at a programmed time to see it. We don’t have to sit through a bunch of annoying commercials. We don’t have to pay a cable bill or buy a newspaper. We can see, hear and read the truth anytime we want and compare it with the big left news lies. What the heck, We The People can get by with unlimited internet, video, camera, calling, and a bunch of other features for $30/$40 dollars a month, and become investigative citizen journalists to boot!

Remember when news was stationary, even on the internet? When film and photos cost money? When video cameras were very expensive? Remember when phones were stationary, when long distance calls cost extra – a lot extra? I sure do. Now you can travel the world with your toys and set up your roving office with magicJack as your verbal connection to anywhere on the planet. A one-man global communications center to counter the big left news lies.

Technology is killing the left and their big left news media. It’s ironic because lefties think science is on their side but it isn’t. They used to give lip service to truth, facts, free speech and freedom of information, but now they have to live with it. Now the more they lie and suppress news, the more the public distrusts and dislikes them. Not only that but now they have to face a President who not only fights back against their smears, but publicly ridicules them as the liars they are. Their attacks continue to backfire worse and worse.

Check this out as a for-instance, since President Trump called them out on it yesterday…

WOW – talk about whining. And by the way, where were these brainiacs when Obama would routinely stand at the podium or in a puff-ball interview to smear Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and other Conservative outlets ad nauseum? How convenient they forget about that all of a sudden.

President Trump said the same exact thing at his news conference yesterday. He named the New York Times as an example of the big left news’ worst liars. He savaged CNN over and over as the worst of all, and when a troll from the BBC identified his employer, he said: “Here’s another beauty.” The troll then tried to seem butch and mock professional without being unruly but Trump spanked him anyway. BBC MAN: “That’s a good line. Impartial, free and fair.” TRUMP: “Yeah. Sure.” BBC MAN: “Mr. President..” TRUMP: “Just like CNN right?”

Interesting that all those supposedly overwhelmingly powerful opponents that Donald Trump had during the election were laid low:
– Jeb Bush, who still hasn’t gotten over his defeat
– Ted Cruz (of whom I am still a great admirer) who took a while to come around after his defeat
– Chris Christie, whoa!
– Hillary Clinton, whose crown was being polished by the New York Times and heralded in a Newsweek ‘prophecy’.

Newsweek height of hubris for the rogue “president-to-be” …

The reason why the major media are failing is because they are refusing to be self-reflective and learn a lesson from the past 18 months by watching how Donald Trump defeated so many other professional, seasoned politicians. In the same way, I contend that President Trump will win against the big left news media as he did against all his other political opponents.

In fact it’s happening right in front of us. Oh, and by the way, the rest of the world’s leaders are paying attention. They see how The Trumpit wins even in the face of seemingly overwhelming opposition. If they’re smart, they’ll respect him.

Don’t forget folks, what Melania told Donald when he asked her about his running for President. She told him that if he ran, he would win. She was right.

The overall Big Left Media’s report on Trump’s press conference yesterday was an absolute joke – and I include the BBC and Sky News here in the UK under that umbrella (yes I’m still sojourned here for a little while longer). What they reported last night was like a Jekyll and Hyde manifestation of supposition over truth, blending the various soundbites to support their own positions. Rather scary really, but what you might well expect from the Beeb and Sky News – emirates of another continent.

Little do they realize that President Trump has a loyal following of fully half or more of the United States’ citizenry (ie latest Rasmussen has him at 55% approval) proving very definitely that the joke is on them.

May it forever continue.



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